Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Foofaraw and such

So a few of my Circus files have made it to the store and Thanksgiving ones. I am going to try and bundle them together for a presale coming up. I have added this to a few of the pieces so people can see what it looks like when it is pulled apart. I am hoping they will be helpful... This is the one for Turkey Day.


Are you asking what the heck is a Foofaraw? It is an excessive amount of embellishment. I thought this was a prime name for Bundles of Multiple Files. I saw it on a digital blog and thought that is a great word. Yes I am one of those nerds who gets words emailed to her from dictionary.com every day. Love it. Foofaraw sounds like so much fun! And why not with a Bundle of Files. So if you see that word floating around the store at Paperthreads. It's me.

These came in my email from Tammy yesterday another group of cards from my Halloween set. Woohoo!! They came out really nice to.

On to life... I wonder sometimes how many people make it down to my on to life section... But the cool thing is. I asked for a journaling program that would capture my blog and felt like I was asking to much and one of my visitors said to visit http://www.blurb.com/ so I downloaded there little program and it pulled all the information from my blog and put it in book format. It is awesome!!!! I was so pleased with it's outcome. I will need to add some pictures here and there and clean it up, but it was a total surprise how easily it pulled the info for me. Fantastic. So for those who are blogging and want to pull it all to a book format this is a pretty nifty program. I am not great at keeping a journal, but I keep a blog well so I can put it together and make it into a book one day. Thank you for the information Cindy!! It was super helpful.

Well my bumpkin is still sitting here eyes watering, nose running, coughing that gross cough. He tried eating yesterday and coughed it all back up. He looked at me with sad eyes and said... but I like it. Love my kid. I haven't called him in sick yet. I know he isn't in a grade yet where it is mandatory he be there for a set amount of days, but man it's like being in high school again. I am nervous about calling him in sick. haha. But tis inherent in kids being sickiepoo and better that he do it now then in Kindergarten when there is a set amount of time he needs to be there.
My hubby introduced my son to Vicks44. This stuff just grosses me out. I have to be super sick to use it. So my little boy had a little on his chest yesterday and sat next to me on the arm of the chair while I typed away and man alive I felt like I could smell the dirt outside the window. My nostrils were so clear I was inhaling shallowly just to make my eyes not water. I felt over oxygenated and had to put the computer down to get some focus back. Wow! Luckily he hasn't asked for it today so it is in the cabinet. Wew! Can you pass out from to much air? I seriously felt like me head was over oxygenated. And to my commenter you are right goooo team. Love the Packers. I have to get my camera out to and get a picture of my Beijing gift. Thank you Mary! It is cute. And on the camera is a picture of my new niece and nephew together on last Saturday, but I will save that for tomorrow.
Well I better run. Lots to do today even tho' we are home. Need to get some more Thanksgiving files put together.
Below are some great questions I was asked about the QMC. So I thought I would post them here with my answers. I hope this helps some that have the same question..
I have a few questions about the membership:
1 This first time period, from Dec thru Mar, do we have to sign up by the end of Dec or the end of Jan? You probably answered this somewhere but I couldn't find it. By the end of January then the membership will be closed until April. This is a really long one and is open early because it is my inagural one and I really want to work out the kinks for future quarters. And everyone has been so helpful in working with me to get things right.
2 Will the membership include all the files you put up for sale during the three month time period? There will be a minimum of 20 files in each quarter. This quarter is going to be super long so I am sure there will be more then 20. Are all the files going to be there I make in a quarter? I can't say for certain because some of the things I have been asked to do require that I donate the files for 6 months and then can sell them. Or some of the items are so specific like the Packers file. I don't think everyone will want it. So I am going to say the majority of my files will be there as I have done in the past with my blog. Sometimes a file will just hit the store for varying reasons. I reserve the right to do what I need with my files, but have committed to a minimum of 20 for a $10.00 membership with time to download them.
3 Will we have to remember to renew each quarter or is there an automatic renewal? I will be sending out notices to the Yahoo Group to remember to renew and also posting on my blog. I will also be giving notice in the Paperthreads Forum Membership Section that all the files need to be downloaded that you would like by the last day in March. I will not be filling any requests for those who miss something. I think having such a long period for people to download should give ample time. When you see these notices you will know the new membership will be available. It will probably hit the store for the next quarter in March and then will close April 31st. I thope this makes sense. I would hate to auto renew and have someone decide they would rather not. So I will make sure to give ample notice in many places.
4 Will you preview all the files in your blog? I will be previewing them on my blog as I make them. I also will be keeping a running log on the left hand side of the blog. And opening new threads in the Membership area every time I add a new set of files.
5. I think one thing about this membership that is holding me back is that we seem to be buying "a pig in a poke." We don't get to see the files before we purchase them. Other memberships at least preview every file included before the package is purchased. You make some great files but not everyone needs/will use every single one of your files. Every file that is useless increases the price of the ones that will be used. I"ve had my CR for 16 months and have purchased only about $20 worth of files that I know I will use. I totally understand that this membership is not for everyone. One emailer compared my Membership to a Church Bizarre Grab Bag. You spend a few dollars and most of the things you like and some of them you won't use, but you got a great price. I can't preview them ahead of time because I haven't made them yet. If you are very selective in your files and feel like you may not get what you would like or need, I would say the files will still be available in the store. If your need for files is minimal this may not be the right situation for you. This is why I will continue to post all the files in the store. I will continue creating files on numerous topics related to the time of year and other things happening in life or that I see or are requested of me.

6. Why did you switch? I just couldnt continue with what I was doing. I have to make a little pocket change for all the time I invest in this. It isn't fair to my family with the amount of time it takes away from them to not be able to give something back for it. But I also like to give things at a fair price. And the emails for missed files and passwords were just getting to be lots and lots. So this was my answer to try and get most of those needs answered.

7. I don't live in the U.S. How do I pay? I don't have a paypal account? I had to ask Michelle about this one because she is running the invoicing for me and this was her response.
"Unfortunately, the only other option is to TRY Paypal, then in the paypal screen try the USE CREDIT CARD WITH NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT. And then use the Credit Card option through that, but typically, if it’s not drawn on USD it won’t work without a full Paypal account. The only other option is for her to send a money order in USD."

8. Can I make a request if I am not in the QMC? Absolutely send it over and I will add it to my list that I am working off. And requests I don't charge extra for. If I can do it. I will do it. Some things I have a hard time coming up with a concept. I make the request and then send it to the person who requested it. I try to make sure I have kept their email with the request. So when you make a request include your file type you need. So I will definitely take any requests and I don't charge extra for them. I send them to the requestee and I add them to the store. Unless I feel it is a file many will need then I will post it to the QMC as well. Why would I charge to create a file when you gave me the idea and I can post it in other places as well. For those really specific ones I have asked people to consider purchasing a couple files from the store to compensate, but these are usually for Names. So send them on over. The best way is by email.... EMAIL me HERE.

Seriously I better run.. toodles...
Enjoy your day!


Cara said...

Hi Chris
I read it all, right to the bottom


Rhonda said...

Oh yes! I definitely get down to the personal part of your blog entry! I enjoy hearing about your family and what you guys are up to :) I don't always comment but I'm typically here reading :)
I'm sorry your little man is sick :( I know the feeling. Two of my four are also :( Hope he feels better soon!

TammyB said...

Wow - I was sort of surprised to see my cards on your blog! Thanks - they are such nice files. My nephew called me today to thank me for his card and the little pack of McDonald's coupons I included.

I also read your blog all the way through. Hope your little man is starting to feel better. When I was little, my mom used to rub our entire chests and under our arms with Vick's Vapo-Rub when we were sick - LOL! If I'm seriously sick, I will use it on my upper chest. But it can be overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Hope your son gets better soon!