Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autumn Beauty.. Cards for the Troops

Well I was trying to create a leaf pile and this is what kind of came out. It is very detailed so I wouldn't recommend a lot of shrinking on this. I love the colors of fall and am always looking for a tree to add to my yard that will have that color change. This file is no longer available for download, but may be purchased at Paperthreads soon. This is a Terms Restricted File when downloading and entering the password you are agreeing to my Terms of Use.
Okay... I posted last night.. late.. I am going to add some pictures that people have sent me to the Gallery at Paperthreads. I will give the creator credit as always. Email me if you want to upload yourself. I just want to share how awesome my visitors are and there work and I have alotttt of them on my computer. Doesn't mean if I upload them, you can't upload them to when you are ready. I just can't sleep lately and can't concentrate enough to create so uploading is easy and I flip through the pictures often. I so appreciate them.
Okay I got an awesome video yesterday in my email from a Lizzy Palmer on YouTube about the troops and by the time I was done watching it I had tears rolling down my face. My understanding is the creator is 15 years old. I believe everyone has their choice in politics, but the men and women supporting our country and doing as they are asked have my respect and prayers. So my thought ran to this... we have a visitor to my blog who sends cards to the troops. Well now she is gearing up big time because they can use cards for the troops to send home to their families for the holidays. If you can't find any inspiration to join the Card Challenge or narrow... If you want to make the card an then send it to Debbi no "e", she can send it off to the troops. Here is her blog. So you can enter the challenge with a picture and send the card off to Debbi to make it to the troops. These are just my thoughts and hopefully add inspiration to you. and Debbi if you are reading this and have more information needs you want to post to the comment section here please do.
As for the tshirt yesterday... you can do a search on the internet they sell them everywhere. Just do a search for " I do not need another horse". My neighbor, we board his horses for him, bought it for me. :) Speaking of which I better get out and feed them all.
I get asked about software.. Klic-N-Kut Studio etc. I saw this in one of the groups. It gives a quick run down of the software that you can buy with the machine or seperate. Video Here. I can't answer all the questions sent my way about machines, software etc, but I try to post whatever information I can. Also, the training videos for the KNK Studio have been added to the store at Paperthreads for those who shop there regularly. Found Here. If you hit the Paperthreads store for items other then designer files.. put in the comments section.. Chris sent me... :) Keep Michelle on her toes. haha.
Serious horse feeder banging going on. I better go get it checked out.
Have a wonderful day!


Bec said...

Ok, ya got me...I can never resist helping out when the troops are involved. I will check for the information and hopefully have some cards to send ASAP. Thank you for the information. I love the file, thank you for that also.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful file, Chris!!! Thanks for all you do!

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Thank you so much Chris for doing this....we can always use more cards. I have been getting requests for a while now as more & more service men & women hear about this program my email address is getting passed around so any help with this project will be greatly appreciated. This is a year round project so all cards are used.

Annette DeYoung said...

Great file! We used it tonight for the "Title Page" of a book of leaves my daughter has to do for school. She has 23 different pages of leaves we have collected and they are all labled. This was a nice finishing touch!