Monday, October 29, 2007

Lots to chat about this morning

Well lots to chat about this morning... First off I am working on a set of Thanksgiving files and will wrap them all up in one set to sell and will offer a presale for it to the group. Just like I did with the Halloween files. Here are a few of the first ones. These will be in the QMC area this week and in the store also. I will chat more on these tomorrow. I was excited about them and the others I have in the works. So I wanted to share.

Then next... I received alot of presents this weekend in my email box. I also received one from Beijing China in my snail mail box and it is awesome! I will take a picture and share it with you tomorrow. But for now here are my email presents. I love them thank you for sharing them with me!

This one is from Ginny M. I loveeee the colors...Beautiful... Can't say much more then Just beautiful! This is from my Autumn Beauty Jumble .

This was sent to me by Kristen B. from my halloween jumble. Cute Cute. I love ribbon!

The following set were sent to me from Dawn in MA. These are from my Halloween Cards.
And also included in the Halloween Super Value Pack which is on sale til the end of this month if you missed the presale and the freebies and the sale. Here is the link to the Super Value Pack. The Halloween Words Jumbles from the above cards is in this set also.
How cute are Dawn's Cards what an awesome set to send out. Thank you Dawn for sharing them with us.

Next a few links that might interest you... Here is the Demo for the KNK Studio software. They have come out with GE edition which will work with the CR, WB, and SIL.. Here is the Thread at Paperthreads discussion. I am not clear as to if it works with Vista and the Blue wishblade I had heard yes, but you may want to check into it. I have a CR and a KNK so I haven't followed up on that lots.

And then here is a chart that Michelle put together for all the KNK Blades. I am seriously considering doing some shopping. I told one of my fellow designers when she said she was putting together her Christmas Wish List for her hubby that She and I have a different thought process. I told my hubby that I need it to make better Christmas gifts. Instead of needing it for Christmas.. :-). What does PBS say? "It's all how you look at it" haha. Okay here is the link to the chart. and here is the thread if you have any other questions.

On to life... So we went dancing Friday night. It was awesome. We were of the younger variety in the crowd, but it makes no matter to me. Or maybe it is because I still think I am 25. Why not? 25 was good, but 28 was better.. so Maybe I will go with 28. My hubby and I danced and danced and the parent in laws smiled over and over as people came up to them and asked who we were and said we danced well together. It was lots and lots of fun. We love to dance. We went to pick up our son and he didn't have painted toe nails or goopy hair. He gave me a hug when we dropped him off earlier in the evening. Only he said .. give me a hug so you can go. , Just what a mother wants to hear. :) haha. but in any case. he had lots of fun and then spent the weekend just relaxing because he came down with a cold. Apparently the norm for preschool age. In fact we are home from school today so he can recoup one more day. He isn't in regular school yet with a mandated amount of days per school year. So better to get him to recoup rather then get sicker. He has a penchant for croup and pneumonia, but hopefully will grow out of it.

Lots of questions over the weekend about the QMC. So I will be posting them tomorrow for anyone who may have the same questions. And I added alot of people this weekend. Those that didn't get added. I can't seem to get the forum name given working or I need to email them all and ask for their forum login/name/id. So I hope to get those email requests out today.


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