Wednesday, October 10, 2007

La Crosse Book by Susie

Another great piece from one of my files by the creative team over at Paperthreads. This one is from my LaCrosse files and created by Susie. It is awesome love it. Thank you. You can purchase it HERE. I know the pictures are tiny, but I can't seem to find the ones Susie sent me in my email so I had to snag them from Paperthreads Gallery. Susie if you are reading this and want to send them to me again. I would love to make them large so everyone can see how awesome they are.
I have a few more "presents" from my visitors that I am going to get up here. I love to see the work everyone has done. It is awesome.

Also thank you to those who posted in the Card Challenge Forum. I soooo appreciate it. I think I am going to offer the first three people to post a card entry a free file as well. I have a bunch in pieces again and when I get some cleared up I will post it to the Forum.
Have a great day everyone I am off to the office, visit the hospitals and take my son to PreK. He is feeling so much better. Love that smile. It is back again. Now I have to focus on the fundraiser for him. It is my first fundraiser for school. Cookie Dough. I dont eat Cookie Dough so it is a good thing it seems to be selling itself because I can't really talk it up. :).
Enjoy your day!

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Susie McCormick said...

Chris, I need your email!! Susie