Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Matte Frame

Well Luckily the powdered sugar was from some doughnuts my little one found in the back of his section of the cupboard. Woohoo! That is much better then the other possibilities.

So today has been a creative day for me. Here are some of the things I have been working on... First I want to put together a coffee mug for my Dad (luckily he doesnt have internet so I can post this) So I have been putting together a collage of pictures and we found a lady who said she would send it out to us right away for next weekend. My sister-in-law called her and said she seemed awesome to work with. I will let you know how the order goes and post the link when I get it done.

Then I have been working on some new packaging for the store. and Some new ideas. I thought these frames could be great to putting around a picture. Here is my offer to you. I will take the first 5 requests of one word to replace the word family with and email you the file. I think this would be great for scrapbooking, but also for in an actual picture frame with a picture behind it. So EMAIL ME here. So send me your word and your file type needed and put Matte Frame in the subject. I probably won't have them for you until after the 17th, but thought I would offer it to those who might be interested. I have my five. Thanks guys!

I just thought they looked nice so I thought I would post again for today!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Powdered Sugar.

Howdy and Hello!!
Well It's Friday. Woohooo.. Made it another day. Just realized I need to head out and feed horses because the hubby didnt this morning when he left, but thought I would post a quick note.

-The poinsettia in a pot is up at the QMC
-I have everyone who has joined the QMC added, if you can't get in let me know. The link is on the left of my blog.
-Lots of great emails about the Scrapping With Cancer/Brody so I am thinking we will make it through the holidays and then come up with a Cut-A-Thon of some type for the scrapbook kits he is putting together. Some of the designers have agreed to join in. Thank goooodness. So I will have to work out some details. Here is the link to Brody's main website.
-Still working on the Blessings Jumble. It just isn't working for me yet.
-Added a few files to the store yesterday .. woohoo!!
So those are some updates.

This weekend I am cutting my son's preschool classmates names on my KNK and also a stocking patten so they can glue them all together next week. My little one will miss school on Wednesday because Grandpa will be here. (I am so excited about this).
We got some lights up last night and if I can get them off the camera quick I am going to upload them here to see. they came out cute with the lights in the background. I have been playing with my camera features and having lots of fun.

Okay well gotta run my son just came up to me with a big powdered sugar smile... So now I need to investigate what was the cause.

So there should be more later.........

Yikes theres a trail... powdered sugar.ahhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Inspirational.... & of course jumping on beds..

Wednesday Wednesday... That means tomorrow is Thurs and I get to stay home with my bumpkin and work on pulling out decorations for the house. Woohooo!!.

I found this through an email newsletter. Some of you may have seen it. It really touched my heart because I am on a foundation for children with Traumatic Brain Injuries. So seeing something like this just makes me smile and wish this child the best.

A boy in Canada who has leukemia decided to put together scrapbooking kits for other children also with cancer. So they could document their experience as well. His Aunt gave him his first supplies and he was hooked. I have to say Wow! Here is the link to find out more about it. I have not decided how, but I think I am going to try and donate to this young man's awesome idea. Maybe a cut-a-thon. Where we can all cut a bunch of the mini albums to send up to him so he can include them in the packages and save money on albums. Or a set of diecuts to be cut out and sent to him for in each of his projects. I don't know. I am going to have to think on this. And I would give the cut-a-thon participants some door prizes or something. I will have to work this out for January and see who I can get involved because I am swamped right now in December. but put on your thinking hats and if you have any ideas. Please send them my way.

Also, because there are a few steps involved with getting a file in the store and I am just feeling lazy about getting the files ready for the store. I am going to post the poinsettia card file in the QMC. So look for it there if you want it... I think Ginny asked.. What Joanne did with the background. I am pretty sure she used foil behind the stencil cut out. It is fabulous. So check out the QMC and it will be there soon.

Also, for those questioning my trip to vegas in December. First I am going for a very close friends wedding. My hubby and I are the best man and maid of honor. And my son is going to. So I am sure he will decide he needs to walk down the aisle with us. Also, I am going for the National Finals Rodeo. This will be my 5th year going I think. And I start shopping at Cowboy Christmas and all the others as soon as my feet hit the pavement in vegas. Personally, I am not a gambler. So I cannot see anyother reason to go to Vegas other than or this event. Friends went last year and it was the woman's first time and she said... so when do we do this shopping thing... And the general consensus between the men was as soon as Chris's feet hit the ground in Vegas. I stay at the Mandalay Bay so I can be where one of the conventions are. I do not like to shop, but for this I do and I will shop for 3 days straight. My husband will go out and play cards with my Uncle and friends and my bumpkin and I will order in a movie, jump on the bed together, have pillow fights, order in room service with ice cream and giggle all night. My hubby can play cards as long as he wants since he usually comes back with a few hundred dollars more then he left with and thats good for shopping. And he can stay out as long as he knows I will be ready to go at 8 a.m. late night or not to shop. So for those adults justa rolling your eyes at the thought of Jumping on the bed... My rule is you can only jump on hotel room beds. not the one at home. And it's fun. So why not? Whens the last time you jumped on a bed with your kids and heard them giggle?????? and with that....



Man I can ramble...

Oh did I tell you I have an awesome lady who is selling my die cuts on her website. Not the digital files, but the cut files... Oh man I need to go work on dinner... more on that tomorrow. soooo excited... toodles

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday pics and ramblings.

Tuesday night... I am working on files and decided to take a quick break. I just had my last slice of white bread. I made it from a mix by Orgran (sp?). It was quick simple painless and I got to eat a few ham and cheese and tomato sandwiches. Yum yum. It didn't last long tho'. Small loaf and my hubby thought it was good to. Luckily my son didn't know we weren't feeding him the special bread. I am into baking right now for some reason. Was at the store today and picked up another gluten free mix by another company to see how it turns out. I don't own a bread machine so not sure if this would help and not sure if I want the counter space taken up when I might lose this baking bug at any time. We shall see how it plays out.

So for Thanksgiving we did the After Dinner Chores Cards. My aunt put the little cards from my Treat for Trickers file underneath everyones plate. And when dinner was done everyone picked up their plate and there was the chore for after dinner. Let me tell ya dishes were done much quicker. There were at least 7 people in the kitchen at all times helping out. So it was nice to see everyone getting involved. It worked out pretty well. I am curious if anyone else used them and if they worked out. If you don't know what I am talking about it is in the QMC and in my past posts here on my blog. It was right after Halloween that I posted it. The pictures on the left are of all the hardworkers and my brother with his that said empty trash. Which he kept in his pocket so that no one else would say he should do dishes. He also become the drink getter. So he got really good at grabbing beer for the dishwashers. Everyone had good spirit about it. So that was nice and there wasn't any major pouting.

The pictures below are my son getting to put the angel on the Christmas Tree at Grandma's house this year. Okay I have to get back to it.

PS the first picture was just me playing with my camera with the lights from the trees.I thought it looked fun so I shared.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Morning and Freezing!!

Woohoo!! It is Monday.. really early Monday was when I wrote this and I am just now getting it uploaded. wew!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I am so ready to get back to creating. I took some time off to get a breakand hang out with family. To refresh. And it worked. My mind is just a going. I was prepping the Potted Poinsettia to cut and didn't get a chance so Joanne test cut it for me and what a beautiful job she did. I will do my best to get this into the store this week. I am readyto create create and create. Below is Joanne's card beautiful. Thank you for test cutting for me and thank you for sending the final piece to me. Fantastic!

Thank you also to everyone who participated in the presales and the sale for the weekend.I am not sure when the next will be. December plans to be a super busy month. My Dad is coming to the desert to visit, we are going to vegas for the nfr, and it is my Hubbies bday, Anniversary for my parents, nieces birthday, oh and of course... tadaa.... christmas. Can we please pack some thing else into the monthof December. Actually forget I said that or it will happen. Wowser!

But this past weekend was my anniversary. 6 years and counting. Love my Guy. We went out to dinner Saturday night at the place he proposed to me. It was fun. My punkin got to visit with his Aunt and Uncle and had a great time. I got to visit with my hubby and just relax. Afterwards we were going to go dancingtry to party like a rock star and stay out late like we used to. HAHAHA. We were ready to go get the kiddohead home and just hang out. Although... we did shut the Lowe's down on the way home. Woohoo!! Wewere out late enought to make it to last call at Lowe's. Of course we were getting paint and itemsto work on the fort which is just awesome that my hubby has been working on. Super romantical.. not for some.. but fun for me. Just that time together. Mahvelous.

And Sunday... I went through my little ones room. I got rid of 5 bags of things, some to goodwill,some to the trash, some to the ebay pile. My ebay pile is huge. I need to get on it.Took some explainingto my son that when gifts come there needs to be room for them. I took the time to organize the toys weput back and spread those toys out so he can get to them more. An area for the toy tools, the cars, the puzzles, the books. Etc. When we were all done. he was super excited to be in his room. It was refreshing and I am ready to work on each room of the house for my Dad to come visit and clean things up so next weekend we can put up the decorations.

Well I have to run my fingers are freezing. Jan.. one of the designers at Paperthreads.. she livesaround the corner from me just recently she moved here from a much colder client. Well she has beenpraying for cool weather. And it has beeeeeen cold. Cold for me anyways. My hubby went and pulled the portableheater out of the RV and brought it in the house this morning. It was 55 in here. Not chilly for some, but chillyfor this desert lady. We need to light the pilot light for the heater, but it is nice to actually havea few chilly evenings. sleeping under blankets instead of just a sheet. wewwweeee. But I am fully goingto blame it on Jan cause I know she has been praying for some colder weather and it's here.

Also, if you have a second my friend Lori at Paperthreads needs some positive thoughtsand prayers as she hits surgery this week. We are all praying for a quick return to thecomputer designing desk because some of her new files are just soooo cute. And also I love her witand can't wait for her to be back in the swing of things.

Seriously my fingers are gonna fall off they are frozen. I am off to find some hot cocoa. Have a wonderful day!



Thank you to those who sent me Thanksgiving emails and cards. It was very touching. I was very worried after I didn't get a chance to respond to so many emails when my grandfather passed away I would burn some people. Thanks for standing by me when I am swamped and your thoughts are awesome. I am off to finish up the Blessings Jumble!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hellllo to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I am planning on little computer time this weekend. So hopefully everyone won't have to many questions, but give me a bit to respond if you do. My goal will to be to try to keep on top of my email so that my box doesnt fill up, but I probably will put them in the queue to be followed up on Monday.

Well I am off to watch the video of my son in his first school performance. They said dress cowboy. So he did. He insisted on his Professional Bull Riders shirt, jeans, boots, hat, chaps and stick horse. So I video taped it for the family to see. Totally made me smile! I will post one of the pics here after the weekend.

So I am thankful for everyone here!!! If I get some energy I will post more later. I am working on the Blessings Jumble still and am not happy yet with the end result. So it will be coming. Don't forget the sale! Lori is jumping in on it and a bunch of the designers at Paperthreads.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Gratitude, Home, Heart and Soul... what awesome Blessings!

Wow what a weekend. We spent Saturday at the house and worked on the fort. It is one serious fort. The gator and other rideon toys fit underneath it as a perfect garage. The stars are on it and the green indoor/outdoor carpet. Now we are working out the walls or rails as they will probably more be. Then we went up to the inlaws for a delicious breakfast and chatted for a few hours on Sunday and then came home by way of the local home improvement store and I picked up a few flowers for the front porch. Supposed to be 90 today and then 65 by Thanksgiving. This is why we all get sick here so much. 90 during the day, but it was 45 at our house when we woke up. Wow. Lots of Layers. All in all a great weekend.

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving, decorating on Friday for my MIL, Saturday my anniversary and Sunday hopefully Sunday will be a day of rest. What will be most important for everyone here is it is the SALE. all my files will be on sale and I am getting as many holiday ones done as I can. Wanda sent me this awesome picture of her card using the Silent Night file. Love it. It is beautiful and simple and clean. Love it! Wanda wrote that she used vellum for the inside of the card which I think gave the snow some of its feel. Thank for you sharing Wanda!

Below are some of the files I am working on . They all can't get posted in the QMC because it is supposed to be 20 files or a little more and I am already at 8 or 9 and the QMC for this quarter goes til March. Wew! But I keep reminding myself that December will be crazy and I won't be able to post many. But I think those members already joined will be way ahead of 20 files for this inagural membership.

Here are some of the files I have been working on...

And I am working on the Blessings Word Jumble which I will post here and in the QMC. Lots of great words and stories behind them. This was one of my favorites. I hope everyone feels as blessed as I do this year. It may have been a rough one, but we are still enjoying our moments in life.
" When my first son was born (he's now 4), I looked right at him and knew, he is my heart. When I was pregnant with my second son (now 22 months), I could I love another child like I do my first? He is my heart. Then my youngest was born, and I looked at him and knew he was my soul. My boys, my blessings, are my heart and soul. And that's what I'm sharing with you. Heart and Soul."
and this was another one sent to me that just warmed my soul...
Good morning from Tennessee, Chris. I'm on your Yahoo group and will be joining your QMC shortly - just haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I have so many blessings it's difficult to share just one or two. But this morning, I'm particularly grateful for gratitude itself. My father, an 85-year-old WWII veteran, suffers from severe PTSD and has never been able to get past the anger and hurt to see his blessings or be grateful for life's small miracles. I've witnessed his bitterness and sadness for years and it has been particularly bad lately as his physical health falters. The lack of gratitude in his soul robs him of the joy and wonder of life; and watching him daily turn this lack of gratitude for small things into rage and bitterness makes me particularly grateful that I am able to thank God each and every day for the small blessings I am privileged to share.

I am also grateful for my home. The safety and warmth of home (not just my house, but all the things that make it a home) is precious to me."
Gratitude and Home
Heart and Soul
What an awesome set of words
Thank you to everyone who sent them. If you still have one to include it might not be to late. I am going to publish these all this week because I find them inspirational and hope they are for others. Email me if you'd like.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Presale Coupons & Dates and the Soccer Signup Peter Piper Story

Well lots and lots of things. I should definitely make up for the post yesterday.

Here are my presale files and the dates they will be available with the coupon.

I am sending the coupon out to the yahoo group. There are a limited number of these coupons available, but I think I should have enough for everyone who wants one. So if you want it get it. And you will have it right in your email box for plenty of shopping.

Thanksgiving Presale Files

Monday, November 19th
Basics Bundle
Retails $4.99 with Coupon $2.29

Wednesday, November 21st
A Day at the Zoo Super Pack
Retail: $9.99 With Coupon: $3.99

Thanksgiving Sale
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for 30% off all my files.
The discounts on the Presale items are much larger then 30% and they are only offered for one day. So don't miss that day!
On to life...
So my little boy seems to be on the road to recovery. So that is good. Not coughing nearly as much and his motivated moving self is back in full form. We signed him up for soccer for the Jan-March season. He is very excited about this. He loves to play soccer and kick the ball. He has a net and two soccer balls. Well make that one... My hubby drove over one when he was leaving for work one day. Woops. We both jumped out of our skin when it popped. But luckily there was a backup.
We had signups at the local Peter Piper Pizza. So my hubby takes our son off to play some video games while I waited in line. When I was done I went over to the games and watched for a few and then said well we better get a few tickets so he can pick out a small prize. So we are playing all the different games and end up at this game where you put in your token and it goes down the shoot into the back of some dump trucks and you get tickets. My punkin is lovin the ticket thing. They spit them out. He grabs them and gives them to me in pure delight and smiles. So we have played this a bit and our son gets a token from his Dad and puts one in, well he hits the 600. all of a sudden the machine is going tink tink tink tink. Okay so we grab the tickets that are coming out. but wait there is more.. wait more... wait more... (I say to my hubby.. go get the lady.. I think it's broken. She comes over and says. You hit 600 you'll get 600 tickets and walks away.)... wait more.. My son looks at me and says "to much, there is to much" .. wait more... My son leaves for more things to do then watch this machine spit tickets.. wait more tickets are spitting.. more .. more.. now I have lost my husband his parting words were I'll watch him, your going to stand here right?
As I stand there I have given up holding these things and have let them just spit on the floor in one continuous ticket snake. I have gotten look after look. Some from kids with their mouths dropped.. are those yours? My sons I politely respond. Some looks from adults ... HELLO AREN'T YOU TO OLD TO NEED TICKETS.. and one Dad actually came up and said Wow. How did you hit the big one.. By now I am wishing this thing would either spit them out quicker or will the motor burn out so it won't work anymore... Wew they are all out. It has quit. so I ravel them up in some fashion and my hubby looks at me. I say you get to count them.. He starts analzying them and counting. He looks up and there is a Ticket Taker. He asks this pint size little girl how it works. She explains (of course looking at us like we are older then the hills) and sooo I stuff the tickets at him. He gets to stand there and wait for them to zoom into this machine so we can get our paper ticket counter receipt. So now we have the receipt. 683 total tickets. My son is playing on some riding game and just loving it and giggling and laughing. I start eyeing the prize counter. Couldn't there just be 600 tickets for one item. Nope they are all varying counts. This explains the Game Girl's calculator. So we round up my son and say now you get to pick a prize. so we start out with a few big items. then break it down for bunch of little trinkets. So we leave with trinketty junk and my son is beaming. It was fun. A little silly and always adventurous. The moral of the story.. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. "just a few tickets so he can get a prize" BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. It will come back to you. So if your going to ask for something make sure it's what you want and I did. A smiling little boy and a proud hubby. His kid hit the "big one".

Love my life.



Update... I forgot to note a few things... First off the newsletter went out.. wohooo! Lots of great feedback. Second, Michelle has offered a coupon for the Craft Robos. She has a few more in stock. And is offering $10.00 off the price and free shipping. If you are looking for something for the holidays send Santa to the store at Paperthreads to get one and make sure to put in the comments "I heard about it from Chris". She loves me when I do this {Big Grin} The coupon Code is... CRcmas_1107cdsw5 and you get a collection of files to go with it. So you can cut as soon as you get it out of the box. Here is the link if you are interested. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Interesting day..

Today should prove to be interesting.. Off to get the cookie dough from the Pre-School fundraiser and get some of it delivered, working on a few special projects, and trying to get the pre-sale codes together. So this note is short unless I can get back to it this afternoon and add another one. It is a windy crazy day out here! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good Morning to everyone! I am trying to fit a post in right now early this morning in case today ends up like yesterday. My bambino has an ear infection in his other ear now. So my hubby mentioned tubes because there was a lot of that in his youth. It is probably jumping the gun since he has only ever had two ear infections and only one in each year. The doc I am sure was oh so thrilled to see us and my little boy loves to tell the doc what ails him. I think he had to look at every possible scrape or boo boo my little one put a bandaid on this week. But when asked what was wrong he said... My ear it hurts and it goes POP POP POP.. like rice krispies. He had this rendition down because he told the nurse it earlier and she asked him to tell two other nurses cause he thought he was cute. I noticed on the corner of the page of my sons chart it says... "animated child" hahaha. I am not sure if this is good or bad, but ya know we will go with it. So today he hangs out with me because of the medicine he has to have. Want to make sure he doesnt come down with hives or a reaction because it isn't penicillin but similar to I have been told. So today will be a trip to the office and my son taking over office computer while I chat with the accountant. woohooo... I would rather play on the pc. :) Our accountant is awesome, but ugh. I am not the numbers type person....

Speaking of numbers... So they are coming... The dirt cheap presale codes... I got the Fall Huge Bundle into the uploads for the store and it will be one of the presales for next week.

Also, if you got the newsletter you know that ALLLL my files will be on sale over Thanksgiving Weekend. And for those who got the Paperthreads newsletter.. What did you think about my article on metal and the KNK? I will repost it here in a few days for those who haven't read it, but if you missed it make sure to sign up for that newsletter. I am head of organization for it. So you may hear me mention it here and there.

And for the question... are your files only in the QMC now?? Nope. They are also at the store. So you can buy them indivdually as well. For those in QMC all the versions to silent night and downhill sledding were uploaded last night.

This was sent to me by Karen using a piece from the Thanksgiving Traditions. Beautiful layout. I love the Gold Paper. Thank you Karen for Sharing It. I so wish my hair was that long.
My hair adventure started Saturday a.m. I just don't think I explain things to hair stylists right. I just wanted some curl along the back. loose even some might call it a body wave. Well I have curl. I have curl all over in a lions mane of twist and tumbles. But hey it's hair it will grow out and when I see family they will either smile, cringe or go what's different about you in clear observation, but trying to ignore. My hubby thinks it is cute and is glad I didn't cut any off. So I am going with it. I almost feel like I could party with this hair it is kinda fun and not so serious and boring as my very straight here of 13 years. (since my last perm) So I was ready for a change and to try it.
Well I gotta run and feed the horses and get moving! Have a wonderful wonderful day!!
Thanks for stopping by and of course...
PS Congrats to Margaret for winning Shirley's blog contest over what is Chris's quote... One word... and I post it all the time.... "Enjoy!" This made me giggle! Thank you Shirley for the nod!
PSS So if you saw the newsletter that was my first Blinkie and I did Lori's too. They came out all right, but I need to do some work on them. Lori has a bunch of files hitting the store. I can't wait to see them!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Files, Files everywhere...

It's Monday. Wew! I am swamped. Checking this real quick and then back to doing some other items. I just wanted to share... These files will be posted to the QMC this week!

I hope they can be used and you like! And I will be working on more holiday ones without the snow for those of us with Snow Envy locations. :-)

Next week I will have my dirt cheap presales and
will email out all the presale codes.
A different bundle will be offered for dirt cheap price.
So keep an eye out for the email with the codes from my yahoo group.
The items below were added to the store in the last week.

Thanksgiving Traditions Bundle

Giving Thanks Titles

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Santa's Bottoms Up.. Needs a few titles..

So It's Sunday. I thought I would post here because I know my Monday will be swamped. Lots to do. I have had a great time this weekend. Mostly things around the house. I, also, had a chance to cut some metal on my cutter and use the punch tool. I wrote an article for the newsletter at Paperthreads and as usual it is in my normal rambling style. So if you like it let me know. The newsletter comes out on the 15th for all those who have signed up. All I can say is Freebies and great tips and tutorials for different programs and machines.
The Bottom's Up Santa needs a few titles to go with him. I am plumb out of creative title thinking. So if you have one, please send it my way. I would love to hear what you think it should be.
Thank you to the new members of the QMC. I know there are a few and I need to get the chance to sit down and add them. I am have just been playing around this weekend and am almost ready to get back to business.
My hubby is on the way to the hardware store right now. He and my son are working full fledged on the "fort". Love to see them working together on all the little things. The wood has a lot of hammer marks because my son has been pounding away on it. But then it looks authentic and my son can show what he "did" for the fort build. I am quietly watching the Packers vs Vikings game. My hubby wasn't interested. I guess he didn't want to see my Cheesehead Green Go Pack dance. That's okay we all have our moments. ha!
I hope everyone else had wonderful weekends and got time to be creative. I am trying hard to figure out all the different holiday gifts I need to get. And figure out how many I can make in a timely manner. The weather is nice here so I can actually sit in my craft room and not be cooking internally.
Oh yeah and I got a perm yesterday.. we'll have to save that curly crazy story for later.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Bursts of Creativity...

It's Friday... So it is late in the afternoon and I am uploading files to the QMC, to the store and creating like mad. I have a burst of creativity right now and want to ride it. Woohoo!!

Okay so took my son to see his new cousin today. He was finally healthy enough to go visit her. He smiled and giggled and grinned. He decided he should tickle her toes. And every time he did she just smiled in her sleep and would open one eye and look his way. Soooo Cute. So then he started giggling. We went to leave and he was pretty upset. He really thought he would get to stay at his Aunties. She usually watches him when the hubby and I get to go dancing. We had a long conversation on the way home about why the new baby gets to stay with Aunty and he doesn't. He sure loves my sister and her husband which is pretty cool. Family can be a fantastic thing.

So the newsletter at Paperthreads is coming out next week. Now is the time to sign up. There will be freebies and tutorials and articles galore. My first blinkie will be there. Took me a bit to figure them out, but now I think I have it down. So to sign up Click Here. You won't want to miss out. Freebies Freebies!! woohoo love those.

So if all goes welll this weekend should be full, but time spent also just hanging out. I think a weekend has to have all elements. Something to do and sometime to do nothing. Of course during this nothing time we watch NASCAR or Football. Go Packers. I have to say that here as much as I can because my hubby gets kinda temperamental when the Vikings are not doing so well. So I try to be kind to his sensitivities and not Do the Happy Cheesehead Green Dance. haha. So this weeked... I am going to get my hair done after years and years of just trimming the back (one time 6 inches) I am going in to get a "Body Wave" and add some kinda movement to this stick straight mop. I am soooo excited. We shall see how it goes. Other then that we gotta get hay for the horses, wood for the fort, visit my Nan, go to church and do work on some of the Honey Dos for the house. So not to bad. Looks like sometime to hang out together and just be. Athough my little one does not like to hang out. He likes to get moving, build stuff, go places or play play play. Always fun. You know why he likes to Play Play Play because as I type this I have realized he decided to crash and take a nap on the couch! The secret energy boosts... Maybe we'll have a fire tonight and roast marshmallows. that sounds like fun.

Okay a quick note because I am getting this question alot about the QMC. Yes I can get caught on a topic with files and create create create in that same topic. I will be trying to limit a few to a topic and move on to the next topic. I will throw the extras up in the store. I hope to cover as many peoples needs in a quarter as posible. I will try very hard to vary the files. There is a running list of files on the left of my blog as to what has been added to the QMC. This is a long membership period. So the files may seem slow, but they are coming and since I am already close to ten there should be more then 20 files in this membership quarter. If you are interested in details there are also links for details on the left hand side of my blog. Hope this helps answer some questions.

So off I go. Going to ride the wave of creativity and get back to it.

Thank you to everyone for the book ideas and the recipes for burgers.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you email I will be a bit slow to reply cause it is family time.



Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

So here I am today with a very sore arm. I went to the docs yesterday a.m. to get the a-ok on life and she offered up a flu shot. Wow. I have never had one and got one because my kiddo is in pre-school. My arm is so sore I have alot of cutting of test files and uploading to the store to do. So I am going to work on that today and hang out with the kiddo.
Our burgers were yum last night. I finely diced some red onion, added egg whites, mushed it together and then added Chicago Steak seasoning to the outside. My son helped me crack the eggs. This little boy lovesss to crack eggs and was perplexed when we weren't going to use them to make scrambled eggs. He was going to pull apart the burger and look for the scrambled eggs. Super cute! Then after Hubby grilled the burgers I pulled out the sun dried tomato paste we had and put a little dab on the plates. My hubby liked that to. And I noticed as I sat there and ate. No buns all the way around. I am definitely rubbing off on those in my family! haha. Of course if there had been some french roll fancy bun it would have been eaten, but plain old bread is not worth the calories.
I also bought the Dancing with the Stars Cardio workout yesterday after the docs. I need to find 20 minutes a day to exercise. I love to dance so I thought I will try this one. I was really looking for a country line dance video. I have never line danced and don't even know where to begin accept with the song Boot Scoot Boogie. I thought this might be a good thing to figure out so I can do it in the evenings when the hubby hasn't made it home yet. Otherwise I will ask him to twirl me around the room instead. :)
What are ya reading??? I have a few books here, but am looking for a new light hearted quick read. I am afraid to start a book and have it be heavy and people upset in it. I am just not over that bridge of emotion yet. I love Janet Evanovich books. That Stephanie Plum character has me giggling so much I have to stop reading to breathe. Any recommendations?
One of the blessings sent to me... Thank you to the sender for sharing it with me. What a wonderful reflection on children..
When my first son was born (he's now 4), I looked right at him and knew, he is my heart. When I was pregnant with my second son (now 22 months), I could I love another child like I do my first? He is my heart. Then my youngest was born, and I looked at him and knew he was my soul. My boys, my blessings, are my heart and soul. And that's what I'm sharing with you. Heart and Soul.
I am still accumulating Blessings words. If you have one to send over to me. Please email me.
Well I should get dressed, feed horses, start laundry, play games with my punkin, do some laundry and work on files. So I better get off an running.
Have a wonderful day!
Oh yes the Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas has been added to the Quarterly membership and all the files will be up for it today! Hope you like. ... to get to the QMC click here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gabbing Gabbing with not much to say!

So we have had lots and lots of people email me their blessings. Some pretty inspirational stories with most of them. Thank you for sharing them with me. I am running a tad behind in things right now. So not alot to post. I am workng on about ten things at once it seems. One of those things was to learn how to make Blinkies. So I am working on that. I also have some new ideas sketched out for designs and have a few I am working on from my request list. Wow. Busy Busy. But that is good. I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. This week has just flown by. Luckily everyone's well wishes and some serious meds and my son is starting to sound somewhat normal again. Whatever normal can be for a three year old.

We got the movie Ratatouille (however you spell it) and so maybe tonight we will sit together as family and watch it. That would be nice and calm. I have some hamburger meat to whip up into some concoction and some french fries in the freezer. Burgers is what it sounds like. So I have seen so many recipes for Burgers. My grandmother used to make two thin patties and in between them put a dab of bbq sauce and finely sliced onions. And my sister in law made burgers for us once with the tomato and the onion baked inside. She wasn't please with the outcome but I thought it was good. I love to have a burger with lots of fixings. Because of course I don't touch the bun.I love swiss cheese and onions and mushrooms on them. yum. okay my mouth is watering. My brother in law puts bread crumbs in his. I don't partake in those, but they smell good. Anybody else have the twist on their burger.

Well I better run. Just out of it today. Hope you like my gabcast. I just couldn't resist trying it. Hopefully my blinkie will come out alright and I will add it to my blog. I think I will see if I can get my son to say the pledge of allegiance into it. I love it when he says that.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Share Your Blessings File

So we made it. Today there is a download. For this in the QMC it is already been added. For those at the yahoo group the password was emailed yesterday. If you didn't get it, please check the group at yahoo and read the past posts. Thanks mucho. This file is no longer available for download. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Entering the pasword shows you are in agreement of my terms and having purchase a membership also shows such.

So this file is part of a larger set. I offer this to you and hope that today you can share one or two words for what you are blessed. I am going to create a jumble with all the words put together and maybe a picture frame or border. Whatever I can do with them. I will share this jumble with anyone who emails me their one word blessings and/or posts a comment here and I can capture their email address. So if you have them you can post a comment here or Email me. I will take as many as I can fit. Also, I wanted to share one awesome inspirational story that came my way from the QMC already with their blessings.

"Well since I am a cancer survior one word is LIFE or HOPE
the second word is FAMILY

I know we were only suppose to give two words but for me three. When you have cancer you have your Family who HOPE and Pray you will live and make it thru this ordeal....and god spared my Life so I can enjoy every day.. and believe me I do!!"

This sharing really made me file awesome. I am very worried about my loved ones making it through this holiday without those we lost this year and I thought this would be a great way to see everyone else's blessings. One or two words is all I ask. Thank you so much to everyone in advance who sends them.
On to life...
So we went out on Friday night and Saturday night this weekend. Went to a gala for a chamber on Friday. Did really well with the silent auction pieces and then Saturday night went to the T.R.O.T. fundraiser. TROT stands for Therapeutic Riding of Tucson. Phenomenal organization. I so support charities that are making a difference with kids and of the equine nature even better. I spent some time with my Uncle and his fiance and friends of ours went with. We filled the table with merriment and fun. No time for dancing at these functions, but super nice to chat with the friends and hubby and mingle. I didn't get to shop cause we ran out of time. but the classic black pants and flats and shirt for one event and then jeans and boots for the second I was covered.
My son is on the road to recovery I am thinking and so is my hubby. He crashed all day Sunday because he fought off the cold all week and just was exhausted come Sunday. He slept, watched football & Nascar. I even pulled out the air mattress and set it on the living room floor. My son thinks the air mattress is the best. He got to lay with Dad while he slept. See some football and hang out. I am thinking about signing up the kiddo for 3-4 Soccer. Sign up is next week for January - March. He loves soccer. So I think it is on my list of things to do . Maybe I can walk around the team practicing and get some exercise in to. This appeals to me. We shall see how it goes. ... probably would end up taking my computer and creating files while he is busy busy. But would seriously think about the walking. haha.
Okay folks. Time is short. I must run. Lots more to ramble on, but it will have to wait til tomorrow. Enjoy!
PS. My Dad just called. He is snowed in at his house in Wisconsin. It is 90 degrees here today. Holy Smokes! What a difference in climate. My Dad called but then had to go so he could go stand out in it. hahah. love my Dad.
great.. just heard the uh oh from the kitchen... off I run..

Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday here comes the weekend

So here we are at Friday again...

Here is my tip of the day... If you feel like you haven't accomplished much for the day, Don't visit Lori's Blog! Wow. I will no longer be allowing my hubby to visit her blog. She listed everything she did yesterday and I feel quite unorganized. So seriously just teasing Lori. I hope she learns to pace herself or the hubby will expect more and more and then on one of those days you just want to play on her cutter and eat bon-bons she'll feel guilty .hahaha. Just teasing.

Okay and another movin and shakin designer at Paperthreads. Shirley. Here is her new blog. She is listing all her activities on her barndominium. Wow. Busy Busy Woman. But so awesome. She has this cute cute picture of her new puppy on her page. Sooooo cute!

Also, It is the weekend. Most know this, but I am out for the weekends usually. If I can post I do, but I like to spend that time with the family. If you order a QMC it may be Sunday night or Monday morning before your added. I really believe in time with my husband and kids and extended family. Most know this and understand it, but some don't so I am throwing it out there. Thank you to everyone who has joined. Already 8 files up and it hasn't officially even started for the December 1st date, but everyone has the availability to access the files already. The link is on the left of my blog. I also put together this little flyer to explain where the membership section at the Paperthreads Forum shows up and what a Forum Name is. Missing Forum Logins are the longest delay for adds. You can download it here. It is called WhereQMC.pdf?

Thanks for all the postive feedback on yesterdays goofy download. I am glad everyone liked it!

I don't have alot to add today because I am headed to a gala this evening with my hubby. It is a more casual one so I have to iron pants, wash some clothes for the kiddo etc. I am trying hard not to chat to to much because otherwise with my sore throat I will be able to take up another job with a 1-900 number. Scratchy and Trashy. hahaha. And on Saturday night we are going to an event for a local place that helps kids by riding horses. Fantastic organization and they are helping vets now to. So I support them whenever I can. Luckily I can wear my jeans and boots to that. So no fancy wear there. My hubby wants to shop shop for an outfit for tonight. So love this man, but he sure does love to shoppppp. See I can shop. I like to shop online at Paperthreads within a few minutes I can wrack up quite a bill. In fact I have my file folder with catalogs that are coming in the mail for xmas gifts I can just buy on the internet. My hubby will hit the mall the week and even the day before xmas to get his final purchases. Yowser. One time I went with him and it was fun because I knew I was done. and I could people watch. There is definitely a different tension in the air when people have to get things. For me it was nice because I could just wander. and not have to have anything. As usual I am rambling. I am off to see about the bambinos medicines. Everyone have a wonderful weeekend!!!!!


PS Don't forget to sign up for BINGO. Rumor is there won't be a December one. CLICK HERE
I have seen some of the prizes they are awesome!
Sorry no pictures today.. what a boring post, but I am off to figure out what the heck I am doing with today and how much else I can get done. Lori has set the bar. toooodleroooosss

Thursday, November 1, 2007

So lots to post.. Bingo, halloween, treats

Okay... First off the new Bingo game is starting up at Paperthreads. Jan is hosting it and it promises to be lots and lots of fun. Lots of great family ideas going on over there. So here is the flyer for it. To join... visit here.

So yesterday was interesting. My little boy got dressed up as Darth Vader and went to school for long enough to be a part of the Costume Parade and then I scooped him up to go the docs and got a cart full of meds for ear infections, chest crackling etc. So now I am sick and so is my hubby and my son is on the road to recovery. Pretty much he couldn't go Trick or Treating last night, but I gave him meds as soon as I got them and he was running circles around us. I myself took some cold medicine that made just crazy and insane for some reason. So when I finally crashed from that we tried to put the kiddo to bed and went to bed ourselves. So about 2 hours into sleep and boom we wake up to my son. Chatting and Chatting about reading a book, watching star wards etc etc. Wow. My hubby and I were trying to keep up with his conversation. Walked him back to bed, gave him some books only to hear him whispering to us in the monitor. mommy daddy. Wew it was along night. Today he is obviously on the road to recovery while his parents are contemplating long nights of sleep. haha

So on Tuesday night, my awesome hubby knew I wasn't feeling well so he made sugar cookies with my son and carved pumpkins here are a few pictures from the adventures I thought I would share. Was lots of fun.

Lets be serious so mom doesn't notice all the icing on my face.
Oh wait let's just smile cause I am bouncing on sugar.

Also, for those who made it this far... Here is my Treat for Trickers. It isn't Halloween related, but I wanted to offer it up yesterday and didn't get a chance. The password is visualdesigns. I also posted this to the QMC for download. So if you are a member there. here is the link to the section. You can get it there to or maybe already have. I posted it there this morning. This is my resolution this year to the need for help after holiday dinner. I hope you like and would love to hear any additional thoughts you may have.



PS sorry to those again I emailed last night when I was just out of it. warning label should read.
Stay away from email when intoxicated with cough syrup.