Thursday, November 1, 2007

So lots to post.. Bingo, halloween, treats

Okay... First off the new Bingo game is starting up at Paperthreads. Jan is hosting it and it promises to be lots and lots of fun. Lots of great family ideas going on over there. So here is the flyer for it. To join... visit here.

So yesterday was interesting. My little boy got dressed up as Darth Vader and went to school for long enough to be a part of the Costume Parade and then I scooped him up to go the docs and got a cart full of meds for ear infections, chest crackling etc. So now I am sick and so is my hubby and my son is on the road to recovery. Pretty much he couldn't go Trick or Treating last night, but I gave him meds as soon as I got them and he was running circles around us. I myself took some cold medicine that made just crazy and insane for some reason. So when I finally crashed from that we tried to put the kiddo to bed and went to bed ourselves. So about 2 hours into sleep and boom we wake up to my son. Chatting and Chatting about reading a book, watching star wards etc etc. Wow. My hubby and I were trying to keep up with his conversation. Walked him back to bed, gave him some books only to hear him whispering to us in the monitor. mommy daddy. Wew it was along night. Today he is obviously on the road to recovery while his parents are contemplating long nights of sleep. haha

So on Tuesday night, my awesome hubby knew I wasn't feeling well so he made sugar cookies with my son and carved pumpkins here are a few pictures from the adventures I thought I would share. Was lots of fun.

Lets be serious so mom doesn't notice all the icing on my face.
Oh wait let's just smile cause I am bouncing on sugar.

Also, for those who made it this far... Here is my Treat for Trickers. It isn't Halloween related, but I wanted to offer it up yesterday and didn't get a chance. The password is visualdesigns. I also posted this to the QMC for download. So if you are a member there. here is the link to the section. You can get it there to or maybe already have. I posted it there this morning. This is my resolution this year to the need for help after holiday dinner. I hope you like and would love to hear any additional thoughts you may have.



PS sorry to those again I emailed last night when I was just out of it. warning label should read.
Stay away from email when intoxicated with cough syrup.


Rhonda said...

Yikes on the meds! For both you and your son.
Glad he's feeling better though and he is just so adorable in those pictures!! :)

Bec said...

Such a fun idea. Thank you for sharing. I have a feeling there will be a lot of us planning to use these!

Anonymous said...

Clever idea - I think I may try it out! Thanks for sharing it!

Robin said...

Chris, he is so adorable, I love that last picture of him with the grin. I hope you all get to feeling better soon.