Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Foofaraw and such

So a few of my Circus files have made it to the store and Thanksgiving ones. I am going to try and bundle them together for a presale coming up. I have added this to a few of the pieces so people can see what it looks like when it is pulled apart. I am hoping they will be helpful... This is the one for Turkey Day.


Are you asking what the heck is a Foofaraw? It is an excessive amount of embellishment. I thought this was a prime name for Bundles of Multiple Files. I saw it on a digital blog and thought that is a great word. Yes I am one of those nerds who gets words emailed to her from dictionary.com every day. Love it. Foofaraw sounds like so much fun! And why not with a Bundle of Files. So if you see that word floating around the store at Paperthreads. It's me.

These came in my email from Tammy yesterday another group of cards from my Halloween set. Woohoo!! They came out really nice to.

On to life... I wonder sometimes how many people make it down to my on to life section... But the cool thing is. I asked for a journaling program that would capture my blog and felt like I was asking to much and one of my visitors said to visit http://www.blurb.com/ so I downloaded there little program and it pulled all the information from my blog and put it in book format. It is awesome!!!! I was so pleased with it's outcome. I will need to add some pictures here and there and clean it up, but it was a total surprise how easily it pulled the info for me. Fantastic. So for those who are blogging and want to pull it all to a book format this is a pretty nifty program. I am not great at keeping a journal, but I keep a blog well so I can put it together and make it into a book one day. Thank you for the information Cindy!! It was super helpful.

Well my bumpkin is still sitting here eyes watering, nose running, coughing that gross cough. He tried eating yesterday and coughed it all back up. He looked at me with sad eyes and said... but I like it. Love my kid. I haven't called him in sick yet. I know he isn't in a grade yet where it is mandatory he be there for a set amount of days, but man it's like being in high school again. I am nervous about calling him in sick. haha. But tis inherent in kids being sickiepoo and better that he do it now then in Kindergarten when there is a set amount of time he needs to be there.
My hubby introduced my son to Vicks44. This stuff just grosses me out. I have to be super sick to use it. So my little boy had a little on his chest yesterday and sat next to me on the arm of the chair while I typed away and man alive I felt like I could smell the dirt outside the window. My nostrils were so clear I was inhaling shallowly just to make my eyes not water. I felt over oxygenated and had to put the computer down to get some focus back. Wow! Luckily he hasn't asked for it today so it is in the cabinet. Wew! Can you pass out from to much air? I seriously felt like me head was over oxygenated. And to my commenter you are right goooo team. Love the Packers. I have to get my camera out to and get a picture of my Beijing gift. Thank you Mary! It is cute. And on the camera is a picture of my new niece and nephew together on last Saturday, but I will save that for tomorrow.
Well I better run. Lots to do today even tho' we are home. Need to get some more Thanksgiving files put together.
Below are some great questions I was asked about the QMC. So I thought I would post them here with my answers. I hope this helps some that have the same question..
I have a few questions about the membership:
1 This first time period, from Dec thru Mar, do we have to sign up by the end of Dec or the end of Jan? You probably answered this somewhere but I couldn't find it. By the end of January then the membership will be closed until April. This is a really long one and is open early because it is my inagural one and I really want to work out the kinks for future quarters. And everyone has been so helpful in working with me to get things right.
2 Will the membership include all the files you put up for sale during the three month time period? There will be a minimum of 20 files in each quarter. This quarter is going to be super long so I am sure there will be more then 20. Are all the files going to be there I make in a quarter? I can't say for certain because some of the things I have been asked to do require that I donate the files for 6 months and then can sell them. Or some of the items are so specific like the Packers file. I don't think everyone will want it. So I am going to say the majority of my files will be there as I have done in the past with my blog. Sometimes a file will just hit the store for varying reasons. I reserve the right to do what I need with my files, but have committed to a minimum of 20 for a $10.00 membership with time to download them.
3 Will we have to remember to renew each quarter or is there an automatic renewal? I will be sending out notices to the Yahoo Group to remember to renew and also posting on my blog. I will also be giving notice in the Paperthreads Forum Membership Section that all the files need to be downloaded that you would like by the last day in March. I will not be filling any requests for those who miss something. I think having such a long period for people to download should give ample time. When you see these notices you will know the new membership will be available. It will probably hit the store for the next quarter in March and then will close April 31st. I thope this makes sense. I would hate to auto renew and have someone decide they would rather not. So I will make sure to give ample notice in many places.
4 Will you preview all the files in your blog? I will be previewing them on my blog as I make them. I also will be keeping a running log on the left hand side of the blog. And opening new threads in the Membership area every time I add a new set of files.
5. I think one thing about this membership that is holding me back is that we seem to be buying "a pig in a poke." We don't get to see the files before we purchase them. Other memberships at least preview every file included before the package is purchased. You make some great files but not everyone needs/will use every single one of your files. Every file that is useless increases the price of the ones that will be used. I"ve had my CR for 16 months and have purchased only about $20 worth of files that I know I will use. I totally understand that this membership is not for everyone. One emailer compared my Membership to a Church Bizarre Grab Bag. You spend a few dollars and most of the things you like and some of them you won't use, but you got a great price. I can't preview them ahead of time because I haven't made them yet. If you are very selective in your files and feel like you may not get what you would like or need, I would say the files will still be available in the store. If your need for files is minimal this may not be the right situation for you. This is why I will continue to post all the files in the store. I will continue creating files on numerous topics related to the time of year and other things happening in life or that I see or are requested of me.

6. Why did you switch? I just couldnt continue with what I was doing. I have to make a little pocket change for all the time I invest in this. It isn't fair to my family with the amount of time it takes away from them to not be able to give something back for it. But I also like to give things at a fair price. And the emails for missed files and passwords were just getting to be lots and lots. So this was my answer to try and get most of those needs answered.

7. I don't live in the U.S. How do I pay? I don't have a paypal account? I had to ask Michelle about this one because she is running the invoicing for me and this was her response.
"Unfortunately, the only other option is to TRY Paypal, then in the paypal screen try the USE CREDIT CARD WITH NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT. And then use the Credit Card option through that, but typically, if it’s not drawn on USD it won’t work without a full Paypal account. The only other option is for her to send a money order in USD."

8. Can I make a request if I am not in the QMC? Absolutely send it over and I will add it to my list that I am working off. And requests I don't charge extra for. If I can do it. I will do it. Some things I have a hard time coming up with a concept. I make the request and then send it to the person who requested it. I try to make sure I have kept their email with the request. So when you make a request include your file type you need. So I will definitely take any requests and I don't charge extra for them. I send them to the requestee and I add them to the store. Unless I feel it is a file many will need then I will post it to the QMC as well. Why would I charge to create a file when you gave me the idea and I can post it in other places as well. For those really specific ones I have asked people to consider purchasing a couple files from the store to compensate, but these are usually for Names. So send them on over. The best way is by email.... EMAIL me HERE.

Seriously I better run.. toodles...
Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Lots to chat about this morning

Well lots to chat about this morning... First off I am working on a set of Thanksgiving files and will wrap them all up in one set to sell and will offer a presale for it to the group. Just like I did with the Halloween files. Here are a few of the first ones. These will be in the QMC area this week and in the store also. I will chat more on these tomorrow. I was excited about them and the others I have in the works. So I wanted to share.

Then next... I received alot of presents this weekend in my email box. I also received one from Beijing China in my snail mail box and it is awesome! I will take a picture and share it with you tomorrow. But for now here are my email presents. I love them thank you for sharing them with me!

This one is from Ginny M. I loveeee the colors...Beautiful... Can't say much more then Just beautiful! This is from my Autumn Beauty Jumble .

This was sent to me by Kristen B. from my halloween jumble. Cute Cute. I love ribbon!

The following set were sent to me from Dawn in MA. These are from my Halloween Cards.
And also included in the Halloween Super Value Pack which is on sale til the end of this month if you missed the presale and the freebies and the sale. Here is the link to the Super Value Pack. The Halloween Words Jumbles from the above cards is in this set also.
How cute are Dawn's Cards what an awesome set to send out. Thank you Dawn for sharing them with us.

Next a few links that might interest you... Here is the Demo for the KNK Studio software. They have come out with GE edition which will work with the CR, WB, and SIL.. Here is the Thread at Paperthreads discussion. I am not clear as to if it works with Vista and the Blue wishblade I had heard yes, but you may want to check into it. I have a CR and a KNK so I haven't followed up on that lots.

And then here is a chart that Michelle put together for all the KNK Blades. I am seriously considering doing some shopping. I told one of my fellow designers when she said she was putting together her Christmas Wish List for her hubby that She and I have a different thought process. I told my hubby that I need it to make better Christmas gifts. Instead of needing it for Christmas.. :-). What does PBS say? "It's all how you look at it" haha. Okay here is the link to the chart. and here is the thread if you have any other questions.

On to life... So we went dancing Friday night. It was awesome. We were of the younger variety in the crowd, but it makes no matter to me. Or maybe it is because I still think I am 25. Why not? 25 was good, but 28 was better.. so Maybe I will go with 28. My hubby and I danced and danced and the parent in laws smiled over and over as people came up to them and asked who we were and said we danced well together. It was lots and lots of fun. We love to dance. We went to pick up our son and he didn't have painted toe nails or goopy hair. He gave me a hug when we dropped him off earlier in the evening. Only he said .. give me a hug so you can go. , Just what a mother wants to hear. :) haha. but in any case. he had lots of fun and then spent the weekend just relaxing because he came down with a cold. Apparently the norm for preschool age. In fact we are home from school today so he can recoup one more day. He isn't in regular school yet with a mandated amount of days per school year. So better to get him to recoup rather then get sicker. He has a penchant for croup and pneumonia, but hopefully will grow out of it.

Lots of questions over the weekend about the QMC. So I will be posting them tomorrow for anyone who may have the same questions. And I added alot of people this weekend. Those that didn't get added. I can't seem to get the forum name given working or I need to email them all and ask for their forum login/name/id. So I hope to get those email requests out today.


Click here to see all my slides.
Click here for my Section of the store at Paperthreads.
Click here for the Membership Section for the Quarterly Membership Club.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The winners of the card challenge...

Drumrollll pleaseeeee. Here are the winners for the Card Challenge after I tossed a few double votes. We ended up with two first place winners. So four sets of prizes, plus the first to posts need some prizes also. Yeahhhh!!!

1st place
Snowflake Card by Nikki

Trick or Treat by Diane W

2nd place
Best Buds Card by Amber Hamnrye

3rd place
Halloween Card by Scrappinmama

Thank you so much for everyone who supported this Card Challenge and to those who are sending the cards on to the troops... I know the puzzle card is one of them on it's way. That is awesome.

As for the first to post in the card challenge. I am reviewing the plays... wait to much football.. am reviewing the automated post information I received from the forum because there were some close close entry times. If I can get that done today.. I will add it to this post. Woohoo!! Thanks to everyone. I think they were all great entries and just beautiful. Next time I think I am going to have to run a challenge that only includes 10 entries to alleviate the double polls. I learn something with every challenge. Thank you again.

Below are some of the entrants to the card challenge. I am shakey right now so I am thinking I missed a few but can't wrap my mind around which ones. Need to sit for a minute..


http://widget-cc.slide.com/widgets/slideticker.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="cy=bb&il=1&channel=144115188088539852&site=widget-cc.slide.com" style="width:400px;height:320px" name="flashticker" align="middle">


I am working on adding more memberships to the QMC area. I have lots of email questions about this and am trying to get to everyone. By the end of the day most everyone should be able to try this LINK and get in. Remember to add your Forum Name to the order because it alleviates any delay. And if you paid by check, it will take a little bit for it to process and I added those when Michelle send me the notice. And because I opened up the QMC area early at the forum. I just decided to start uploading files now as I go... Here are the two most recent I added.

Upcoming is a New Word Book Set. ... I have had lots of requests for a new font and here it is. Also, my thought is.. If you cut and cut all your holiday gifts then maybe you could burn out the addiction to your cutter? hmm.. I won't I was just showing my hubby the new Punch Tool I would need for the KNK I bought. hmm.. I love new stuff gadgets and gizmos.

Lots to do today before we hit the dance floor this evening. And we have so many invites for things this weekend and I am in a thought process right now Where I just want to stayyyy home. I am going to run Saturday a.m. to see the new baby and my sister. They should be home by then. And then my son is starting a little cough. Which means probabl in the back of my mind. I am thinking don't plan much so he is rested for school on Monday.

hmm what to do what to do.

Okay for those not in the QMC. I should have another poll next week for the download for next week. So keep an eye out for it. I have a bunch of files in the works so I am not sure what the theme will be.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Day at the Circus and ramblings from the middle of the night..

UPDATE: If you have a question about the Membership.. PLEASE Email me Directly CLICK HERE. I cannot comment to you directly through comments to the blog and each situation may be different. Please send me your order number from Paperthreads and your Login Name. This way i can cross reference. Also, I entered some more this afternoon and will again this evening. So please double check the link below. And it takes a bit of time to get from the PT store to me and then to add it. and then added to the section. And thank you to everyone for their positive comments about this venture. Thanks Chris

So I was flipping through the Creating Keepsake Magazine. I think this is page 92. I don't get many magazine for scrapbooking because I would have hordes of them on the shelf. So this one I happened to get and here is a great find. Lace by KI Memories. Love it.. it is beautiful. You can buy it one time and use it. Or you can purchase a cutter and purchase a Jumble file and voila cut it out over and over and over. did I say over and over again! any color any size. But for the cost of the cutter combined with the file this could be so much more outlay at the beginning, but then holy smokes there are so many other possiblities, but alas.. I am preaching to the choir because I am sure most of those who visit my blog are family and wonder what the heck the cutter does still or people who own cutters. I however think for those who do not have cutters it is awesome and although my camera decided not to be friendly behind is this beautiful Garden Lace. which I found very appealing. So I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to share.

This is one of my other Jumble files. It is the Halloween one. This is a card. The picture was sent to me by Beau. I love it.!! Thank you for sharing Beau.

Thank you for the great emails about being an Aunt. I have some fantastic fantastic visitors to my blog. And also. I am still trying so hard to catch up on the emails about my grandfather. My heart still feels like it might explode in my chest, but everyday is new and I have a little boy who looks to me for strength and so I cherish those memories and go forward. Truly how blessed I am to have had such a grandfather. Thank god for my hubbies warm arms in those moments of loss.

The card challenge votes. I am reviewing my notes from the Card Challenge to see who has the First to and also there are a few double votes in play so they will have to be taken out of the voting arena and I have gotten emails on some who know they double voted and apologize and told me where they would really like their vote to go. So can I say Wow some serious voting going on over there. If you haven't thrown in your two cents here are the two polls and only vote once. We couldn't fit them all in one poll. I think they are alll just awesome..Poll 1 Poll 2

Thank you to those who have worked out the kinks with me today for the QMC membership forum. And you know who you are.. Love to have a few testers. so appreciate that.. Also, I have alot of people to add still and will be working on it. But here is our first shot at it...

UPDATE !!!! I just reuploaded a new file for the WPC both to the QMC and 4shared.

Our Day at the Circus was the winner.This download link has been removed it hit its number super qick. if you are part of my membership visit the link below. Once it hits its limit it is gone and the password was sent out to the yahoo group.
And for the membership... Hit this link and follow it to the forum. You shoud have access to download them at your leisure. I have processed up to order number 4609 and will try to add the rest tomorrow because I have to crawl off to bed. And the rest of the Circus files will also be added in the next week. If I don't get to it. It will be sometime tomorrow that the the joinees after order number 4609 will be added. Don't worry tho'. The file won't go anywhere til after the quarter. Okay... an update.. I am up to order number 4643. If you do not have access there are a few possibilities.. I didnt get your forum name with your order it was a drop down box at the bottom and I emailed everyone that I didn't have it. or you are paying by check. I get those after the check goes through.

On to life... so a moment with my son.. He is humming. I must admit I sing alot. I hum and sing and try to be silly. Well My son is humming and I am keying in. and I realize he is singing God Bless America my home sweet home. He looks up and realizes that I am paying attention and have stopped what I am doing and he says with a big smile... " This is our home sweet home huh Mom?" I said "sure is" and smiled. He must have learned the song at school during flag. My heart is beaming. That was my moment for today with the kid that runs my world.

Onto the man who runs my world. Well he will be spinning me around the dance floor on friday night. Soo whoooohoo. going with the inlaw parents to a Western themed dinner at the Club. The club being their country club. Sounds like fun and I look forward to going. We had to prepick our dinner. This makes me nervous. As I eat bare food. No gravy no sauces etc. So we shall see how it goes. I can always find something to eat and have been to the club before. I am sure they see me coming through the door and run. I am infamous for how is this cooked, with what, on what, where did it come from, and what where when why and then if I make the decision to try something against there nervous judgement. Well it's on me. I am an adult. Made my decision. I can handle the repercussions. Please don't hover.... Waitresses hate me, but tis life. Some of us each have a different load to carry. My being annoying to wait staff is one of them. Besides I like to dance on an empty stomach. Sounds crazy but full stomach and I want to sit on the couch and relax. Empty Stomach and Iam jazzed to dance. But then on the way home.. nothing like a big ol Fountain Drink and a bag chips to munch on or even yet a taco because by then... I am a starving. Not sure what kinda band for sure will be there, but I am a hoping for some country to two step, waltz and swing to. My son is headed to his Aunt's house. She is excited. She has three girls. My only precursor was... now you know... If he comes back with his fingernails or toes painted, I am not sure your brother will let him come back. She said that was okay.. They were just planning on facials anyways. Instant Visual... Child with Green Avocado goo on his face and mayo in his hair. saying I AM HUNGRY I AM HUNGRY. Can I eat this Auntie? ha. Should be fun all around.

So Enjoy!

PS.. So Journaling programs. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to be able to copy and paste from the blog to a journal because I am going to hit my limites for blogger sooner or later and I have alot of life in this I would like to capture. One that I can paste into and it will keep the information collected and maybe in the future I can print it out in book format. I am asking for the impossible? hmm.. why not... Any thoughts? Thanks.

Isn't she beautiful..

I just had to share. Isn't she super cute... And this is a digital/hybrid page. Right now Paige's name is in digital form, but I am going to cut it and place it on top of my print out so it gives the layout depth. I thought the Alexi Copperplate font matched the curlies offered by Nana at Nana's Attic really well.

This is my new niece. In case you didn't know. I saw her last night and hope to sneak in a visit this morning while my son is at school. My sister is exhausted but happy. So that works for me. My Grandmother went to see her and everyone commented that it is the first time we have seen her smile in months. So this was fantastic. We definitely needed that smile. We are all so very worried about her, but I think she has ever right to deal with life how she wants to with such loss. But she smiled. That is wonderful.

So looks like the download has been chosen. I will post it tomorrow. Please be aware that this will be in the QMC also with the other three not chosen. SO for those who have joined already you do not have to rush to pick it up. You will have until March 31st to download it. Wooohoo! Nothing like taking your own sweet time.

I have to get moving. I lost lots of time looking at baby pics this morning.

I updated this. I need to work more things out... This is why I gave a month to smooth everything out.

Okay that is it for business....

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined wooohoo! Thank you thank you.

I gotta run. Holy Smokes we are gonna be late for school.

Have a fantastic day!!!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today is the day....

Holy Communion Card
by Couponnut

Happy Holiday Cards by slsonly

Thanks Card by sussann

Blank Flower Note Card by AnnW
Happy Holidays card by dimples4599

So today is the day that my sister is having her baby. She is in full blown contractions and ready to go. So we will see what progresses throughout the day. My quick post today will be additional pics sent to me by the Card Challenge Entrants. The place to vote is listed on the previous post!

We do have a few who double voted so I will have to pull those votes out, but will wait 'til the end to do it all. So it will be down to the drumroll.



Monday, October 22, 2007

Card Challenge Entrants

Okay folks we have alot of entrants... I hope I didnt miss them....in the Card Challenge. Below are some of the pictures of the entrants. If your picture isn't here, please send it me Via Email and I will post it tomorrow. I sent everyone who entered a PM and posted in the Paperthreads Forum to try and get everyone's pic up on my blog today. I really want to get everyone a chance posted on my blog... So please please send them over.... Sooooooo Here they are.. they are awesome..

If you entered make sure I got you into the poll... I missed one originally and want to make sure everyone is there. Email

Trick or Treat by Diane W

Happy Halloween by ScrapinMama

Boo Halloween Card by Adeyoung
Snowflake Card by Nikki Maxfield

He Is Puzzle Card by Becca95

Best Buds Birthday Card by Amber Hamryne

To see them again they can be viewed at THE GALLERY CLICK HERE.

To vote on them... HERE are the links to the TWO Polls.

So since we have more votes then one poll will hold. We are going to take the person with the most votes. Just so everyone knows.. I can pull a report that shows exactly who voted on which card. This means... If it becomes an issue and a person votes in both polls. I will just throw out those votes on both polls. Just to make it fair to the awesome entrants. Awesome Awesome entrants.
And the baby isn't coming today. So on to tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds like a good day as long as the baby is healthy.
It is freezing here today.. okay 71 degrees so not freezing but very windy and my hands hurt so I am going to try and step off the computer for a bit and rest them. Then I will be back later.

Don't forget to vote and support your fellow cutter users.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lots of voting going on.... and Circus Set

So I am gonna offer a download and want to know which one you would like.. please vote in the poll on my blog (upper left hand corner) for which one you would like... Here is a preview of the files. Then the ones that don't get picked will be offered to the Quarterly Membership Club and posted in the store. So which one do you like??

Then if you are reading this on Monday... Pop on over to this thread. HERE... and tell me which card is your favorite. We had alot of awesome awesome entries and the winner is up to you.. You can see the cards entered already at the Gallery. If you are reading this Sunday Afternoon... Your time isn't up... you can still enter.. HERE At the Gallery.

For those new to my group... You will need a password for the download this week and it will be coming out to the group. I have been going through some major changes and updated txt files etc will be coming out.

So other then that. I am drained drained from the funeral yesterday so I am going to leave it at that. Oh of course one more thing... The exciting news!! My sister is in the hospital Sunday night to be induced on Monday for the baby! So excited.



Friday, October 19, 2007

Card Challenge Entries & Moments in Life

So today is the day that the Card Challenge opens up for entries. I know there are a few entrants missing because they sent me their entries early to see. So get them in there!! This was a good thing to see this morning. Brought a great smile to my face. Here is the link to the gallery where they are to be posted. Or go and check out the few that are already there. loving them. I am trying to come up with a few files to give to every entrant. Your hard work will definitely be appreciated. So don't forget to check it out. I think the challenges are the hardest thing to run. It makes me chew my nails. Will anyone join. Will anyone like it. Are the prizes good enough. So thank you tons and tons for those who have jumped in.
Lots of questions about the membership... If you have more let me know.. I would be happy to answer them all. I am working on changing details around in the Yahoo Group. But as always the Yahoo Group members will get presale codes and coupons.
The other question was... how will I know I will like the files you create for the quarter. I will be doing the same kind of files I create here regularly. I will take requests from anyone. I send the file to the requestee directly and then I will be posting it to the Quarterly Membership and store. I will be previewing the files on my blog here. So you will see what is up in the Membership or for sale at the store. Those in the membership will get a better deal per file. But I realize this type of thing is not for everyone. So you can absolutely buy individual files in the store.

Here are a few files I have been working on and will be posted to the Quarterly Membership Club.... I need a better name that is sooooo boring...

I hope that some will like these. I am also working on another set of word book letters.

So the funeral is on Saturday a.m. So this weekend will be pretty full. I won't have a chance to check back on the card challenge lots. So if you see something going on at the Thread at Paperthreads please jump right on in. I didn't realize when I came up with all the challenge idea this would all happen at the same time. I feel like I am leaving it in the lurch but I hope there are many more who join in.

On to life... okay so my son knows how to fix everything... He saw me on Tuesday night and came sat on my lap. He is three. So he takes his fingers and wipes my eyes and says. Mom you have water in your eyes... looks at me and says Dad will fix it. Hold on. So he jumps off my lap. Grabs my hubby from the other room and drags him to me. I had stood up at this point. Greg gives me a hug and we feel the wiggle worm between us crushing our feet and both look down. And he says looking up at us smiling... See I Told You!! He is so pleased with himself he runs away giggling with his "cape" on. The faster he runs the more it flits in the wind. I have no idea how he talked my hubby out of one of his silk cowboy rags which is a big square of silk that he wraps around his neck for various reasons: fancy evenings out in winter or long horse rides. (YOWSER, he is handsome when he wears this.. my hubby that is) But I do know that my little boy feels like he is one of the Wonder Pets and runs as fast as he can because the silk really floats in his wake. Unfortunately, he runs trying to look backwards seeing it and ... hmmm.. smackaroo here comes the wall. He plops on his butt and says. I am all right... THIS IS SERIOUS he sings. Love it. Love the moment. Love the smile. God bless my life.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hardest Thing...

Well I have officially done one of the hardest things thus far in my life. I sat down for my Mom and Aunt and wrote my Grandfather's obituary. How could you possibly put in writing for the world to see what a person meant or is to you. What his mark on the world was while he was here. Well we decided to go with the simplest form and my Aunt read it and tweaked it for me. And I sent it in. It wasn't a whole lot and was very simple, but to digest the process was the most overwhelming. So we are moving towards recouping from this. We are a strong bunch of people and alot of that comes from my grandfather's perseverance in life. He was born in Crosby England, moved to Africa and moved to California and then Tucson. He brought his family with him and made their home here. He worked in the mining industry supplying tires and rubber products to that industry. He held patents on machines he drew for these items. He was quite the business man. He was also quite the grandfather.. ever pushing you to succeed and make it in life.

Quarterly Memberships.... Thank you to everyone who has signed up. I am slowly adding them to the forum. So you will see a spot above General Category that says Visual Designs by Chris Membership Club. That is where I will be uploading files for download to the members. I am trying to work my way through the already joined folks and get myself up to date by the end of today. Please Please Please remember to enter your Forum Name. Your Forum Name is the login Id or Name you use for the Forum at Paperthreads. Your email address is used for the store and the Forum has a different login. Otherwise.. I email you, you email me and everything gets delayed. If you don't know what I am talking about... here it is..

And this... I have been flipping through some things here and there, but just keeping quiet and this made me smile sooooo much... It is from my Pumpkin Patch file. Ramona of the Creative Team at Paperthreads did it. She also sent me a very touching email and I thank her and everyone else who has emailed me. I am trying to respond to all of them, but my son is grasping at me because he is worried and doesn't let me sit here for super long. So here is a beautiful Recipe Page and the Recipe looks good to.. Yum Yum

And may I say Thank you again for all the emails, touching words. I am working through them all, but my grandparents don't have internet there of any kind so I am unable to keep up while hanging out with my Nan, in case she needs me. And I and a few family members have decided... BRING ON 2008. This has been one of the hardest years. But it also has had it's treasured moments. Like the births of my nephews, the growth of our business, my son going to Pre-K and loving it, dancing all last saturday night in my hubbies arms (where would I be without that man, he is my rock). and This blog. Wow. I started it in February and we are already way over 250,000 visits. It has all evolved into such an awesome thing that I enjoy. It has been quite therapeutic to add to it. Just recently I was thinking I have to figure out how to capture all my pasts posts to keep a journal type document because alot of my life has been added here. Probably means I will be copying and pasting the whole thing post by post, but next month I think I will sit down and start doing it.
Well I must be starting to feel a littl ebit more like myself because.... holy cow I can ramble..

have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

May the Angels Lift Him

My grandfather passed surrounded by family and friends. May the Angels lift him up and be blessed by his presence. He truly was an inspiring, caring and loving man. One of his favorite songs in the last few years... "All I wanna do is have some fun.." by Cheryl Crow.
He will be missed and always loved.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Announcing Announcing...

So the time has come for some major change from me. Alot of visitors have sent me emails checking on me, checking on life, noticing that things are changing. I get approximately 200 emails a week requesting missed download files and about 45 email requests for lost passwords when I change them. So in looking at all of that and how I can handle it and continue designing, finding an easy place for downloads and enjoying what I do... Here is the news....
Here is the link for a more detailed flyer if you would like to know more.
Or you can visit the store here.

This will be starting December 1st to give me a little time to get through the family life that is happening. And get myself organized. I hope this is an alternative for some that will enjoy it. If you have any questions, you can post them here in the comments and I will answer them over the next few days. But a few questions, I can think of...

Yes there will probably be a few freebies offered here on my blog throughout the year. Probably simpler files and not major fancy cuts. But the majority files will be posted to the membership to download as they wish.

Yes, I will keep my group active.. Why you may ask?? Because I would like to offer those interested in my files Challenge information.. upcoming sale info at Paperthread for myself or others and of course Coupons for members of my group to get Pre-Sale pricing on things.

How many files do you think I will get at this membership? The minimum is 20 and if every one of my files was only 1.99 well then you would get those files for 50 cents a piece. But some of my files are more detailed and cost more per piece so that cost per piece will go down.

No rush!! You have the whole quarter to download the files. You won't miss it if you get i before the last day. And membership can only be purchased until the end of the 1st month of the quarter. The membership will then close until the next quarter.

I am offering the first run 4 months for the price of 3
So $10.00

Will I still run my blog? Absolutely ... I enjoy posting here and have some family members reading it and really have enjoyed all the emails from the visitors. I have found some people from here email me regularly and I so enjoy their emails and chatting with them.

Well if you have more questions.. please ask.. and I will answer them. You can Email me. or you can post a comment here.

And I will be offering a few files between now and the beginning of December. So keep visiting. I appreciate your visiting my blog, your patronage and everything you do to inspire me.



Living in the Now

So was thinking about yesterday and all its happenings. Somewhat of a blur seems to be the norm right now for my days. This made me smile. My son and hubbie went up to see his parents on Sunday and hang out with the family. Apparently Grandma put a band-aid on my little boys leg. He came home proud to share he badge of honor. (I should seriously own stock in the band-aid company) Anyways. true to form my son does not like to wear band-aids for very long. So he was trying to get off in the morning. Well this band-aid is the stickiest band-aid I have ever seen. He finally got it off his leg and all the sticky adhesive is still on his leg. He looked at it and looked at me and was like wow! See we buy the character ones they literaly stay on for about 3 minutes and then fall off. This is good because he doesn't, most of the time, need one. So I called my MIL and teased her... what the heck kinda band-aid is this? She laughed and said the sticky kind. Apparently to get the stick off I need to us vegetable oil. Vegetable Oil??? This should be another slimey adventure that my son will love. Everything is new and different. And Slimey is the best. I love it.

THank you for everyone's thoughts and words and prayers. I really appreciate it. I think my blog visitors are the best in the world. Thank you.

Took him back to school after a few days off from being sick. He wassss sooooo excited to get there it was awesome. He wanted his backpack on and was proud as he walked in. I love that.

I have most of a new Word Book set together for those who have emailed me asking for a different letter. It should hit the store within the next week. I have been working on files willy nilly in little pieces. Today I will be with my grandfather this morning and then home this afternoon. My son and I need to do some laundry. He loves to sort the clothes. I am sure this won't last long in life, but I will take the help while I can.

The pics are some of my files in the store. I just thought I would share. My post are very boring without pictures... :-) These can be found in the store.



Monday, October 15, 2007

Working through it

So I didn't get a chance to create many files this weekend. Spent the day at the Horse Sale Saturday and then we actually go out dancing. We danced and danced and danced and had a wonderful time. We saw some friends because it was rodeo weekend and they were all in town. This was wonderful because it all came together because we got the diagnose on my grandfatherthat afternoon. NonHodgkins Lymphoma. And he is mostly sleeping right now. So I spent all of Sunday at my grandparents house. Soaking up whatever he had to tell me. I will try to get some files out, but my grandfather's time is very limited and truly I am having a hard time concentrating on it. I took my laptop on Sunday to play with some files, but it was hard to get focused. So this is where I am at. I wanted to let everyone know.

The card challenge is still on. I offered a file for the 4th entrant. and yes I am a Packers Fan! I think those who have posted to the thread at the paperthreads forum and expressed interest in it. I hope it ends up being a great challenge.

Lori is back in town and I have to go through emails and see which one of her files to steal for the second entrant in the challenge. I think she was amused I would steal one of her files to give to the second entrant. :)

I went through some thoughts this weekend on life and work, as this type of situation I think makes you do. There will be some big changes coming up and I am anxious to announce, but want everything in order before I do. So that is what is on the horizon.. and if I can get some files together, test cut and up. I will be posting TRFs this week.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Made it to Friday...

Woohoo.. I am up and the house is quiet and I thought I would throw my post up before I start Friday. Lots of running around and errands to do. Some office time in there and just things to catch up on. So a few things. ..
Annette Posted to my comments. I would loveee to see your daughters project. I can remember having a leaf book myself when I was younger, but not for school and I am glad you could use the file.
This is one of my layouts I made when I first got my cutter. I wanted to be able to CUT BIG LETTERS. everywhere I looked they were boring little letters. So this is the page I created with it. SNOW Bunny is what it says up in the far right corner. Teasing my Aunt was our job for the whole trip. I thought Snow Bunny went well with Snow Boarding and Snow Skiing. And I wanted to use lots of pictures on the layout. Everyone loves it and when my son sees it He asks me to take him to the snow! I am sure we will go skiing this coming year. My hubby is ready to go! He is working so hard he is beat and ready for a vacation. I love that man. He is so awesome. He works hard for our family and it hard for me to keep up with him.
So I havent been so great about going to the gym as usual. And not so great about the eating just the diet food. But man do I get sick of just the diet food. I feel like that is all it has been since I was little, my mom is a chain-dieter. So I have been trying to switch to diet pepsi or none. and then only eating if I am hungry. And my exercise tonight was riding my bicycle around the horse arena while my son chased me with his gator. He giggggggled and laughed. he feels penned up in the house because he has been sick. So I was filling waterers and watching them because I have a nasty habit of forgetting and then they overflow. So I purposely do not walk away from them. So I rode my bike around and it has one of those kid carriers that goes behind it and my son was zooming around and giggling and trying to catch up to me. Luckily and LUCKILY for me. The battery is dieing in the gator or he would have rammed me a few times. Finally the waterers were full so we threw the ball for the dog for a bit and headed into the house. He was thrilled to get outside and exhausted all at once. That has to be come kinda exercise. I broke a sweat, but I am not sure it would fit into the "trainer" book of exercise. oh well. life goes on. It was way worth it to hear the giggles.
Saturday is the horse sale so we will be up and out the door early to look at horses. So this will probably be my last post 'til next week. For those who have asked... my Sister is on standby to hit the hospital but is tenatively scheduled for a week or so out, my MIL went home no problemos, and my grandfather is resting in his own bed while we pray for his comfort and cherish every moment we have with him. Thank you for asking and your prayers.
I hope you have a wonderful and awesome weekend and find time to giggle! Work hard on those cards for the card challenge. I am gonna trying and make some to to send to Debbi, but I won't enter the contest with them.
Be Safe and Enjoy!


Autumn Beauty.. Cards for the Troops

Well I was trying to create a leaf pile and this is what kind of came out. It is very detailed so I wouldn't recommend a lot of shrinking on this. I love the colors of fall and am always looking for a tree to add to my yard that will have that color change. This file is no longer available for download, but may be purchased at Paperthreads soon. This is a Terms Restricted File when downloading and entering the password you are agreeing to my Terms of Use.
Okay... I posted last night.. late.. I am going to add some pictures that people have sent me to the Gallery at Paperthreads. I will give the creator credit as always. Email me if you want to upload yourself. I just want to share how awesome my visitors are and there work and I have alotttt of them on my computer. Doesn't mean if I upload them, you can't upload them to when you are ready. I just can't sleep lately and can't concentrate enough to create so uploading is easy and I flip through the pictures often. I so appreciate them.
Okay I got an awesome video yesterday in my email from a Lizzy Palmer on YouTube about the troops and by the time I was done watching it I had tears rolling down my face. My understanding is the creator is 15 years old. I believe everyone has their choice in politics, but the men and women supporting our country and doing as they are asked have my respect and prayers. So my thought ran to this... we have a visitor to my blog who sends cards to the troops. Well now she is gearing up big time because they can use cards for the troops to send home to their families for the holidays. If you can't find any inspiration to join the Card Challenge or narrow... If you want to make the card an then send it to Debbi no "e", she can send it off to the troops. Here is her blog. So you can enter the challenge with a picture and send the card off to Debbi to make it to the troops. These are just my thoughts and hopefully add inspiration to you. and Debbi if you are reading this and have more information needs you want to post to the comment section here please do.
As for the tshirt yesterday... you can do a search on the internet they sell them everywhere. Just do a search for " I do not need another horse". My neighbor, we board his horses for him, bought it for me. :) Speaking of which I better get out and feed them all.
I get asked about software.. Klic-N-Kut Studio etc. I saw this in one of the groups. It gives a quick run down of the software that you can buy with the machine or seperate. Video Here. I can't answer all the questions sent my way about machines, software etc, but I try to post whatever information I can. Also, the training videos for the KNK Studio have been added to the store at Paperthreads for those who shop there regularly. Found Here. If you hit the Paperthreads store for items other then designer files.. put in the comments section.. Chris sent me... :) Keep Michelle on her toes. haha.
Serious horse feeder banging going on. I better go get it checked out.
Have a wonderful day!