Tuesday, October 9, 2007

He Is ... She Is...

I made it to day. This file was made for my Autism Request when I asked for words that describe her son these were the awesome words she came up with. Each individual word is welding togeth for an easy cut. Hopefully someone can use this for their own emphasis on an amazing person. This file is Terms Restricted which means that you can download it if you agree with the Terms of Use and plan to abide by it. This download is no longer available, but those who would like it may purchase it at Paperthreads. HERE ***

The details for the Card Challenge are in the Paperthreads Forum. Unfortunately, I am just swamped with life and so if you have a chance to visit the forum and add your input. I would appreciate any help I can get. This is the thread link HERE. I think I am going to have time to create some files for the first few people who post an entry to receive. Or for the entrants to choose from. Trying to work this all out, but in the meantime I hope people are creating.. Is anyone willing to do a show of hands (comments) that they are thinking about entering? I hope so. And thank you to everyone who participated in the sale.
Such awesome comments and emails and because I don't want everyone to worry to much... here is my family scenario.. My sister is due in November but after a week in the hospital has been sent home to bedrest. they are hoping she makes it a few more weeks. My grandfather had surgery Friday and made it through, but his health is not good and he is very lonely. So I am trying to visit the hospital as much as I can to see him. And my MIL goes into the hospital today for some extra messing around with the defribillator. And needless to say everyone is at a different hospital. And I am home from School today with my little boy because he has come down with a cold. Wew! Just gotta make it through the week... Just gotta make it through the week. That is my mantra right now. Thank you again for all the positive input. Everyone's prayers are appreciated.
Trying to think of anything else interesting to say.. but I think I am going to go watch Dora with my son and vedge for a few minutes before I try to catch up on work and try to create a few files for the week.



Jamie said...

Wow, you sound overly busy and pulled in every direction emotionally and physically. All will be kept in my prayers. I hate it when my kids get sick. :( And thanks for the file.

Kristen said...

Hey Chris...great file! Thanks! I had voted for the card challenge, but didn't pay attention to the dates I guess. We're leaving for NYC next Wed and won't be home until Sun night late. So, guess I can't participate. BUMMER! Hope it goes well!

Jill M said...

Chris, your files are fantastic and so creative. I was wondering which font you used for He Is, She is?

Bec said...

I know a lot of us out here in 'net' land are total strangers, but I just wanted to remind you to take care of yourself while you are busy thinking of those around you. After all, you are not much help to them if you let yourself get run down in the chaos. :) Be careful to take what time you can for yourself.

Colleen said...

Be sure to take some big, relaxing, deep breaths as you drive form hospital to hospital. I hope everyone is doing better. Put your feet up!

Rosanne said...

Chris, sorry to hear you have such a full plate right now! I'll be praying all goes well for everyone. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're caring for everyone else!