Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Isn't she beautiful..

I just had to share. Isn't she super cute... And this is a digital/hybrid page. Right now Paige's name is in digital form, but I am going to cut it and place it on top of my print out so it gives the layout depth. I thought the Alexi Copperplate font matched the curlies offered by Nana at Nana's Attic really well.

This is my new niece. In case you didn't know. I saw her last night and hope to sneak in a visit this morning while my son is at school. My sister is exhausted but happy. So that works for me. My Grandmother went to see her and everyone commented that it is the first time we have seen her smile in months. So this was fantastic. We definitely needed that smile. We are all so very worried about her, but I think she has ever right to deal with life how she wants to with such loss. But she smiled. That is wonderful.

So looks like the download has been chosen. I will post it tomorrow. Please be aware that this will be in the QMC also with the other three not chosen. SO for those who have joined already you do not have to rush to pick it up. You will have until March 31st to download it. Wooohoo! Nothing like taking your own sweet time.

I have to get moving. I lost lots of time looking at baby pics this morning.

I updated this. I need to work more things out... This is why I gave a month to smooth everything out.

Okay that is it for business....

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined wooohoo! Thank you thank you.

I gotta run. Holy Smokes we are gonna be late for school.

Have a fantastic day!!!!



Anonymous said...

Love that font. Can you provide a link for it?


scrappinmama said...

Beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing with us.
You need to run over to the paper threads forum when you get a chance. Your good friend Robbin Hood has been arrested by The Sheriff of Nottingham. He says he can be Bribed with cutting files from the designers. Can you help him out? :)

Anonymous said...

She's so cute, Chris - congratulations! Makes me want to have another one - NOT! I'm at the stage in my life where babies are cute and even cuter when they get to go home and I'm not up half the night with them.

Patty M