Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tack Room fixes, QMC opens today... due date delay for challenge

My husband impresses me all the time. This was his latest fix for our revamped tack room. He needed a blanket rack for the horse blankets and so he threw out some ideas here and there for the last week and then came in and said I got it. He welded a piece of rod iron fencing to some rebar and horse shoes and then anchored it to the wall. My hubby is a jack of all trades. Welds and is always working on improving things it is awesome. I know we are in for a change when I hear... "I've Been Thinking" Usually if it's in concrete I know it's secure, but if it isn't well .... it's up for debate. Here are pics of his saddle blanket rack.
And I found this appropriate for the Tack Room refrigerator. An ode to John Wayne, a Luckenback Texas sticker from our honeymoon and a magnetized bottle opener. I must say that Luckenback stick brings back found memories of the prettiest dance floor I have ever seen in my life. We pulled in to this little place where the sign was and looked at this falling down barn thinking what are we doing. And when we opened the door we just sat there and smiled my husband gave me a little spin on the dance floor and it was the shiniest gleamiest (is that word?) smooth wood with a ton of coating floor. It was beautiful. I yearn to kick up my boots on it again.

And then of course something I think every tack room needs. A cute cowboy. but I might be a little but biased. And that rack on the back is a rack for more tack that he welded. Second hand horseshoes. We have buckets of them. Now for my oohing and ahhing on to the rest...

Today is July 1st that means the new QMC is open and as most may know it got opened a few hours early yesterday so I could catch any misses asap. I am adding members quick as possible. I have emailed the yahoo group and posted in the membership. So I hope you got all your files down and are looking forward to another quarter. If you purchase your QMC after the 2nd there will be some delay because I will be walking the beach with my cute cowboy! and will be back after the tenth. Here is the link to get you to the membership....


If you purchased and can't get in. Please email me your forum name, and your order number. I know there are a few out there I couldn't add because I didn't have enough info. IT SUPER SUPER helps if you input your forum name at the very very bottom of the order page.

If you want to purchase you can go HERE

Thank you thank you to all the participants.

I better get some things done. Like upload all these great submissions and get you the slideshow! They are phenomenal. Karen from the creative team posted hers already on the Creative Teams Blog. AWESOME



PS I realized when I looked at the calendar I wouldnt be back til the 10th. So why I set the 7th for the final date. I have no idea. So you will have until the 10th for the challenge because I won't be able to check email until then.

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