Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Challenge is a rollin... fair pictures.. fun stuff!!

The challenge entries are starting to roll in. If you need more details scroll back a few posts. :-) So excited to see all the great work.

Next the QMC is closing today for Apr May & June. So get in there quick if you want some of the files. I uploaded a bunch of files and added to some of the challenge files. I thought this one came out cute with a sand castle included.

Either way... here are a few fair pics. we had an awesome time!!

I gotta run the kiddo to school.

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, April 28, 2008

A few clarifications on the challenge points and decisions.

Lots of questions this weekend so here are some answers...

It is a scrapbooking challenge. So I have decided just scrapbook anything. I don't care if it is an altered piece, a card, or a page... I just want to get everyone in to the mix. A few people emailed me about cards vs scrapbooking vs altered things. Anyways is fine. Just send it over. One persons passion may not be anothers.

I am thinking we will break it down for the poll by the file used. But I still need to see the entries to try and break it down. the limitation is the number of items you can put in a poll.

A couple emailed about issues with the gallery. Email me the file. I will get it up there. Plus I am setting up a page on my mainsite to host them for others to see as well. So if you send me the file I will get it done for you.

In posting your file on my mainsite, three people have asked if they could have their blogged linked to their submission. I would be happy to do this as long as it is reciprocal. Send me your blog link with a note asking me to post it with your submission (I won't be taking them out of email signatures). I will check the link to see if my site is listed on yours and I will post it with. I have thought about this quite a bit and this is what I think I am most comfortable with.

Yes, My creative team is allowed to join in. I am putting this up to poll so I will not be the person voting on it soley. Therefore, I feel my creative team can join in. I want everyone to feel they have access to the challenge and since I am not judging the files they will be right there in the running with everyone elses.

Files do need to be submitted by the last minute of the 4th. I am going to take the 5th to set up all the polls and make sure everyones picture is in. Then setup the polls on the 6th and 7th. I know this is a change in dates. I do apologize. I am hoping it won't be a problem, but I want the polls to be the most accurate they can be.

And most of all... THANK YOU for all the awesome emails and participation in this challenge. I will be sending out the link for the files all the way up to Friday night.

I must run. have to go buy hay. I am working on getting back to emails asap. So if you are waiting to hear from me. I should get back to you soon!!

can't wait to see the submissions. If this goes well, I think I will continue it as a regular challenge. The miscellaneous files seemed to spur alot of peoples creativity.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Place to post your Challenge Entries

I have received a couple emails about where to post your Challenge submissions. This is the link for where to upload. and if you could be so kind to email me the picture as well when you do and I will display them on my blog here all of next week. So people can see them before the vote. Email me Here with your pictures. I am on my way out the door to ride horse for a while, but will try and email the link out to the rest of the requestees that I received today, but it will be some time this evening. I am keeping a running of log of those participating so we can split up the voting somehow. I am off. Have a wonderful evening!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Real quick!! Cause it is almost the weekend. Woohoo. This weekend I am heading to the Fair with my kiddo and hubby to spend the day. So looking forward to this. We are just planning to spend the day and enjoy. No rushing. Little tractor pulls, 4-h auction, kids crafts, train setup from the local train club, and the expo halls. yeahhh!!
If you are looking for the Challenge details.. scroll down they are in the post before this. I have sent all the links out that I have as of this post. If you got missed email me again. I am keeping all the emails to keep track of who is entering. Thank you for everyone's great emails.
And you gotta gotta check this part out...
Lori is having a serious celebration and all her files are on sale. I have an image to load here, but apparently blogger is gonna make it difficult for me tonight. So just hit her blog and see what the details all are.. Big savings. Lots of celebrating and it will be well worth the visit.
Okay Gotta run!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The challenge... and horse apples

All right here we go. I just started sending out links to those who would like to participate in the Challenge. This is the final set of files that went into the challenge. This is to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day.

Here are the challenge details. It must be submitted to the Paperthreads Gallery by May 4th. I will share the link here for the gallery in a few days. Then we will run a poll on the 5th and 6th. We may group like items together to vote on. Or just vote them all together. I will come up with a list of prizes and post it in the next couple days also. I just wanted to get you the files asap for time to think about how to use them. The major rule is you have to use one or more of the files from the selection above. You can keep all the files to use as you'd like after you download them. They are governed under my TOUs. Email me to request the link for the files which means you plan to participate in the challenge. One entry per person. Do what you would like with the file and it will be voted on by your fellow scrappers.
I have had 6 emails asking me what the maroon "love" file is for and here is one that I did. If you start at the left on the L and work your way around you can "sew" your paper with fiber. The circles in this file are tiny for thread you can make the holes bigger by expanding the entire image as a whole which will make the holes to thread bigger, but also the pattern overall.

My most popular request in email right now is the link for the QMC in the store. On the right of my blog there are a bunch of important links. Here is the link. But you can always find these links posted on the right. Also, thank you to those chatting with me on the CBox on the right. kinda fun!

On to life...

So I got some cookies today from the store for those Gluten Challenge folks like myself. If you visit my blog regularly, you know that I buy things that say gluten free and try them all the time and mention how they were. Well I bought these double chocolate cookies and took them out of the package. My son ran up to see if he could run with one of the cookies. I am ready for a cookie yum yum. My son stopped abruptly and said.. hmm.. No thanks.. I said "why not" his reply... "they look like horse poo." He runs away to play. and welll.... I put them back on the counter and that is where they sit. I'm sure I'll have the courage to try them tomorrow.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sneak Peak for Challenge.

These are the files I have so far for the challenge. And a few more details. You can download the entire set and use whatever you'd like to use in a layout of any kind. You will need to email me to get the link for the download. If we get alot of participants then we will seperate the polls by some variation... maybe... type of submission.. or number of pieces used.. something. The polls at Paperthreads only hold up to 10 and if someone decides to submit a small layout versus a large layout maybe we can break it down like that. So the voting is a little more balanced, but we shall see how many would like to participate.

The only rules I have comes up with so far is.. You have to use at least one of these pieces. You can download them all. and they need to be up by the 4th. May 3rd is National Scrapbooking Day, but I figure why not use that entire day to craft and enjoy yourself. I should have them all ready for you to download by Thursday and I may have some more to add to it. Some of these are new concepts for me that I am rolling out or working on. So it will be interesting to me to see who takes up the challenge of the more unique ones. (i.e. the Life's a Beach is a foldable. I cut this on a two toned paper and folded a portion of it down) And others are pieces I have had but havent had anything to put them with. There is definitely room for a few more so I will keep digging and see what I can come up with. I will explain some of them tomorrow and the next day.

I will be offering the files in WPC, AI, GSD, KNK & SCUT.

Here's my sneak peak to get you thinkin'. Have a wonderful evening!


Tuesday smoozday

Hello to everyone!

First and foremost I will have a preview of the Challenge download up by Thurs. I am going to work on it tonight for a while and tomorrow afternoon and hope to have it all done. Then you can email me and I will send you the link to download the whole thing. You are welcome to use whatever parts of it you would like.

Next..... just some ramblings...

So I have been visiting some new blogs lately. I am loving them all. But my super fantabu friend Lori had an announcement on her site. Did you see? She is opening up a store so you can buy her files pre-cut. I thought this was pretty cool. Lori loves paper. Loves loves loves it. So this is perfect for her. Her files are super cute and what a great addition to her repetoire. She also is having a Grand Opening Sale at the store and at Paperthreads to celebrate. way to go Lori Congrats!!!!!

Bingo at Paperthreads this time has been beautiful. The theme was flowers. Jen has been running it and man are the flowers they are posting over their are beautiful. I am most impressed and find myself visiting just to see the different flowers.

Thank you to to everyone who participated in my sale. I greatly appreciate your support. And I got an email from a lady who said I wasn't publicizing that the QMC was closing for membership that she woulda missed it. So hence the banner,but I am going to make it a tad bit smaller. wow!. I feel like I mention it all the time. So now you can just see it. i hope no one misses it. If so, there will be new files for the next quarter.

Speaking of which... **** would the recently pregnant lady who checked my blog from an iphone while on bedrest email me please. I seem to have lost your email address. **Thanks mucho.

Well I must run and help my son understand the definition of picking up the living room. I asked him if he was done and he said "yes, because I can walk through it" hmm. Maybe a little clarity is needed. It wasn't that bad when I left the living room.

Oh did I tell you my hubby is hobbling along on a sore ankle and probably needs crutches, but I am doubting he will get them. hmm.. I'll save that one for later. It's always interesting and fun!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Details coming and more info regarding Challenge..

It's a coming... I am workin' hard on the details for the Challenge. I plan to offer a file to those who would like to participate. In it will be a random group of files and you can use them however you'd like or can for the Challenge. The posts will be in the forum by May 3rd and May 4th. Then May 5th and 6th voting will be had in the forum. I am trying to get this group of files together and those who are interested in participating can email me and I will send them the file. I will preview the file here in the next few days and set it up to email to those interested. I hope this is a fun challenge and enjoyable! I am off to get some sleep before a busy day tomorrow. Check back in the next few days for final details and preview of the file. Nothing to buy. Just lots to create in honor of National Scrapbooking Day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A wonderful lunch..

So today I was asked for a hot dog with melted cheese.... butttt... hmmm.. I don't want the hot dog hot. So I smiled at him and said but if we melt the cheese on the hot dog the hot dog will then be hot. hmm. 4 year old ponders for a moment... ummm.. "Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top". I smile and ask him to get a drink and have a seat at the table. We are not a hot dog eatin family and just happen to have a pack left over from the party. So being the Mom I am I melt some cheese on a plate take it out of the micro and scrape it onto a cut up cold hot dog and hand it to my son. He smiles at me and says.... "Thats Wonderful" and starts to eat. Ahhh.. yes it is wonderful I agree. Made me smile. hope it made you smile. :-)


So I added a few widgets to the side of my blog. I liked the craft tip. I liked the Chatbox. Just thought I would give them a try. I am sure you will see more here and there. If you have one you think I should add let me know. I love techie gadgets. I use Blogarithm for the blogs i like to keep on. It comes to my email box with just a quick snippet of what is included in the post. Helps me keep up on friends and family. Hope some of these are helpful.


Also per a request, I added a list of the files in the membership currently and their file types. I will be working on converting them all so they are included.


Here is a cute layout from Angie does such awesome work. I love her vibrant color use. Using the Damask Inpsired 2 file.

So I have some new files in the store just in time for this weekends Sale. I hope everyone has enjoyed have two weekends of Sales. It was a fluke, but I hope you took advantage of it. Here are few more files that have been added recently.


For my friends in Phoenix headed to CKC this weekend. I am sorry I won't be there to join you. But have a wonderful time. I plan to take the weekend off from traveling and spend some time here at the ranch and with my KNK. Softball game for my niece this evening. Home on Saturday and then party for a long distant Aunt on Sunday for a few hours. But overall a wonderful weekend at home. Guess I better make it through that pile of papers since I have time. The mail drives me crazy it is always soooooo fulll..



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good News, SCUT news, and Better News

Alrighty!! I am headed out to a gourmet food party. I think it is like a Pampered Chef party only there will be a gluten free portion of the evening! I am soooooo excited about this. We shall see how it goes. Some gluten free foods are suspect in how it tastes. But one of my bestest friends Michele is having it and I think it will be lots of fun!!


Here is a layout by Joni using my Boot Scootin' file, the Damask Inspired 2 file, and the Simple Borders and Patterns files. Awesome layout Joni! Thank you for sharing it!!

Super Cute. I am working through the Creative Teams pages and I updated a bunch and will finish the rest tomorrow.


And on to some SCUT news... Four of my new files have the SCUT file type included for the Sure Cuts A Lot software for Cricuits. And have been loaded to the store. I think it will take until almost the end of May to add this file type to my alread in store files. Yeah!! Thank you to everyone for the supportive emails and nudge to jump in with both feet. I am so excited to be adding another file type to my repetoire. More on the SCUT files tomorrow.


I am off to get dressed to go!



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bday Pics, New file for QMC, and woohoo!!

First.. this is the latest addition to the QMC. It is part of the requests for children items. As well as outdoors, vacation, jumbles, accents, swirls, and the daughter curly frame... and more...

Next as promised. Pics of the kiddos bday day!

So first we had a soccer game which loads of family came to and then after the game the team sang my little one Happy Birthday. It was lots of fun. My little one is in the middle of the pic chasing the ball. He loves soccer. In fact we have soccer practice tonight and he is thrilled. He asked if we could skip school and go right to soccer. Ummm... It doesn't work that way. but nice try.

This is our Aunt in the fort with the kiddos. Aunt Jill and Grandma both got up into the fort and the little girl in the picture asked them to stay. So they did for a moment and then slid down the slide it was cute. This is my sons pirate outfit. He didn't want to give up the soccer shirt, but his Aunt Nannees brought him a pretend pirate earring to wear. He was bouncing off the walls.

This is the pirate fort. After the bday gifts were opened a set of binoculars and a steering wheel were added. Grandpa purchased the slide. My hubby put Wrought Iron rails around all the edges and on the back side there is a fireman's pole for a quick slide out of the fort. I will take more pictures of it and post them. My hubby did an awesome job. And does my son looook tired in this picture. Wow. He had been running since soccer at 8:30 a.m. My sister made the cake it was awsome. If look closely it was a blue ocean with little brown islands all over it and a path for the ship to take. As well as an X for X marks the spot. My Sister is the best at coming up with creative cakes. It was awesome and totally added to the party.

After cake a lot of the little kids went home. So then I threw on some bratwurst and hot dogs and pulled out the salads and fixins and we had dinner. Then we played in the fort some more and had a fire because the wind went away and roastd marshmallows. and my little one watched the Bee Movie and crashed. Here he is in a picture with a friends wearing his new policemans uniform and she is wearing his firefight uniform. My son loves to get dressed up. And yes that in the back is my messy house after the party. We are still picking up.

But it was so much fun. And can I say Santa forgot to bring the Policemans outfit I am sooo glad I won't hear about it for about it for another 4 months. My mother told me he wouldn't remember wanting it. My Aunt told me he wouldn't remember wanting it. HA. the kid reminded me about it at least once a week if not twice or three times a week. All I know is WOOHOOO!! We got it.

Okay I better run. I am supposed to be working out the office, but instead decided to post here. I can't seem to get into the swing of it. Probably because I have text files to write. hmmm... I don't like to write descriptions for my files.

Oh and guess what I have started adding SCUT to some of my repetoire of files. Not all and not in the QMC til I get a little more proficient in the program. Some files I have to figure out how to do it, because Sure Cuts A Lot software for Cricut does not seem to have a layering or ungrouping tool, but in any case. Those files that I can. I am offering in the SCUT version as well. My first ones will hit the store. Thank you to Kristen and Diana for helping me figure some of these items out. I am still working with the program. And really in all honesty am just a Software Addict. Love it Love it. So thats another woohooo! Okay gotta run.



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Quick post quick quick

What happens when the internet goes down here??? I go crazy! It has been a trying couple days as the internet provider decided that they knew there was an outage but couldnt not possibly give a time or idea as to when it would be back. Well it is back right now. But wew. I am busily trying to upload things quick before it might go down again!!

So first... I uploaded a new file to the QMC. so now we have 4 files up already out of the 20 plus promised files.

And there are many more to come. want more info visit here

I am going to run and download some birthday party pics so I can share them!!

But wanted to say there is another file. Oh man do I feel like I am rushing to get it all in before a possible internet crash again.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

An early Kick Start to the Sale

Why not have an early kick start to
the sale on the 19th. So it is a sale this weekend too.

Everything is 40% off in my section of the Paperthreads store
with the exception of the QMC membership.

The membership doors will close on the last day of April. So if you would like those Apr-May-June files now is the time to join before you miss out.

On to life...

So it is my little one's bday today. Why I am up at 3:30 a.m. working on the computer and blogging? Well first my little one keeps saying... Is it Good Morning time yet? He wakes up in a daze and asks and has been asking about every hour or two on the dot all night. Then on top of that it is windy. WINDY WINDY WINDY. Can I get a break here. I will have a group of people coming to hang out and we always hang out outside. My house is tiny because I don't like to clean. Smaller place. Less cleaning. Holy Smokes! Why the wind. So hopefully by the time 3 pm hits it will have blown itself out of here and the day will be enjoyable and we can light a fire and roast marshmallows at the end of it. It was beautiful on Friday. So please if anyone has any favors with Mother Nature please call them in.

And the other reason I am up.... I am excited. I look forward to seeing my little one giggle and smile. He has been practicing his Thank you very much for after he opens gifts. I love it. What a great kid. I was blessed with a wonderful man when I met my husband and God has blessed me again with a beautiful son to make another wonderful man in my life. How Wonderful.

Okay I better run... He is calling out in his sleep again... "Is It Good Morning time yet?" I think he might be just as excited as his Mom.


P.S. Mental Note: Add kites to stop at store. If it's gonna be windy make the best of it. :)

These pics are from last year, but I love the succession of them. THere are a few more where we were sticking out our tongues and rubbing noses. I will have to do them again this year. Lots of fun. I love to hear him laugh.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Coming to the store in time for the sale.. or just recently added to the store... Don't buy em yebecause the sale is a coming on the weekend of the 19th. I just want you to see what has hit the store in time to make your wish lists.

Wew! I am off to make Rice Krispie Treats and get more things ready.... Oh and I should wrap my little ones bday presents. woohoo!!

Here are some pics. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pirate Bootie!! QMC download and membership closing April 31st for joiners.

My post won't be super long because I have a pile of pirate party items on the table and am having to watch my little one to make sure he doesnt get into it. He is sooooo excited. He keeps saying Arrrghhh Arrrghhh Arrrrggghhhh.

I did want to say I am trying to get some new files up in the store. But don't buy them yet as I will be having a sale the weekend of the 19th to celebrate nothing much finally going on for a weekend WOOOHOO!!

Also.... If you havent purchased your 2nd quarter membership the doors will close on the 31st of April for the April, May, June files. Don't forget to join before it the file party closes.

I, also, loaded another file to the qmc for download and will post a pic of it here tomorrow.

Ohhh. I just saw a pirate flag walk by me I better run and get the goodies back on the table. I am as excited about the party as I think he is... :-)


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pirate Parties with Goldfish crackers and pneumonia. ick!

It is Tuesday... woohoo!! We had a great weekend. lots of fun at the baptism, but I knew I wasn't feeling right. So went to the docs today because feeling like you can't breathe is nightmarish. And yepper the Doc thinks I have pneumonia so I am going to get a chest xray tomorrow. I have already started taking meds and am trying to get over it because this weekend is my son's 4th birthday so we will have a fulllllll house!! Pretty exciting if you ask me. He has having a pirate party. I always try to have different snacks for guests to munch on before Cake. If you have any hit recommendations from your young ones parties le tme know. I already have the goldfish out because it seems adults don't eat goldfish crackers, but when they are out they get scarfed down. I have marshmallows for after cake when it gets dark to roast over the fire. And a tip on Marshmallows. forget the graham cracker. just buy a bag of plain M&Ms and insert the M&M inside the marshmallow and roast. Yum yum. the M&M is melted inside the marshmallow. Our favorite way to eat them. Lots of things to do each day to get ready, but I thought if someone has a fantabulous idea for a snack I will throw it out there. We got lots of Pirate supplies from Oriental Trading. So it should be lots of pirate fun. For now.. I must run.. thinking about taking a little nap. So I get a second wind of energy. Enjoy!


Friday, April 4, 2008

How did we get to Friday so quick! Well as promised here are a few of the layouts sent to me by the Creative Team Members. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend!!

These first two are from Karen. The Family portion is not mine but is Designs by Sky. However the little fancy scrolls are from my Essentials set which has been uploaded to the QMC and will be in the store soon. Thank you Karen for sharing your family wall. Love it!

The below works are from Vicki. This is my Fancy Medallions set which is already in the store, but Vicki did an awesome job!

I have some more from Rosalie and an awesome one from Joni to with her favorite topic the American Idols.. Wooohoo. If I get a chance I will load them later today.

But here is one from a visitor to my blog and it is the Italy Frame. It came out awesome. This is from Nina and her recent trip to Italy. Thanks for sharing it with us Nina.

I have a little one who is begging for Mac and Cheese so I better run. Thank to everyone for sharing their great inspirational work.



Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well first let me say we didn't get the Award at the Luncheon, but it was awesome to go to. Some big name businesses in our area were listed with us and my hubby looked awesome on the big screen talking about business. My little one went with us and when his Dad came up on the screen across the whole ballroom you heard. "thats my daddy" he was super proud! Here is a picture of Dad and son in their business attire. My son has decided he needs to now wear he tie to the office at all times. Super cute. Also, when I put the tie under the vest when getting dressed I received an admonishment that the tie should be on the outside so everyone can see it!
Cute Cute, but I might be a little biased.
Here are the two files already uploaded to the Membership and when the store gets over its hiccups will be added to the store as well at Paperthreads. The 2008 Word Book was loaded to the section and I got two emails from folks saying they were gonna get rid of the Class of part and use it for a 2008 album. Very nice idea!

I promised some Creative Team layouts, but I think I might do those later today or tomorrow. I downloaded a bunch of pics and thought these were cute so thought I'd share. The first one is my niece and nephew that were born in rapid succession last year. They are a few weeks apart in age. Soooo cute and the little girl is actually younger then the little boy. They are super cute and happy babies.

I also might be biased on this being the Aunt. :-)

I have another nephew in the middle of these two, but didn't have a picture to share here. In a few weeks my mom became Grandma 3 times more. I guess we are a busy family! haha

This is one of the other proud Aunts helping out with the easter egg coloring. Actually she was soooo excited about doing it. My little one never had so he had a great time learning the ins and and outs of egg coloring from a pro.

I better run for now and get the house picked up again. We have been gone for two weekends and this weekend we will be home.



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Quarter, Awards Luncheon and my head is full..

My head is fullll of ideas for new files, but today I am off to a luncheon. It is an awards luncheon for our other business. We own a computer business. And were nominated and are 1 of the 3 finalist. So my hubby went shopping. He is an awesome shopper. He bought my son the cutest little tie, shirt, vest and pants. And he bought me a new jacket and shirt to go with my pants. We will be all dudded up ready to go.

So my post is short, but there will be lots of inspirational projects for everyone to see in the next few days. Some have been sent to me from my Creative Team and others have shared their style with me. I will post them all the rest of this week. They are awesome.

If you have joined the new quarter and it is not showing, please email me your order number and forum name. I have posted a previous post about where you will see this new quarter. Also, you can find more info at my main site. I have tried to add everyone up to this point. However, if you order today, your order has to go through the process of the store and then to me and then added to the forum. So it may take a little time to get you added, but I will try to keep up with them as much as quick as I get them.

You will have until the end of June to download and I have already uploaded 2 files. Woohooo!!
Okay I have to get dressed, get the kiddo dressed and get moving.

Have a wonderful day!