Thursday, October 11, 2007

Made it to Friday...

Woohoo.. I am up and the house is quiet and I thought I would throw my post up before I start Friday. Lots of running around and errands to do. Some office time in there and just things to catch up on. So a few things. ..
Annette Posted to my comments. I would loveee to see your daughters project. I can remember having a leaf book myself when I was younger, but not for school and I am glad you could use the file.
This is one of my layouts I made when I first got my cutter. I wanted to be able to CUT BIG LETTERS. everywhere I looked they were boring little letters. So this is the page I created with it. SNOW Bunny is what it says up in the far right corner. Teasing my Aunt was our job for the whole trip. I thought Snow Bunny went well with Snow Boarding and Snow Skiing. And I wanted to use lots of pictures on the layout. Everyone loves it and when my son sees it He asks me to take him to the snow! I am sure we will go skiing this coming year. My hubby is ready to go! He is working so hard he is beat and ready for a vacation. I love that man. He is so awesome. He works hard for our family and it hard for me to keep up with him.
So I havent been so great about going to the gym as usual. And not so great about the eating just the diet food. But man do I get sick of just the diet food. I feel like that is all it has been since I was little, my mom is a chain-dieter. So I have been trying to switch to diet pepsi or none. and then only eating if I am hungry. And my exercise tonight was riding my bicycle around the horse arena while my son chased me with his gator. He giggggggled and laughed. he feels penned up in the house because he has been sick. So I was filling waterers and watching them because I have a nasty habit of forgetting and then they overflow. So I purposely do not walk away from them. So I rode my bike around and it has one of those kid carriers that goes behind it and my son was zooming around and giggling and trying to catch up to me. Luckily and LUCKILY for me. The battery is dieing in the gator or he would have rammed me a few times. Finally the waterers were full so we threw the ball for the dog for a bit and headed into the house. He was thrilled to get outside and exhausted all at once. That has to be come kinda exercise. I broke a sweat, but I am not sure it would fit into the "trainer" book of exercise. oh well. life goes on. It was way worth it to hear the giggles.
Saturday is the horse sale so we will be up and out the door early to look at horses. So this will probably be my last post 'til next week. For those who have asked... my Sister is on standby to hit the hospital but is tenatively scheduled for a week or so out, my MIL went home no problemos, and my grandfather is resting in his own bed while we pray for his comfort and cherish every moment we have with him. Thank you for asking and your prayers.
I hope you have a wonderful and awesome weekend and find time to giggle! Work hard on those cards for the card challenge. I am gonna trying and make some to to send to Debbi, but I won't enter the contest with them.
Be Safe and Enjoy!



Lu Davis said...

Just can't resist this---Look at those Rockies!! Yes, I am from Colorado! Here's praying for your family! NO fun to have health issues with our elders. Colo opened up their first ski slope this past Tues or Wed on man made snow. We live out on the eastern plains near the Kansas border, so when it snows we have to work in it. Consequently, we do not think that driving 3-4 hours to the west to play in it is an option!! Keep up the good work. Your files are awesome. Lu

Annette DeYoung said...

Hi soon as we get my daughter's leaf book back I will post some pics. At the moment it is sitting in a display case outside the school library (big proud grin). Thanks for the finishing touch!