Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hardest Thing...

Well I have officially done one of the hardest things thus far in my life. I sat down for my Mom and Aunt and wrote my Grandfather's obituary. How could you possibly put in writing for the world to see what a person meant or is to you. What his mark on the world was while he was here. Well we decided to go with the simplest form and my Aunt read it and tweaked it for me. And I sent it in. It wasn't a whole lot and was very simple, but to digest the process was the most overwhelming. So we are moving towards recouping from this. We are a strong bunch of people and alot of that comes from my grandfather's perseverance in life. He was born in Crosby England, moved to Africa and moved to California and then Tucson. He brought his family with him and made their home here. He worked in the mining industry supplying tires and rubber products to that industry. He held patents on machines he drew for these items. He was quite the business man. He was also quite the grandfather.. ever pushing you to succeed and make it in life.

Quarterly Memberships.... Thank you to everyone who has signed up. I am slowly adding them to the forum. So you will see a spot above General Category that says Visual Designs by Chris Membership Club. That is where I will be uploading files for download to the members. I am trying to work my way through the already joined folks and get myself up to date by the end of today. Please Please Please remember to enter your Forum Name. Your Forum Name is the login Id or Name you use for the Forum at Paperthreads. Your email address is used for the store and the Forum has a different login. Otherwise.. I email you, you email me and everything gets delayed. If you don't know what I am talking about... here it is..

And this... I have been flipping through some things here and there, but just keeping quiet and this made me smile sooooo much... It is from my Pumpkin Patch file. Ramona of the Creative Team at Paperthreads did it. She also sent me a very touching email and I thank her and everyone else who has emailed me. I am trying to respond to all of them, but my son is grasping at me because he is worried and doesn't let me sit here for super long. So here is a beautiful Recipe Page and the Recipe looks good to.. Yum Yum

And may I say Thank you again for all the emails, touching words. I am working through them all, but my grandparents don't have internet there of any kind so I am unable to keep up while hanging out with my Nan, in case she needs me. And I and a few family members have decided... BRING ON 2008. This has been one of the hardest years. But it also has had it's treasured moments. Like the births of my nephews, the growth of our business, my son going to Pre-K and loving it, dancing all last saturday night in my hubbies arms (where would I be without that man, he is my rock). and This blog. Wow. I started it in February and we are already way over 250,000 visits. It has all evolved into such an awesome thing that I enjoy. It has been quite therapeutic to add to it. Just recently I was thinking I have to figure out how to capture all my pasts posts to keep a journal type document because alot of my life has been added here. Probably means I will be copying and pasting the whole thing post by post, but next month I think I will sit down and start doing it.
Well I must be starting to feel a littl ebit more like myself because.... holy cow I can ramble..

have a wonderful day everyone!


Deb said...

Brain freeze or something, but what is "your forum name" when I sign up?

Michelle said...


it is the LOGIN/USERNAME that you use to log into the forum at

She will need that, so that she can find your forum user information and add you to the membership club.

Faith said...

Hey Chris, Just got on your site after a few days off... Please know you and your family are in our thoughts, prayers, hearts....

No need to e-mail back, just know we are here....

& Family