Monday, October 22, 2007

Card Challenge Entrants

Okay folks we have alot of entrants... I hope I didnt miss the Card Challenge. Below are some of the pictures of the entrants. If your picture isn't here, please send it me Via Email and I will post it tomorrow. I sent everyone who entered a PM and posted in the Paperthreads Forum to try and get everyone's pic up on my blog today. I really want to get everyone a chance posted on my blog... So please please send them over.... Sooooooo Here they are.. they are awesome..

If you entered make sure I got you into the poll... I missed one originally and want to make sure everyone is there. Email

Trick or Treat by Diane W

Happy Halloween by ScrapinMama

Boo Halloween Card by Adeyoung
Snowflake Card by Nikki Maxfield

He Is Puzzle Card by Becca95

Best Buds Birthday Card by Amber Hamryne

To see them again they can be viewed at THE GALLERY CLICK HERE.

To vote on them... HERE are the links to the TWO Polls.

So since we have more votes then one poll will hold. We are going to take the person with the most votes. Just so everyone knows.. I can pull a report that shows exactly who voted on which card. This means... If it becomes an issue and a person votes in both polls. I will just throw out those votes on both polls. Just to make it fair to the awesome entrants. Awesome Awesome entrants.
And the baby isn't coming today. So on to tomorrow. Tomorrow sounds like a good day as long as the baby is healthy.
It is freezing here today.. okay 71 degrees so not freezing but very windy and my hands hurt so I am going to try and step off the computer for a bit and rest them. Then I will be back later.

Don't forget to vote and support your fellow cutter users.


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