Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Day at the Circus and ramblings from the middle of the night..

UPDATE: If you have a question about the Membership.. PLEASE Email me Directly CLICK HERE. I cannot comment to you directly through comments to the blog and each situation may be different. Please send me your order number from Paperthreads and your Login Name. This way i can cross reference. Also, I entered some more this afternoon and will again this evening. So please double check the link below. And it takes a bit of time to get from the PT store to me and then to add it. and then added to the section. And thank you to everyone for their positive comments about this venture. Thanks Chris

So I was flipping through the Creating Keepsake Magazine. I think this is page 92. I don't get many magazine for scrapbooking because I would have hordes of them on the shelf. So this one I happened to get and here is a great find. Lace by KI Memories. Love it.. it is beautiful. You can buy it one time and use it. Or you can purchase a cutter and purchase a Jumble file and voila cut it out over and over and over. did I say over and over again! any color any size. But for the cost of the cutter combined with the file this could be so much more outlay at the beginning, but then holy smokes there are so many other possiblities, but alas.. I am preaching to the choir because I am sure most of those who visit my blog are family and wonder what the heck the cutter does still or people who own cutters. I however think for those who do not have cutters it is awesome and although my camera decided not to be friendly behind is this beautiful Garden Lace. which I found very appealing. So I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to share.

This is one of my other Jumble files. It is the Halloween one. This is a card. The picture was sent to me by Beau. I love it.!! Thank you for sharing Beau.

Thank you for the great emails about being an Aunt. I have some fantastic fantastic visitors to my blog. And also. I am still trying so hard to catch up on the emails about my grandfather. My heart still feels like it might explode in my chest, but everyday is new and I have a little boy who looks to me for strength and so I cherish those memories and go forward. Truly how blessed I am to have had such a grandfather. Thank god for my hubbies warm arms in those moments of loss.

The card challenge votes. I am reviewing my notes from the Card Challenge to see who has the First to and also there are a few double votes in play so they will have to be taken out of the voting arena and I have gotten emails on some who know they double voted and apologize and told me where they would really like their vote to go. So can I say Wow some serious voting going on over there. If you haven't thrown in your two cents here are the two polls and only vote once. We couldn't fit them all in one poll. I think they are alll just awesome..Poll 1 Poll 2

Thank you to those who have worked out the kinks with me today for the QMC membership forum. And you know who you are.. Love to have a few testers. so appreciate that.. Also, I have alot of people to add still and will be working on it. But here is our first shot at it...

UPDATE !!!! I just reuploaded a new file for the WPC both to the QMC and 4shared.

Our Day at the Circus was the winner.This download link has been removed it hit its number super qick. if you are part of my membership visit the link below. Once it hits its limit it is gone and the password was sent out to the yahoo group.
And for the membership... Hit this link and follow it to the forum. You shoud have access to download them at your leisure. I have processed up to order number 4609 and will try to add the rest tomorrow because I have to crawl off to bed. And the rest of the Circus files will also be added in the next week. If I don't get to it. It will be sometime tomorrow that the the joinees after order number 4609 will be added. Don't worry tho'. The file won't go anywhere til after the quarter. Okay... an update.. I am up to order number 4643. If you do not have access there are a few possibilities.. I didnt get your forum name with your order it was a drop down box at the bottom and I emailed everyone that I didn't have it. or you are paying by check. I get those after the check goes through.

On to life... so a moment with my son.. He is humming. I must admit I sing alot. I hum and sing and try to be silly. Well My son is humming and I am keying in. and I realize he is singing God Bless America my home sweet home. He looks up and realizes that I am paying attention and have stopped what I am doing and he says with a big smile... " This is our home sweet home huh Mom?" I said "sure is" and smiled. He must have learned the song at school during flag. My heart is beaming. That was my moment for today with the kid that runs my world.

Onto the man who runs my world. Well he will be spinning me around the dance floor on friday night. Soo whoooohoo. going with the inlaw parents to a Western themed dinner at the Club. The club being their country club. Sounds like fun and I look forward to going. We had to prepick our dinner. This makes me nervous. As I eat bare food. No gravy no sauces etc. So we shall see how it goes. I can always find something to eat and have been to the club before. I am sure they see me coming through the door and run. I am infamous for how is this cooked, with what, on what, where did it come from, and what where when why and then if I make the decision to try something against there nervous judgement. Well it's on me. I am an adult. Made my decision. I can handle the repercussions. Please don't hover.... Waitresses hate me, but tis life. Some of us each have a different load to carry. My being annoying to wait staff is one of them. Besides I like to dance on an empty stomach. Sounds crazy but full stomach and I want to sit on the couch and relax. Empty Stomach and Iam jazzed to dance. But then on the way home.. nothing like a big ol Fountain Drink and a bag chips to munch on or even yet a taco because by then... I am a starving. Not sure what kinda band for sure will be there, but I am a hoping for some country to two step, waltz and swing to. My son is headed to his Aunt's house. She is excited. She has three girls. My only precursor was... now you know... If he comes back with his fingernails or toes painted, I am not sure your brother will let him come back. She said that was okay.. They were just planning on facials anyways. Instant Visual... Child with Green Avocado goo on his face and mayo in his hair. saying I AM HUNGRY I AM HUNGRY. Can I eat this Auntie? ha. Should be fun all around.

So Enjoy!

PS.. So Journaling programs. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to be able to copy and paste from the blog to a journal because I am going to hit my limites for blogger sooner or later and I have alot of life in this I would like to capture. One that I can paste into and it will keep the information collected and maybe in the future I can print it out in book format. I am asking for the impossible? hmm.. why not... Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Cindy said...

Hi Chris! Go to You can download their BookSmart program for free. You can "slurp" (that's the word they use) any or all of your posts into the program and create a book. It's easy and if you want to print it, they do a beautiful job. I am doing one of my blog at the end of each year!