Friday, March 13, 2009

Frilly Cupcake Wrappers.. and the Wabbit Hunter.

First let me show you the cupcake wrappers I have been working on. I wanted some very ornate ones. Looking at these pictures they look like chocolate. Okay I might be having a sweet tooth moment. And not the blue one. I don't eat blue chocolate. well maybe right now I would, but not normally. Wonder if I have any of those Cadbury mini chocolate hard shell things around anywhere. hmm. Okay sorry I digress. These will be coming to the store soon. Though these might be nice for a wedding or tea or a maybe the lattice one for a garden party. Just pretty. Working on some others.

On to life..

This is one of the moments of ingenuity in our household this week. My son decided he needed to have a rabbit. Umm. Mom said No. We just got a puppy. He begged. I kept saying no. So He asked Dad. Dad said well here ya go. Here is a trap. The old box trap. It was cute. My son told my hubby "Don't take a picture of me" He said I have to take pictures of you on your first hunting trip. "Oh okay" was my sons response. haha. To cute. Will be documenting this one in a scrapbook somewhere. I am wondering if my hubby saw this on one of those Roadrunner and the Coyote Cartoons. haha. This was out by our horse pens as the rabbits love when the horses get fed.

Well that's it for me. Have a wonderful weekend! And when I get back next week I will update the slide show with the missing pics and the additions that have come in for the challenge!

And this is the last weekend to get the early bird files with your 2nd Quarter QMC for 2009. So get in by Sunday to grab those three extra files.



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