Saturday, March 31, 2007

QRST.... almost done with the whole set!!

This is QRST. Same information as the rest of the letters. Well I am off to prepare my room for the new furniture we are getting today! Whole new bedroom set. Woooohooo! Then help my sister move into her new house and hang out with my brother and his wife at my Aunt's house. It is gonna be a great family day! I look forward to it with my husband and son. Who has shown me every possible john deere or caterpillar tractor he wants for his birthday. We have a tool magazine that had a two page spread of caterpillar tractors. It was good for an hour of staring at and showing mom everyone of them and saying. Can I have this one? He will be 3 and loves his tractors. Password for this file is birthday.

Everyone have a wonderful Saturday!



Terms of Use: This file is for personal use only. If you want to read a more detailed terms of use on my files. I included one in the last download because I have been asked. Also it is available at my website under cutter files.

This file is no longer availabe, but you can purchase it here..... Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.
Thank you to everyone who purchased the entire set at the store at Paperthreads!
Enjoy Enjoy!


Thank you Lori for the wakeup call. Made me smile first thing!
Thank you Linda for the Itsy Bitsy Spider picture which I have added to the blog here!
Also, did anyone see the cute skate party card? There is a picture on the blog here as well from Marianne!
And thank you to everyone with their help with Binding the book. I think I need to check out one of those cropadile things! And scoring the edge for brads is such a great idea tooooo! I have a professional scoring board, but I still use the dashed lines it makes it easy to get it all in one pass when cutting then to pull out the scoring board. thank you for everyones input!

Friday, March 30, 2007

MNOP, Name Book or Word Book

This download is no longer available, but you may purchase it Here. These are going fast. Everything from the last posts apply to this one. Guaranteed this one will be taken down within 24 hours because I am hitting my download limit within about 12 on these. SO GLAD YOU MADE IT! Wew!

I hope to see lots of projects with them here or in the gallery at Paperthreads. What I am looking for ...if anyone can help? Pretty Please is a list here in the comment thread of ways to bind the pages together.

So far we have

Posts like a post bound book

Ribbon through punched holes

Book Binding

Sprial Binding

& Rings
Do you have any great ideas to add to this list?

Thanks for the help!

Enjoy! Have a wonderful Friday!

Can't wait for me? Want the whole set plus numbers and the symbols $ ! &, You can purchase it Here at Paperthreads.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

IJKL, Name Book

This link is no longer available, but can be Purchased Here, please do not share or alter and claim as your own. This is for a Name Book. The pages will fit the same length left to right. Some Name books are created with varying length pages in order to read the entire Name on the right. you could use this file for this. However, you would need to do the measurements and adjust the file for your own use. Enjoy!


PS Thank to you everyone for posting such great comments. They make my Day! Oh and yes the PW is birthday still.

Can't wait to finish your whole project!!! The whole book can be purchase here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

EFGH... the next set of letters

Okay so, the details for the file are the same as the first post for the alphabet. Lots of great feedback on this so I am excited to share it with everyone. This link is no longer available, the download limits are going fast on the name book. Here is the link to Purchase this file if you missed it. The PW is birthday. Terms are the same as the previous post and downloading it is an acceptance of these terms.
Can't wait for the whole project??? You can purchase the entire book with Numbers and the $,! and & symbol.... HERE.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ABCD - The first of the Name Book

Okay here is the first of the letters. the pages are setup with a 5 inch tall by 6 inch long rounded square attached to the letter. But of course you can resize the file how ever it suits your needs best. I measured the letters so that when cut they should all lineup as the as the same length from left to right. Each letter file contains the letter the correct way and in reverse.
I cut the letters out of card stock then cut front and backs in different colors so each spread when opened had the same design on each side. Plus I wanted it to have lots of stability and this way I could embellish the pages and then attach them to the main cardstock piece hiding anything on the back of each page.
I would love to see any samples cut with this when you get all the letters you need. Have fun everyone!
This link is no longer available but will be available for purchase through Paperthreads Here. The password is the same as the last posted file. Please do not share and alter then claim as your own. Downloading the file is acceptance of these terms.
Can't wait for the freebie? Need to finish your project now?? The entire alphabet can be purchased here, include numbers the $,! and & symbol.

Here I am! upcoming download

Where have I been? Busy Busy. I am working on the letters for a name book. I am going to post a few letters a day here and take them down when I post the next set of letters. So by the time you are done you should have the whole alphabet. I should have the first group up by the end of today! Everyone is talking about them. So I thought it would be a great freebie!
See ya later

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Strawberry Patch

Strawberry Patch comes with a background with flowers cut out of it, simple flower shapes, the words: Spring, Strawberry & Patch all setup to cut in one piece. And a strawberry vine with a bottom piece"green" and two flowers and two strawberries to place on top of the vine for color. Lots of different pieces to use the file in many different ways. Hope everyone likes it!



This download is no longer available, but will soon be posted for purchase at Password is birthday. Please do not share, alter or claim as your own.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Skate Party!

Okay so two downloads today because I probably won't have much time this weekend! Lots of plans to accomplish lots of things! So little time to create files. This link is no longer available, but can be purchased Here. This file contains the Skate Party card that has a cut out of skate. The outline of the skate (green) will be included in the file for sale at Paperthreads. So when cutting this card you may need to place a piece of colored paper behind the skate cut out (pink). Otherwise you would see the invite on the inside through the front of the card. The password is birthday and all the previous terms set forth in every post apply to this file as well. And the card is setup to fold down to a 4.25x5.5 which some may call an A-2, 5 1/2 Bar, etc. I think Mary posted a gsd on the Paperthreads forum recently to make your own A-2 envelope. I would love to see a picture of this project.



Here is a sample sent to me from Marianne in the Netherlands.
Thank you Marianne, this is beautiful!!

Under the Stars, tent, tree and stars

Wow! My downloads are going fast in a day. That is great! Means people are liking what they are seeing. Here is my version of camping file. The tent is two pieces on top of eachother, the words under the stars are cut in the same size and layered on top of eachother with a slight shift to give them a shadow effect of sorts. Under the Stars cuts all in one piece. This file is no longer available, but will be available for purchase Here. This file is for personal use only. Please do not alter, share or claim as your own. PW is the same as the last post, Summer Party.
I am making my way through all the requests. Trying to jump around in the comments and create them all. Keep an eye out for your request. It should be coming soon...
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Summer Party and other News!

Hello and Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend my son is acting like a normal child again and is upset that he doesn't have spots like a dalmation anymore, but glad to be home today to run around and have fun instead of going into the office. Woohoo!! Makes me happy to see him playing.. So I am always the party planner. This file is no longer available for download, but you can Purchase it Here. We usually have a huge squirtgun party in June and it is tons of fun. Mass histeria.. adults running around like maniacs with super soaker water guns and I of course with the actual hose! No dummy here. Last year we rented a water slide, it was taller then the house and there were many adults climbing up in it. Lots and lots of fun. Oh yes there are children to enjoying the moment as well. We all look forward to it every year.

Well back to the file. It is a few pieces, a sun with back layer to make it two color, small flowers, A square for under the square that says Summer Party. The words Summer Party have no little pieces to paste in place because I stenciled the font. I love it when a whole piece cuts out. This file is for personal use only! Please do not alter, share or claim as your own.

Some other excellent news!! This just made my day yesterday. Christina VanGinkel penned an article about GSD files and this site was included in the article! Christina, I know you check this blog regularly, so let me tell you again I am still in happy bouncy mode about this. If anyone wants to read it, the link is here. Paperthreads, where I sell my files exclusively, was also included in the article. Michelle's site is phenomenal and so if you are new to cutting visit their forum. It is packed with help and tutorials for any level user.

I am also loving reading all the comments posted here. Thank you for everyone's wonderful input!
Oh I almost forgot in all my rambling... the password is birthday. It has changed because my sons bday is coming up in April. He will be three he reminds me on a regular basis.

Thank you again to everyone visiting my site. Okay and my last ramble... or question is..?? Are these cutline images helping anyone with the file? or is it a waste of my time? It is an added step to the project, but if people like seeing what the cuts look like I can continue with them or skip them. Havent decided myself if they are helpful. Thanks mucho!



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Name Book

I posted this on the forum at Paperthreads in their new gallery. Don't forget to check it out. I made this for my friend Raquel and she seemed to like it. Thought I would share it here. The possibilities are never ending when it comes to the cutter. I got this idea off the UK scrapbookers website and knew it was perfect right away for a birthday gift. Her name is spelled out on the right hand side of the book in large puffy letters.


Tulips, Spring Flowers

Okay first I must say. How awesome the wonderful comments posted here have been. I love it. I have been reading through them and working on lots of files. It is wonderful.

Here is a bouquet of tulips. So the words should cut out of the "green" word mat in one piece because I linked the centers of letters to the mat. the green stems have the shape of the tulip heads in it, but I included some additional pieces to make the flower heads a different color.This file has hit its download limit is no longer available,but you can purchase the file HERE. Thank you for looking. For Personal Use Only! PW is still easter.



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

error in file

A couple people have emailed about errors or file questions. Visit the forums at It is an easier venue to answer questions in and their are many people there who can help. A lot of factors cause errors. Program, type, etc etc....
Please visit the forums!!


Going for a Swim

So many great ideas under my request for inspiration post earlier today. I love it. I am steadily working on all of them. This is the first one that completed, but I have a bunch more in the works. This link is no longer available, but is available for purchase HERE. Please read my terms of use. Downloading this file means you are in acceptance and agree to abide by those terms. Thank you to everyone for their posts. Password is easter.

This file includes 3 pieces for the ball that can be laye
red on top of eachother. to give it the different colors.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Enjoy! -


Topic of Inspiration...

Looking for a few new topics for inspiration. All the requests on the Yahoo Groups seem to be filled. Post your comment here as to what you would like for a file and I will see what I can do. Thanks for your help. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Okay So I think this is my last freebie of the racing files. I am going to post the others I have directly to Paperthreads. This is a simple helmet. Nothing fancy. Two pieces overlayered. the bottom one is a solid helmet shape. the top has the red cut out. This way we can get on to another topic of files.This link is no longer available, but may be purchased HERE! This is for personal use only. Please do not alter share or claim as your own. Downloading these files is an acceptance of these terms of use. The Password is the same as the last racing file.


PS My son is doing better. Hanging out and driving me bonkers as I try to get this file uploaded. Anything he can do to distract me to focus on what he is doing. This is why the file is simple tonight. No time to make a clever verbage. Hope it is useful.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

At the Track, Flag, Star Backrgound

Another racing file... DOWNLOADING of this file means you agree with the following terms. This file is for personal use only! This file is not for sharing, but for your own personal use. Please do not alter or change the file or claim ownership of the file as your own.
Now that that is over. Seems I have to remind everyone a little bit, because my files are showing up in different places.
This file is no longer available for download, but is available at Paperthread for sale H

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pit Crew, Flag, Tire, Words & Mat

Lots of Requests on the Groups for Racing Files. So I did a few. This file is no longer available for download, but will be available for purchase at soon. For Personal Use only. PW is the same as the last time. Please do not alter, change or claim files as your own.

Also, you will notice a sample of cutlines on the pictures. I got a few emails that people asked me to post the cutlines so they could see better how the file could be used. I think this is what they were asking about. I don't know if it will help or how long I will include it, but thought I would give a try and see what the response was. The mat in this file works if you layout all the pieces like I have here, but of course you can lay it out however your project needs.

After a long week of work, my hubby, my son and I are headed to the farmer's market and to get hay for the horses. I look forward to the family drive. My son has had an allergic reaction to penicillin and is covered in hives. He seems to be in good spirits, but it is mostly just happy to hang out with Dad. It is cute. He asked me to buy doughnuts for breakfast to have with Dad. he is almost 3 and in charge of his world. So he thinks. Well off I go. Have a wonderful Saturday.



Friday, March 16, 2007


This was a request on the Paperthreads forum which I am moderating. I thought I would make these up and post them here for anyone to use. They are just simple nameplates in multiple styles. This download is no longer available, however, you can purchase the file Here. This file is for personal use only! Please do not alter, share or claim as your own. Password is still easter. Enjoy! Chris

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Key To My Heart

So this started out as just Key To My Heart, but they have those Cadbury Easter items out , like the mini eggs, solid choclate in crisp shell, purple bag. hmmmmm.. and I just cannot help myself. Well I do, but man is it hard. So I added Chocolate with a mat to the orignal files. This file contains heart, key, Wording "Key To My Heart" and mat, and the word Chocolate and mat. My husband and my sons laughter are actually the keys to my heart. But Chocolate will work right now to. Password is easter. The download link is no longer available , but can be Purchased HERE. This is for personal use only! Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Spider

This was also a request a while back, but I really wanted to get the whole tale into one file. All the pieces come apart a spider, a faucet, the sun, rain background, the words Itsy Bitsy Spider and Mat. This one is gone because it went way over my limit of downloads per file quickly. This file is for purchase on Paperthreads HERE. just look for the designer Chris Durnan. For personal Use only. Password is easter.



Here is a sample of this file from a downloader. Thank you thank you thank you Linda for sharing your layout. I love to see the files being used instead of hiding out on someones hard drive!

Monday, March 12, 2007

So Many Cones!

. This one was sent to me in email with a request. It is a racing file of sort. The letters are a stencil so they have no little pieces to glue together. This might be cute for those bike-a-thon pictures elementary kids do as well. For Personal Only! Enjoy! This link is no longer available, but you can Purchase it HERE.

This was a comment posted here on this blog and thought it was cute so I had to share here. Hope Beloved K doesnt mind.
BelovedK said...
Hehehehe.... this one is toooo cute!!! My husband just came home on his leave from Iraq - and I swear his driving crappy!!! I think I will use this to document how bad it was!!! LOL And since I really don't have any photos of him driving.. (I was hanging on for dear life) this will make a great focal point!! Thanks Chris!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mother's Day!

A Mother's Day file with a mat and flower behind it. Enjoy! Chris

PS This freebie link is gone, but you can purchase it HERE. for Personal Use only! Password is the same as the last one.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Calling all downloaders!!!

I am looking for some photos of works created with my files. If you can email them to me, I would like to place them on my website. Please send a picture of the image and how you would like to be recognized. i.e. Chris Durnan, cdurnan1234, cdurnan . I would really love to get some samples up on Thank you!! Chris

Friday, March 9, 2007


Okay a while back on Yahoo someone asked for a Birdhouse. I had the birdhouse, but have been working on the extra pieces. So finally I think it is ready to offer. I hope someone can use it. I thought it might make a cute front of a card or something.

Okay about the file. There is the outline of the bird house. So you could place colored paper behind the birdhouse and give it color. The branch you can use or note. The bird is in two layers, so you can come up with a duel colored bird. The perch and the opening into the birdhouse can also be cut seperately. This way the file can be used in my different ways. If you cut it and create a project, please email me the picture. I just cut my files on standard paper to make sure they cut, but would love to see something fully created. This link is gone. But you can purchase it HERE. This is for personal use only! Password (PW) is easter.



Thursday, March 8, 2007


So some have sent emails to make sure everything is going well because I am a little slow on the freebies right now. I have been organizing and tweaking and changing files because I am now a designer for Paperthreads. I am very excited about this. At this point I get about 100 requests a day for the files I have already taken down and have found it to be a task to keep up. Now I will link to those files on Paperthreads for purchase after they have been taken down here. As well as add additional files to the Paperthreads store, I plan to continue offering downloads here. So visit for purchases of my older files. Hopefully they will all be up by the end of next week. My fingers are crossed on this because I am working away at getting everything together.

I just want to thank everyone for there excellent comments and notes they have been sending me. If you post your comments here they will stay with the blog. However, when they are posted on 4shared with the file they are lost when the file goes down. So if you are wondering what happened to your comment that is it.
Enjoy because I sure am!

Autocross, Pylon, car, the winner is...

Request from Yahoo Group. Couldn't think of what else to add to this set. So if you have a suggestion post it here under these comments. I don't always see the ones on 4shared. I will see what I can do.

This link is gone. Personal Use Only!

This file comes apart in many layers but each image could be used without the bottom layer, if so desired.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

9 Lives

I thought I would create a cat file since I did a dog file and have lots of horse files in my computer vault. 138 Downloads this one is gone! This file comes apart and I cut the 9 twice and layered them. I added the mat for lives, just in case someone wanted to layer it a different way. PW is easter (same for the woohoo file, oops I forgot to post it) Personal Use Only! Hope you have a wonderful evening!!




Okay this is how I feel today because I have an announcement coming up and am pretty excited about it. So for today enjoy the file! Wow, 176 downloads and this one is gone. Personal Use only!

About this file.. the word woohoo with exclamations is joined. There is a mat for the word. Also, some silly shapes to go underneath it. You can layer the file however you'd like.
Enjoy! Chris

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Okay from the computer vault as well. Feeling bad for all those people who hit my site and I didnt have anything up the last two days. I have gotten lots of emails from those with cutters who also enjoy horses like I do. So here is a rodeo file. 103 downloads this one is gone. Terms of Use are personal Only. PW is easter. Please send links to my blog and not the download site. Thank you.

In Memory Of

Another one I created a while ago. Enjoy! 159 downloads woohooo this one is gone!. Same terms of use as all the others. Password for this one and Faith Peace Cross is easter. I don't think I posted the password for the previous one. Enjoy! Chris

Faith Peace Cross

This was asked for on a group a while ago and since I have been super busy this weekend. I wanted to offer something. So here it is. Hope you can use it.

After 75 downloads this one is no longer available. for personal use only. Please enjoy the file, but do not share and send to my blog for their own copy of the file. Feel free to link my blog to anyone you think may be interested in a cutter file.

Currently, my files are being offered in gsd, but I really am interested in the Klic-N-Kut because of its ability to cut thicker material then my current craft robo. So we will see what the future will hold.

Enjoy!! Chris

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Angels Wings

So a set of wings was asked for on a group. These might work as Angel wings, but if you added an elongated oval to it they could be used as a butterfly to. The verbage is from a song I love to sing in church on Sundays. I think Josh Groban came out with a remake of it and I have seen it versed and referenced in many other things. Most recently in a posting about a passed away military serviceman. God Bless those men who give of themselves for our comfort which enables us to scrapbook or spend time with our cutters.....ooops.. I meant children. After 122 downloads this file is no longer available. You can Buy it HERE. Enjoy and use for personal use only! Please link directly to my blog and not to the download file. the password (PW) is easter. Everyone have a wonderful day!



PS Files comes apart in 4 pieces. the bottom cloud shape, the next with the words in it, the outside edge of the wings and the underneath piece of the wings. If you use any of my files for a piece I would love to see them in action!