Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Living in the Now

So was thinking about yesterday and all its happenings. Somewhat of a blur seems to be the norm right now for my days. This made me smile. My son and hubbie went up to see his parents on Sunday and hang out with the family. Apparently Grandma put a band-aid on my little boys leg. He came home proud to share he badge of honor. (I should seriously own stock in the band-aid company) Anyways. true to form my son does not like to wear band-aids for very long. So he was trying to get off in the morning. Well this band-aid is the stickiest band-aid I have ever seen. He finally got it off his leg and all the sticky adhesive is still on his leg. He looked at it and looked at me and was like wow! See we buy the character ones they literaly stay on for about 3 minutes and then fall off. This is good because he doesn't, most of the time, need one. So I called my MIL and teased her... what the heck kinda band-aid is this? She laughed and said the sticky kind. Apparently to get the stick off I need to us vegetable oil. Vegetable Oil??? This should be another slimey adventure that my son will love. Everything is new and different. And Slimey is the best. I love it.

THank you for everyone's thoughts and words and prayers. I really appreciate it. I think my blog visitors are the best in the world. Thank you.

Took him back to school after a few days off from being sick. He wassss sooooo excited to get there it was awesome. He wanted his backpack on and was proud as he walked in. I love that.

I have most of a new Word Book set together for those who have emailed me asking for a different letter. It should hit the store within the next week. I have been working on files willy nilly in little pieces. Today I will be with my grandfather this morning and then home this afternoon. My son and I need to do some laundry. He loves to sort the clothes. I am sure this won't last long in life, but I will take the help while I can.

The pics are some of my files in the store. I just thought I would share. My post are very boring without pictures... :-) These can be found in the store.




Rhonda said...

Chris you and you're family are in my thoughts & prayers!
We all know and understand that you have to put family first!!!

Patty M said...

What is it with kids and band aids - I stopped buying the character ones because, like your son, they wanted them on all the time - even if they didn't need one. The best was when their American Girl dolls were covered with Barney bandaids because they had boo boo's too. After that we went to the boring regular ones and our band aid consumption went way down.

Patty M