Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Disney countdown & printable

One our gifts for D was tickets to Disney. Here is a countdown calendar I made for his box. He had a map of Disney compliments of Aunt Becci, $25 Disney Card, and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Recently the comment was made that we may never go again and he went when he was 4. sheesh. So now we go when he is 10. Should be fun!!

The countdown calendar is printed on white card stock and I printed out three sets of them for the three sets of numbers. I also printed out a few for the very bottom that said! Excited for Disney etc. 
Here is a download link for it. The password is iagreetou which means you agree to download for personal use.

I didn't get any great photos in the making. However, it is a piece of chipboard cut in half. And 3 pieces of black ribbon bridging over the top of the two pieces of chipboard. Then I put red cardstock over the two sides covering the black ribbon. (you can kinda see it in thie bottom picture a little) and used my crop-a-dile to punch holes in the little cards and add the binder rings. It was a quick last minute project to add. Luckily I found some Disney stickers in my things to add to the front and a black and white ribbon.


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