Friday, October 26, 2007

The winners of the card challenge...

Drumrollll pleaseeeee. Here are the winners for the Card Challenge after I tossed a few double votes. We ended up with two first place winners. So four sets of prizes, plus the first to posts need some prizes also. Yeahhhh!!!

1st place
Snowflake Card by Nikki

Trick or Treat by Diane W

2nd place
Best Buds Card by Amber Hamnrye

3rd place
Halloween Card by Scrappinmama

Thank you so much for everyone who supported this Card Challenge and to those who are sending the cards on to the troops... I know the puzzle card is one of them on it's way. That is awesome.

As for the first to post in the card challenge. I am reviewing the plays... wait to much football.. am reviewing the automated post information I received from the forum because there were some close close entry times. If I can get that done today.. I will add it to this post. Woohoo!! Thanks to everyone. I think they were all great entries and just beautiful. Next time I think I am going to have to run a challenge that only includes 10 entries to alleviate the double polls. I learn something with every challenge. Thank you again.

Below are some of the entrants to the card challenge. I am shakey right now so I am thinking I missed a few but can't wrap my mind around which ones. Need to sit for a minute..

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I am working on adding more memberships to the QMC area. I have lots of email questions about this and am trying to get to everyone. By the end of the day most everyone should be able to try this LINK and get in. Remember to add your Forum Name to the order because it alleviates any delay. And if you paid by check, it will take a little bit for it to process and I added those when Michelle send me the notice. And because I opened up the QMC area early at the forum. I just decided to start uploading files now as I go... Here are the two most recent I added.

Upcoming is a New Word Book Set. ... I have had lots of requests for a new font and here it is. Also, my thought is.. If you cut and cut all your holiday gifts then maybe you could burn out the addiction to your cutter? hmm.. I won't I was just showing my hubby the new Punch Tool I would need for the KNK I bought. hmm.. I love new stuff gadgets and gizmos.

Lots to do today before we hit the dance floor this evening. And we have so many invites for things this weekend and I am in a thought process right now Where I just want to stayyyy home. I am going to run Saturday a.m. to see the new baby and my sister. They should be home by then. And then my son is starting a little cough. Which means probabl in the back of my mind. I am thinking don't plan much so he is rested for school on Monday.

hmm what to do what to do.

Okay for those not in the QMC. I should have another poll next week for the download for next week. So keep an eye out for it. I have a bunch of files in the works so I am not sure what the theme will be.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



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