Friday, October 19, 2007

Card Challenge Entries & Moments in Life

So today is the day that the Card Challenge opens up for entries. I know there are a few entrants missing because they sent me their entries early to see. So get them in there!! This was a good thing to see this morning. Brought a great smile to my face. Here is the link to the gallery where they are to be posted. Or go and check out the few that are already there. loving them. I am trying to come up with a few files to give to every entrant. Your hard work will definitely be appreciated. So don't forget to check it out. I think the challenges are the hardest thing to run. It makes me chew my nails. Will anyone join. Will anyone like it. Are the prizes good enough. So thank you tons and tons for those who have jumped in.
Lots of questions about the membership... If you have more let me know.. I would be happy to answer them all. I am working on changing details around in the Yahoo Group. But as always the Yahoo Group members will get presale codes and coupons.
The other question was... how will I know I will like the files you create for the quarter. I will be doing the same kind of files I create here regularly. I will take requests from anyone. I send the file to the requestee directly and then I will be posting it to the Quarterly Membership and store. I will be previewing the files on my blog here. So you will see what is up in the Membership or for sale at the store. Those in the membership will get a better deal per file. But I realize this type of thing is not for everyone. So you can absolutely buy individual files in the store.

Here are a few files I have been working on and will be posted to the Quarterly Membership Club.... I need a better name that is sooooo boring...

I hope that some will like these. I am also working on another set of word book letters.

So the funeral is on Saturday a.m. So this weekend will be pretty full. I won't have a chance to check back on the card challenge lots. So if you see something going on at the Thread at Paperthreads please jump right on in. I didn't realize when I came up with all the challenge idea this would all happen at the same time. I feel like I am leaving it in the lurch but I hope there are many more who join in.

On to life... okay so my son knows how to fix everything... He saw me on Tuesday night and came sat on my lap. He is three. So he takes his fingers and wipes my eyes and says. Mom you have water in your eyes... looks at me and says Dad will fix it. Hold on. So he jumps off my lap. Grabs my hubby from the other room and drags him to me. I had stood up at this point. Greg gives me a hug and we feel the wiggle worm between us crushing our feet and both look down. And he says looking up at us smiling... See I Told You!! He is so pleased with himself he runs away giggling with his "cape" on. The faster he runs the more it flits in the wind. I have no idea how he talked my hubby out of one of his silk cowboy rags which is a big square of silk that he wraps around his neck for various reasons: fancy evenings out in winter or long horse rides. (YOWSER, he is handsome when he wears this.. my hubby that is) But I do know that my little boy feels like he is one of the Wonder Pets and runs as fast as he can because the silk really floats in his wake. Unfortunately, he runs trying to look backwards seeing it and ... hmmm.. smackaroo here comes the wall. He plops on his butt and says. I am all right... THIS IS SERIOUS he sings. Love it. Love the moment. Love the smile. God bless my life.




scrappinmama said...

First of all. Your son sounds adorable! You have to do a page on him in the cape! :)What a wonderful scrapbook entry that would make. And please, when you finish it, will you post it for us to see?
Secondly, the new files are awesome. I especially love the leaves one. Can't wait to get that one and use it.
There's some great entries in the card contest. It's really going to be hard to pick a winner. So far, all of them are so different. Thanks to you and Lori for hosting this.
On the name of the new group, what about "The Crafty Cutter Club"?
Keep up the good work!
You're still in our prayers here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
Aren't kiddos the greatest??!!! I just love the stories about your son! I'm glad he's there for you to focus upon during this trying time!

I just LOVE these file samples. Your membership club is a great idea, in my opinion, and I just purchased it through Paperthreads. Your files and ideas are well worth $10/3months!! I hope you get the support to show that!

Thanks for all you share and do for us!
Sending you hugs,
Jessica in Kansas

Robin said...

I think these are great files. I can't wait to see what else you have for the QMC. I've already signed up, I'm ready to download. I've never paid for a cutting file before, but I certainly think these are worth it. Love your style.

Anonymous said...

Chris, kids have a way of making everything seem better, even if just for a little while. I know as much as my two teenagers aggravate me, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

My prayers are with you and your family.

Patty M