Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Announcing Announcing...

So the time has come for some major change from me. Alot of visitors have sent me emails checking on me, checking on life, noticing that things are changing. I get approximately 200 emails a week requesting missed download files and about 45 email requests for lost passwords when I change them. So in looking at all of that and how I can handle it and continue designing, finding an easy place for downloads and enjoying what I do... Here is the news....
Here is the link for a more detailed flyer if you would like to know more.
Or you can visit the store here.

This will be starting December 1st to give me a little time to get through the family life that is happening. And get myself organized. I hope this is an alternative for some that will enjoy it. If you have any questions, you can post them here in the comments and I will answer them over the next few days. But a few questions, I can think of...

Yes there will probably be a few freebies offered here on my blog throughout the year. Probably simpler files and not major fancy cuts. But the majority files will be posted to the membership to download as they wish.

Yes, I will keep my group active.. Why you may ask?? Because I would like to offer those interested in my files Challenge information.. upcoming sale info at Paperthread for myself or others and of course Coupons for members of my group to get Pre-Sale pricing on things.

How many files do you think I will get at this membership? The minimum is 20 and if every one of my files was only 1.99 well then you would get those files for 50 cents a piece. But some of my files are more detailed and cost more per piece so that cost per piece will go down.

No rush!! You have the whole quarter to download the files. You won't miss it if you get i before the last day. And membership can only be purchased until the end of the 1st month of the quarter. The membership will then close until the next quarter.

I am offering the first run 4 months for the price of 3
So $10.00

Will I still run my blog? Absolutely ... I enjoy posting here and have some family members reading it and really have enjoyed all the emails from the visitors. I have found some people from here email me regularly and I so enjoy their emails and chatting with them.

Well if you have more questions.. please ask.. and I will answer them. You can Email me. or you can post a comment here.

And I will be offering a few files between now and the beginning of December. So keep visiting. I appreciate your visiting my blog, your patronage and everything you do to inspire me.




Cindy said...

I think you've come up with a great plan. I'll be signed up for sure. My only question is it asks for "forum name". Does this mean our name we use on the Paperthreads message board or our user name that is used for checkout at the store.
Thanks and good luck.

Mary said...

What a great deal! I don't come to your blog for the free files ~ although I will snag them if I can, lol ~ I come to see what is going on in your life! I love reading about your son and your husband and the horses...
I think this change will help take some of the stress off, too! If nothing else it will save time reading emails...
Sending big ehugs for the Gpa situation.

Kathy said...

Chris, I can think of nothing better than to join. Look for my membership soon ... count me in. your files are awesome. I love your blog, love that you choose to share your life and talents with the rest of us ... and your a Packer fan to boot. Life is good.

Robin said...

Sounds great Chris. I already signed up for the membership. I think it will run easier on you too. I just love all your files. And I really enjoy reading your daily life. Can't wait for January now.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you keep your head on straight, Chris. Wherever you go, I will follow your work. You are amazing, and I truly appreciate all you have done to make my scrapbook and Wishblade so much fun.

joanberrie said...

I LOVE this idea.
Since I travel a lot, it means I will never miss your great files.

Gerrie said...

What a great idea! A true bargain for us and it will take a lot of pressure off you. I'm going over right now to sign up. Just love your files. Thanks so much for your generosity.

Heather said...

I think this is a great idea... Count me in. And your welcome I'm glad you enjoyed the star album. I know you'll get some great use out of it. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess the saying, "Nothing in life is really free" holds true. I am disappointed for those of us that can't afford to do this. However, I understand it's a lot of work for you. Thank you for all the work you put in and the free files you offered. Good Luck with your membership; unfortunately I will not be able to join.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! I hope this will eliminate stress from your life. No one needs it. I am going to go sign up right now.

FYI, my mother-in-law had Spru also. She has 7 granddaughters, so we are all wondering if any of them will have it also. Our youngest was recently tested, and doesn't have it (I think that it is just now though).


Ginny said...

As I travel and sometimes do not have computer access for quite awhile I cannot join anything that is like your quarter club. Plus being a Senior Citizen and all, I never know what my health will do to me next. However I think it is a good deal for many, and I will just watch for files that I want to buy individually.