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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Bundle Special only $7.99

Here is the Black Friday Bundle details for only $7.99

Available only Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

Black Friday through Cyber Monday
All files in this bundle include: MTC, DXF, AI, GSD(v2.4), KNK, SVG, WPC(v14)

A mix of files from my section of files. 34 files with lots of cuts in each for you this Thanksgiving Weekend!

You will have over 34 zip files to download.

Files Included.

CD00827 - Dinosaurs

CD00813 - Fun Girls

CD00773 - Car Set

CD00753 - Stained Glass Angels

CD00732 - Moving Day Pileup

CD00715 - Astrology Double Layer Cards

CD00713 - Reach for the Stars Mini Album

CD00694 - Celebrity Fame Sets

CD00661 - Kiss Me Today I'm Irish

CD00646 - My Love For You

CD00635 - A Day at the Museum

CD00632 - Across the Page Set 1

CD00627 - Ornaments Galore

CD00624 - Reindeer Cutey

CD00563 - New Car Smell

CD00554 - Family Titles

CD00551 - Fun Fringe Mini Album

CD00531 - I Don't Lie I just Embellish

CD00515 - Ribbons or Borders 1

CD00505 - Ballerina

CD00461 - Baroque Background 461

CD00459 - Stick People

CD00439 - Love & Strength Card Fronts

CD00435 - Lots of Candles

CD00423 - Forest of Trees

CD00412 - YOU set of words

CD00404 - Butterfly Edge 4

CD00396 - Teacher Word Book

CD00277 - Essentials Pack 1

CD00256 - Spinning in the Teacups

CD00210 - You Rock My World

CD00072 - Monkeyin' Around

CD00070 - Zootiful Day


SKU CDBLKFriday2011

File types included: MTC, DXF, AI, GSD(v2.4), KNK, SVG, WPC(v14)

Price: $7.99

If this bundle doesn't do it for you with sooo many cuts.

All my files are 40% off
(not including rhinestone or qmc)

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Happy Thanksgiving... Anniversary!

I am a very blessed woman. I live with a man that I love with my whole heart. That I spend as much time with as I possibly can. That I care for deeply and that still gives me butterflies of excitement in my tummy when I know he is on his way home after a long day. Today Thanksgiving Day is an appropriate day for our 10th anniversary. The month of November starts a trend of folks posting their thanks and running that list. I try to live this every day. With thanks for all the time we get to spend together and things we accomplish together. He and I are a team that I love to be a part of as we navigate through and raise our son together. I love him so much. Happy Anniversary to my hubby, to my love, to my friend. – Chris

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
I hope today you find thanks in many things and carry that throughout the year!



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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apron invite... Qmc file

Here is a really cute invite created by my friend Heidi with my apron invite from the qmc. This file has the words "you're invited" and the apron cut in the file. My friend is throwing a cookie decorating party. However, you could this invite for food parties, cookie swaps, or food drives for your local food bank. How about cute thank you's for that after the dinner party hostess gifts. Or a gift card holder for dinner out. I just can't stop thinking of the ideas. I hope you cut it and enjoy! Have a wonderful pre-thanksgiving evening. I am resting and hoping my cold goes away before tomorrow and tonight my guys make their apple pies. Lots of great sights and smells.

Happy Thanksgiving!

***Updated May , 2012 for Card A Day Blog**
Here are some additional photos of the invite with the apron opened up a little and to see how it is made. Enjoy!

This photo you can see the glue dot on the left just barely where it holds the pocket closed. 

and here is one with the invite inside the pocket of the Apron. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joy Love Peace Happiness

The Holiday Gift guide is coming out tomorrow with tons of ideas on how to use your digital cutter to make lots of gifts for the holidays. Sign up for the newsletter below.  Don’t miss it. You will be filled with great gift ideas!

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Today is my day on the Card A Day Blog. What a great spot for inspiration. Today’s holiday card is created by Zenita. Zenita used my Joy Love Peace Happiness Christmas Tree for her project. This card works well for a wedding card as well as it can also look like a cake. I love Zenita’s take on this file and its use. Thank you Zenita it is beautiful!! I have another project from Zenita to come so check back and see it soon.

Inside of the Card

A little about the card from Zenita...
The background was done on navy blue polka dot Bazzill. I used Tim Hotz Sizzix Snowflake Embossing folder to make snowflakes on the background paper and then took ColorBox Chalk in Alabaster to lightly go over all the snowflakes. In the middle of the snowflakes I adhered gemstones by the PaperStudios.  After cutting Chris's great cutting file I used Ranger Gold Embossing Powder and covered all the file. I then adhered the words onto the blue snowflake background with ATG adehesive.

You can find the file Here in the store.

A little about Zenita....
A little about me. My name is Zenita Smith but most around the crafting world know me as ScrappinwithZ. I've been playing with paper for over 10 years. I became an avid scrapbooker when we began the adoption process of our two youngest sons William and Kyle who are 10 and 9. I'm also the mom to Chris 25 and Jackie 23 and their beautiful wives!! Soon to have a new grandbaby to scrapbook!!! You can see my work at my blog or find me on face book  ScrappinwithZ. Thanks Chris for letting me design these fun cards for you! Can't wait to do some more!!

I have one more project coming up to show by Zenita. Just beautiful! Thank you Zenita!


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Puff pieces... puffy cheeks

Watching the news for me is a frustrating process. I  find myself purposely avoiding it. I don’t like my son to have to listen to it. I often wish there was a “do-gooder” news channel. I would watch it all the time. To see that others are doing something in life to be positive and make a change. I really don’t care that Kardashian’s got married/divorced. I think Mr. Bieber and his baby mama need to figure out their own issues.  I am not interested in so many of the personal stories they post. Yes it’s entertainment gossip. Maybe I am one in a million people who just really doesn’t mind not knowing. Maybe it’s because if a politician, charity or something is backed by a popular movie star I question it.  But this morning I found myself watching the news as I flipped laundry and prepped for the day and these stories really made me smile and happy.

First an article about a practice that allows you to barter for Doctor visits with “man” hours. Two hours of volunteer time trade in for a doctors appointment. What a wonderful idea. It builds you up as you accomplish a good job and you “earn” vital services you need. Just wonderful! Story

And the next was the new Ford Escape is being introduced here in the U.S. and manufactured in the U.S. Offering 2900 jobs to U.S. citizens in the United States. You won’t have to fly to china to work every day and learn a new language! Woohoo! And if the sales go well they will add another 1200 jobs for a third line . Fantastic! I may be biased. I have three Fords sitting in my front yard. But in all honesty, I would support any business that in this time can add jobs to our economy. (if this info is slightly inaccurate, I apologize. I was just happy to hear about the move to employee our own Americans) Story

And the next was an article about meals being made from Scratch for a school. In watching the food and veggies they displayed in the story, I had to smile. I wonder how many people eat out of a can or a box every single day. Or microwave meals. I chatted recently with a friend who stated that she truly believes that they will find in the future that all the cancers are caused by our highly preserved, genetically modified foods. I believe in simple foods. Yes we have boxes of cereal on the shelf and we have canned goods.  But I really try hard to change up that food. I cannot remember the last time we went to McDonalds. When we eat out it is a very picky process. We have a lot of fresh fruit and veggies at home. So when we go out the freeze dried kind just tastes Blah! In any case, I found it an excellent newstory to listen to. And the lady in charge is supporting her local farmers. She is purchasing locally! Excellent. In essence she may be the “lunch lady” but she is stimulating the economy in her area which are probably the families of the children in her school. Excellent! Maybe considered a “puff piece” but you know what I like the puff pieces . it makes my cheeks “puff up” in a smile.  ( I can’t find the video, but it is on the early show on cbs early show today. A show I rarely watch but maybe I need to rethink that)

I just wanted to share these few stories because they made me smile. Maybe with the times tough for many this is a sign of our America changing. A bartering system to volunteer for services.. excellent! Jobs in the U.S. instead of overseas… Excellent! Kids eating fruits and veggies instead of a flash frozen burrito…. Excellent!  And a lady who is changing lunch but stimulating the economy in her area… excellent! Seems like an upward swing to me.

If you see any positive stories I would love to read them, view them and continue to “puff” up my cheeks.

So yep I am rambling!  Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Retro Post - Believe & QMC - Salt Scrub

I love this project so decided to bring it back for a show for everyone.  Dana created this file for me and with plans of photos with Santa I started thinking about all the photos we have with Santa and where are they. This year I need to get a photo album for just the Santa pictures to put in with the holiday decorations. A great time to see how much my little one has grown.

Here is Dana's project..  So cute!

And here is where you can get the file to make your own.

Also I am working on those QMC gift files. Now I have added the Salt Scrub file. If you haven't joined the QMC yet. You can here.

This Salt Scrub is just awesome. My hubby has his "manly" cleaner on the sink and then there is my homemade salt scrub which makes my hands just smooth and awesome and it is almost gone. hmm... apparently it cleans the grease and dirt and paint and more off really good. Woohoo!! And it was an easy frugal gift to put together and I can make it specialized with different Extracts.
This file includes, pdf with directions, print outs for tags in varying colors, cutter files and just a great easy project.

Have fun!


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day Weekend.

What a fantastic weekend!!! We did so much so let me show a few pictures. and if I seem proud... well it's because I am. I am so proud of my guys our lives. I love to live it.

First on Friday we participated in the Veteran's Day Parade.

Here he is standing in the back of the truck. We had such a great time. My hubby and I drove the trailer filled with the Scouts and the two of us sat together watching the crowd. There were times when I had tears in my eyes as we watched the Veterans not in the parade stand proud as the flags went by and salute the flag and cheer. Just a real honor to be around so many who have given so much. A real moment of pride to be able to be with such awesome boys in our Pack and the Veterans that were there.

Also, on Saturday, we had a "color guard" activity to do. We raised the flag for a business expo. Then we came home hung out together and had a fire with s'mores with some awesome friends. it was just cool enough for a fire and just warm enough to not be to chilly. When our friends get together and hang out, it is just wonderful. I am surrounded by some phenomenal peoples. Just a great night!

But on Saturday at the Business Expo the Sheriff's and SWAT were there and the officer was so awesome with my son. He got to sit on the Bike, rev the engine, start the lights, start the siren... My son was on a "high" and just beaming from ear to ear. The best!

Thank you Mr. Officer! You made my son so happy!

And on Sunday I got to create a bunch and have started loading them to the QMC in the forum. I will post those over the next days as well.

For now, I must run and get some things together for the rest of the day.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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