Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tag Swaps

Well this is my first tag Swap and I signed up for two categories. One was fall and one was summer. I am not sure if I did these right, but they were alot of fun. My hubby saw the top one and said wow. which was kinda cool. I told him I thought I'd make a few more for when we head to families and friends this fall for gathering and we can put them on wine bottles. You can't see it but there is glitter on the flowers on the bottom. so I think I will make some extras and see that I have some on hand.

And this one is just fun and bright and I thought might be nice on the front of a card. It reads Laughter is the soul of Friendship. And if my friend Lori is reading this. Look closely those are those blue staples you sent me eons ago. That is 4 more used out of 5,000 staples. Woohoo! The pictures don't do them justice cause they are really pretty, bright and shiney.
Thank you to Tricia for hosting this. It is my first time I have done a tag swap and I found it fun and rewarding to work on a simple piece rather then a large layout.

I hope those who get them like them. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

On to life...
This weekend we are home. We have plans for dinner with friends on Saturday night and then bowling on Saturday. I think. My son and I went bowling with some friends during the summer and all the other kids were done and bored and my son just wanted to keep going. I think since the evening will be more of an adult event we will probably take him Saturday. My son is pretty excited. In fact, he saw a bowling alley in Prescott and wanted to go right then and play. Very fun. so this weekend I think will be playing and working and organizing and getting together some things that have been hanging over our heads on the to do list. It is so hot here during the day. that we have to make plans to either hit a pool or do things indoors. Bowling should be nice and cool. I am kinda excited!

A positive is our big truck is ready for me to pick up. The A/C has been broken in it for some time. They say it is fixed. I have heard it before so I hope so!! Woohoo!!

It's been a good week. I am glad. More swap pics tomorrow for the recipe swap. If you want to do the main dish we are running a six in six out swap. Sarah is hosting it in the forum (thank you Sarah!!) so 6x6 size 6 in and 6 out. Lots of fun.

And this weekend I start working on my quest for homemade gifts. I started looking at my accumulation of materials and my list and I better get started and quick!!!

Have a wonderful wonderful Thursday!

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