Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fresh Veggies abound...

My hubby keeps adding to our fresh veggie bowl as I keep working it down by making salsa and other items. He and my son come in in the morning smiling with their shirts rolled up and the haul of veggies rolled into the bottom of them. We grew the white/yellow tomatoes this year. I am not sold on them. They are firmer and good for homemade salsa and also make the salsa look interesting, but I am not sure they will be on the list for next years garden. We are ready to plant a few additional items in the garden so will have to check our desert gardening southwest book. I have say gardening here is nothing like when I grew up in Wisconsin. You have two growing seasons here. You cut back the tomato plants in July because it is hot they just don't set fruit. Skip the beefsteak tomatoes as they will get heat rotted before they are large enough and go for quick setting veggies. I buy my plants from a local grower or seeds from the native coop seed exchange. The big box stores that offer plants sold nationwide never seem to be cued into our desert growing ecosystem. We try to get something the ground for summer plants by later Feb or the first week of March. Then you get really nice specimens that set before the summer heat. This book is the best. It is all broken down. I don't have to read it and memorize it. I just open it up once a month. Or rather my hubby does right now. he has become our gardener. I got burned out with many attempts and frustration over the rodents (pack rats) and other items getting what I was watching grow. He is doing phenomenal. He hauls in the veggies regularly and it is wonderful to see his smile. He has become a very happy gardener. I love that. i love to see him happy... and I love a fresh flavorful tomato. And on top of that he is teaching my son a few things about caring for things and the give and take of nature. It is wonderful. Love my hubby. Love my son. Love my life.
Enjoy! -Chris

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