Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here we go....

Here we are.... POWER Bingo is under way already this morning. A couple words called and also a challenge posted. Did you get ready and do your treasure hunt? Sooo much fun.

While in the Forum don't forget to sign up for Tina's Challenge Make It Your Own. She is offering a super cute file for anyone who wants to work with it.

On to life...
I am kind of in a zoned mood this morning. Not alot of focus. Thinking about making myself a little breakfast and maybe go for a walk for a while. My son has the "Horse-o-poly" game sitting out here on the floor. So I have a feeling this is in my future. He is still sleeping, but when he wakes up it will be his first decision.

My hubby and I were talking last night about things to do this weekend. he was making his to do list. Men and Women definitely tackle their lists differently. He sat down with a piece of paper and lists headings and items below those headings. I read it and think HOLY Smokes! He listed what he wanted to accomplish this summer. We'll never going to have enough time to get this all done. I was thinking about it after. My lists are limited. I just write what am I gonna accomplish right now this weekend. what has to be done. Those on the More team know that I have to-do lists. That I am constantly putting items on. Most things coming in today go on tomorrows lists if they can. I focus on finishing on what we have to do just this weekend. Not this summer. Thank goodness my hubby has the ability to plan for the rest of the summer. I can plan vacations, but to do lists. hmmmm.. not so much. I mentally note what on that list has to get done this weekend and what we have to do to get it done.. pick up parts... find time.. order we should do them in to get all done and still have some play time. My realization after thinking about it was... We make a good team. Which made me smile. So I am off to peruse his list and pull off it the items I need to accomplish to help us get things done.

One of our items is to clean up our RV for sale. We have this teeny RV which I just love, drives like butter, Only sleeps 4 (for us just 3), has a regular bathroom. Anyways we are putting it on the market in order to rearrange a few things to better suit our needs. So this weekend I need to clean it out. I love this little RV, but it is time to move it on to another family. So hopefully someone will see its potential. It has a few years on it, but hardly any miles. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. :::Mental Note List.. Get tubs for supplies in RV to clean it out::

Well obviously I am rambling, but my brain is coming out of a fog. I am headed for my quick walk an on to some accounting. Maybe that is why my brain is fuzzy. Bookkeeping> ugh. get it done and move on to designing files!! woohoo!!! My always favorite part of the lists.

I hope your day is filled with happy and fun things to do today and your lists aren't long and if they are filled with lots of fun!

Thanks for listening to my mental ramblings... coherent sometimes and not so much others.

Have a wonderful day!

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