Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday morning ramblings... fishing in Pinetop

So I have started trying to take a little more of my weekends off. I felt like with school I will miss more and more time with my son and hubby. So if you find it harder to get ahold of me over the weekends or my emails are very short and followed with. SENT BY BLACKBERRY VERIZON. now you know why.

I have lots of thoughts on my mind today and could ramble your morning away, but will try to just keep it curtailed and save some for later in the week.

Last weekend we went to Prescott for a horse auction. Some of the most beautiful horses I have seen and a real comradery among folks that sell horses. The nicer end horses went for about 14,000. There will people there from Missouri, California, Texas.. etc etc.. You name it. Of course the horses I would have bought went for the big 'ol boxes and the horses I wasn't so keen on went for less. There is a difference in the world in horses that people have taken alot of time with and worked with and those who have just been in the stall. But it was fun and we spent the night in Prescott. I love Prescott. The downtown and the setup just reminds me of living in Wisconsin with a little less grass. Just beautiful.

The pictures below are from our previous weekend in Pinetop. Also, beautiful this really was like driving through Wisconsin with the treelined streets. Here is an itty bitty lake that we went to fish at with our in-laws. We went to pinetop because they had a cabin for the month of July and asked us to come. YEAH!! Lots of fun and Dalen got to spend sometime in a new environment with his Grandma and Papa.

This Moment made my FIL just beam. If I could have had the camera up to get that smile. My kiddo hit the water first and through his line in and pulled out the first fish within the first 2 minutes. he was happy happy and his Dad here was pretty proud to. It was cute. after that things were slower, but it was a nice time. I was the perfect pole holder and book reader. I am not a fisherman but it was nice to watch everyone get into it and just relax.

Yes those are Mickey mouse ears on his head. My son wears hats allll the time. His hair is so light he constantly gets a burnt scalp. I rarely have to ask him to grab one anymore. he automatically grabs them off his hook in the house and takes one with when going outside. And I know in 110 weather wearing anything extra is miserable.

here are my inlaws in front of the cabin.

Here is the kiddo getting the itty bitty fish so he can throw it back in.

And here he is digging for worms to catch that first fish.

He thought it was pretty cool to play with the worms. Total boy.

For those working on the cutter file challenge "last minute posts" you have until Friday. Get them in pretty please so we can mark you off the list.
And next... I must go More thoughts on life tomorrow. I have to get some work done..
have a wonderful day!

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