Friday, July 10, 2009

The Growing Cricut Expert in our house...WOW REV it up BINGO!

So I pulled out my new Cricut Expression yesterday to play with and I was quickly bypassed by my kiddo. I was working from the computer but he prefers to use the buttons on the machine. So I let him doodle. He cut his name and a few other odds and ends. He also cut out little apples and handed them out. And as for the hat.... Well for us... Playing with Die Cutters is like Disneyland!! What a wonderful world! thought you might enjoy the pictures!

1st step Smile at Mom so she will put down the camera and let me play. Oh and he is Sheriff today to. the ever present badge.

2nd step concentrate on what letters we will need to cut our name.
3rd step.. Make sure it is cutting right..

4th step.. YEAH!! a itty bitty apple. Which he gave to Dad because well Apples should be red or green.
Haha! Tons of fun!!
Okay so are you signed up for BINGO?? POWER BINGO?? If so, you better get over and get ready to win or make sure your prepared to be our Biggest Bingo Loser! Because the words are coming fast and I wouldn't be surprised if we had a winner late tonight or tomorrow a.m.
I am off to look at the list. Lots to do this weekend! Have a wonderful day and weekend!
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