Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Day of school...

First business ..

Hey folks did you get your post into the forum for the Cutter File Challenge? Just wondering. we seem to be short a few after a month to complete. Unfortunate. Not really sure what else to say about it. Accept... Here is the link to where you should post. I hope if you signed up to get the 10 files. You would take the time to complete it. Your help in cleaning up my list on non-completes would be appreciated. If you don't know if you signed up. Here is the thread you can look at with everyone's request for the files. Thank you!

If you just want to look at some of the awesome and inspiration submissions! Wow! you should see them and you can by going HERE.

On to life....

So wow. My son had his first day of school yesterday. He is invigorated. My husband went with me to school and walked him to class. My hubby will drop him off and I will pick him up. He came home with his school binder with a note from the teacher about what he would learn that day. What books he would have that week read to him and goals for learning for this week. A list of site words for kindergarten and a homework list. Maybe the newness will wear off, but for now we are excited. Everything is geared for mon-thurs. Thank you teachers for understanding it will be hard to concentrate on a Friday night. So I asked my love if he would consider taking two night a week of reading and I would take the other two. So he said of course. It didn’t surprise me that yes he said he would take two of the four days, but it still made my heart sing. I am a blessed Mom. So while my kiddo and I were working through learning these words and practicing writing his name and reading our 15 minutes. My hubby spent some time looking up a historic event. The Apollo 11 landing. My son spent a few hours last night learning about a major historical event, reading and working on his name. How wonderful life is. How I realized this stretches my brain. The first few words on the Kindergarten site list were a, are, away, and. So I could describe some of these to my sons liking and understanding, but the word Are escaped me… So my son piped up and said YOU ARE 45. My response what??? I am not and he giggled and giggle and said to my husband you ARE 55. So then my husband tickled.. and I said You ARE a DORK. Haha. We giggled and laughed. He got many calls from my sister, my mom, Greg’s mom, my aunt and it just made his day to tell everyone how it went… he talked about his teacher because my Aunt asked and he said. Well she had a blue brown shirt.. and she had shoes that were blue and like you would wear for dancing and to a wedding or something!!! I had to giggle. I told my Aunt yes my husband and my son are shoppers. They see all fashion statements and know what they like. I found it very amusing. And yes.. they were cute shoes… more tomorrow on our pinetop fishing trip and also the pictures. But for now here is Walter Cronkite and his coverage of the Apollo 11 landing 40 years ago yesterday. I hope you take a moment to Enjoy the history.



And so I thought about today.. what happened today in history .. here are some tidbits.. how might they have affected your life??



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