Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!


Spelled Pronunciation [in-di-pen-duh]

Use independence in a Sentence



Also, independency. the state or quality of being independent.



freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.




A simple definition that means so much to us on a daily basis. The freedom to choose the school your child attends. The freedom to choose the church you attend. The freedom to see a movie that is R Rated. The freedom to get up in the morning and go for a horseback ride. The freedom to make bad choices and the freedom to make good ones.


This freedom is reinforced for us daily by those in our military. It is protected and secured by the duties they endure, the loss their family feels, and their pride of service. I know many who are military or are married into military and there is definitely this "Pride" that you can hear when they talk about their loved ones or their own lives affected by the military and it's choices. Sometimes frustration and hurt and loneliness and irritation over the choices they may not have a hand in can be heard. But also there is a "pride" that rings through. PRIDE in what They and We stand for as a nation.


I must say I am proud as well as a citizen of this nation of our rights and the abilities we have to make choices and live in our own homes and under our own Independence. I am also proud of those around me who step forward and stand in front of my freedom and independence in other nations, on our borders and around us. They protect my family and I as well as our freedoms. They may not be their visibly to me on a daily basis, but they are there.  I thank them for that.


I hope as you choose your bbq to attend this afternoon or make your plans or watch the fireworks display. Find that moment of silence to remember the day celebrates our nations independence and through that your individual freedoms. And don't forget to include that prayer for the safety and return of the fathers, sons husbands, wives, mothers & daughters that won't be choosing bbqs today, but will be choosing our best line of security and protecting this great nation and everything it stands for.  Also, you can do your part on this holiday simply by making great decisions and good choices. Please designate a driver if you choose to partake in livations.



May you and yours have a safe and happy holiday!


Happy Fourth of July!





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