Monday, November 5, 2007

Share Your Blessings File

So we made it. Today there is a download. For this in the QMC it is already been added. For those at the yahoo group the password was emailed yesterday. If you didn't get it, please check the group at yahoo and read the past posts. Thanks mucho. This file is no longer available for download. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Entering the pasword shows you are in agreement of my terms and having purchase a membership also shows such.

So this file is part of a larger set. I offer this to you and hope that today you can share one or two words for what you are blessed. I am going to create a jumble with all the words put together and maybe a picture frame or border. Whatever I can do with them. I will share this jumble with anyone who emails me their one word blessings and/or posts a comment here and I can capture their email address. So if you have them you can post a comment here or Email me. I will take as many as I can fit. Also, I wanted to share one awesome inspirational story that came my way from the QMC already with their blessings.

"Well since I am a cancer survior one word is LIFE or HOPE
the second word is FAMILY

I know we were only suppose to give two words but for me three. When you have cancer you have your Family who HOPE and Pray you will live and make it thru this ordeal....and god spared my Life so I can enjoy every day.. and believe me I do!!"

This sharing really made me file awesome. I am very worried about my loved ones making it through this holiday without those we lost this year and I thought this would be a great way to see everyone else's blessings. One or two words is all I ask. Thank you so much to everyone in advance who sends them.
On to life...
So we went out on Friday night and Saturday night this weekend. Went to a gala for a chamber on Friday. Did really well with the silent auction pieces and then Saturday night went to the T.R.O.T. fundraiser. TROT stands for Therapeutic Riding of Tucson. Phenomenal organization. I so support charities that are making a difference with kids and of the equine nature even better. I spent some time with my Uncle and his fiance and friends of ours went with. We filled the table with merriment and fun. No time for dancing at these functions, but super nice to chat with the friends and hubby and mingle. I didn't get to shop cause we ran out of time. but the classic black pants and flats and shirt for one event and then jeans and boots for the second I was covered.
My son is on the road to recovery I am thinking and so is my hubby. He crashed all day Sunday because he fought off the cold all week and just was exhausted come Sunday. He slept, watched football & Nascar. I even pulled out the air mattress and set it on the living room floor. My son thinks the air mattress is the best. He got to lay with Dad while he slept. See some football and hang out. I am thinking about signing up the kiddo for 3-4 Soccer. Sign up is next week for January - March. He loves soccer. So I think it is on my list of things to do . Maybe I can walk around the team practicing and get some exercise in to. This appeals to me. We shall see how it goes. ... probably would end up taking my computer and creating files while he is busy busy. But would seriously think about the walking. haha.
Okay folks. Time is short. I must run. Lots more to ramble on, but it will have to wait til tomorrow. Enjoy!
PS. My Dad just called. He is snowed in at his house in Wisconsin. It is 90 degrees here today. Holy Smokes! What a difference in climate. My Dad called but then had to go so he could go stand out in it. hahah. love my Dad.
great.. just heard the uh oh from the kitchen... off I run..


Jamie said...

My blessing is LIFE in so many ways and more words then could be explained.

Cindy said...

Treasure every moment, the littlest ones are the greatest.
My Dad is a cancer survivor. 10 years ago next month he was first diagnosed and has had 2 types of cancer.
So I treasure all the moments that he is able to spend with my son who wasn't even born then.


Anonymous said...

My words definitely would be Faith and Perserverance. It has been a tough year for our family. My father is battling kidney and liver cancer. It has been a year of struggles and reflection... and even though it has been a tough year there have been many uplifting moments too.Sometimes we find strength we never knew we had!And sometimes we find happiness when we think there is only sadness.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for my faith, I would not be where I am. There are many other words, too, but I am picking the top one - the one that makes all the others possible.

LaurieD said...

I am currently fighting breast cancer again for the second time... so my words would be faith, courage, family and strength. I know we're only supposed to give one but these all mean so much to me I couldn't pick just one. Thanks for all the great files.
in Martinez, CA