Friday, November 16, 2007

Presale Coupons & Dates and the Soccer Signup Peter Piper Story

Well lots and lots of things. I should definitely make up for the post yesterday.

Here are my presale files and the dates they will be available with the coupon.

I am sending the coupon out to the yahoo group. There are a limited number of these coupons available, but I think I should have enough for everyone who wants one. So if you want it get it. And you will have it right in your email box for plenty of shopping.

Thanksgiving Presale Files

Monday, November 19th
Basics Bundle
Retails $4.99 with Coupon $2.29

Wednesday, November 21st
A Day at the Zoo Super Pack
Retail: $9.99 With Coupon: $3.99

Thanksgiving Sale
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for 30% off all my files.
The discounts on the Presale items are much larger then 30% and they are only offered for one day. So don't miss that day!
On to life...
So my little boy seems to be on the road to recovery. So that is good. Not coughing nearly as much and his motivated moving self is back in full form. We signed him up for soccer for the Jan-March season. He is very excited about this. He loves to play soccer and kick the ball. He has a net and two soccer balls. Well make that one... My hubby drove over one when he was leaving for work one day. Woops. We both jumped out of our skin when it popped. But luckily there was a backup.
We had signups at the local Peter Piper Pizza. So my hubby takes our son off to play some video games while I waited in line. When I was done I went over to the games and watched for a few and then said well we better get a few tickets so he can pick out a small prize. So we are playing all the different games and end up at this game where you put in your token and it goes down the shoot into the back of some dump trucks and you get tickets. My punkin is lovin the ticket thing. They spit them out. He grabs them and gives them to me in pure delight and smiles. So we have played this a bit and our son gets a token from his Dad and puts one in, well he hits the 600. all of a sudden the machine is going tink tink tink tink. Okay so we grab the tickets that are coming out. but wait there is more.. wait more... wait more... (I say to my hubby.. go get the lady.. I think it's broken. She comes over and says. You hit 600 you'll get 600 tickets and walks away.)... wait more.. My son looks at me and says "to much, there is to much" .. wait more... My son leaves for more things to do then watch this machine spit tickets.. wait more tickets are spitting.. more .. more.. now I have lost my husband his parting words were I'll watch him, your going to stand here right?
As I stand there I have given up holding these things and have let them just spit on the floor in one continuous ticket snake. I have gotten look after look. Some from kids with their mouths dropped.. are those yours? My sons I politely respond. Some looks from adults ... HELLO AREN'T YOU TO OLD TO NEED TICKETS.. and one Dad actually came up and said Wow. How did you hit the big one.. By now I am wishing this thing would either spit them out quicker or will the motor burn out so it won't work anymore... Wew they are all out. It has quit. so I ravel them up in some fashion and my hubby looks at me. I say you get to count them.. He starts analzying them and counting. He looks up and there is a Ticket Taker. He asks this pint size little girl how it works. She explains (of course looking at us like we are older then the hills) and sooo I stuff the tickets at him. He gets to stand there and wait for them to zoom into this machine so we can get our paper ticket counter receipt. So now we have the receipt. 683 total tickets. My son is playing on some riding game and just loving it and giggling and laughing. I start eyeing the prize counter. Couldn't there just be 600 tickets for one item. Nope they are all varying counts. This explains the Game Girl's calculator. So we round up my son and say now you get to pick a prize. so we start out with a few big items. then break it down for bunch of little trinkets. So we leave with trinketty junk and my son is beaming. It was fun. A little silly and always adventurous. The moral of the story.. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. "just a few tickets so he can get a prize" BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. It will come back to you. So if your going to ask for something make sure it's what you want and I did. A smiling little boy and a proud hubby. His kid hit the "big one".

Love my life.



Update... I forgot to note a few things... First off the newsletter went out.. wohooo! Lots of great feedback. Second, Michelle has offered a coupon for the Craft Robos. She has a few more in stock. And is offering $10.00 off the price and free shipping. If you are looking for something for the holidays send Santa to the store at Paperthreads to get one and make sure to put in the comments "I heard about it from Chris". She loves me when I do this {Big Grin} The coupon Code is... CRcmas_1107cdsw5 and you get a collection of files to go with it. So you can cut as soon as you get it out of the box. Here is the link if you are interested. Enjoy!


scrappinmama said...

Well, you said yesterday was going to be an interesting day! LOL
Great discounts on the files too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coupon!!!
Got my files for Saturday:)

Wendy S.