Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Inspirational.... & of course jumping on beds..

Wednesday Wednesday... That means tomorrow is Thurs and I get to stay home with my bumpkin and work on pulling out decorations for the house. Woohooo!!.

I found this through an email newsletter. Some of you may have seen it. It really touched my heart because I am on a foundation for children with Traumatic Brain Injuries. So seeing something like this just makes me smile and wish this child the best.

A boy in Canada who has leukemia decided to put together scrapbooking kits for other children also with cancer. So they could document their experience as well. His Aunt gave him his first supplies and he was hooked. I have to say Wow! Here is the link to find out more about it. I have not decided how, but I think I am going to try and donate to this young man's awesome idea. Maybe a cut-a-thon. Where we can all cut a bunch of the mini albums to send up to him so he can include them in the packages and save money on albums. Or a set of diecuts to be cut out and sent to him for in each of his projects. I don't know. I am going to have to think on this. And I would give the cut-a-thon participants some door prizes or something. I will have to work this out for January and see who I can get involved because I am swamped right now in December. but put on your thinking hats and if you have any ideas. Please send them my way.

Also, because there are a few steps involved with getting a file in the store and I am just feeling lazy about getting the files ready for the store. I am going to post the poinsettia card file in the QMC. So look for it there if you want it... I think Ginny asked.. What Joanne did with the background. I am pretty sure she used foil behind the stencil cut out. It is fabulous. So check out the QMC and it will be there soon.

Also, for those questioning my trip to vegas in December. First I am going for a very close friends wedding. My hubby and I are the best man and maid of honor. And my son is going to. So I am sure he will decide he needs to walk down the aisle with us. Also, I am going for the National Finals Rodeo. This will be my 5th year going I think. And I start shopping at Cowboy Christmas and all the others as soon as my feet hit the pavement in vegas. Personally, I am not a gambler. So I cannot see anyother reason to go to Vegas other than or this event. Friends went last year and it was the woman's first time and she said... so when do we do this shopping thing... And the general consensus between the men was as soon as Chris's feet hit the ground in Vegas. I stay at the Mandalay Bay so I can be where one of the conventions are. I do not like to shop, but for this I do and I will shop for 3 days straight. My husband will go out and play cards with my Uncle and friends and my bumpkin and I will order in a movie, jump on the bed together, have pillow fights, order in room service with ice cream and giggle all night. My hubby can play cards as long as he wants since he usually comes back with a few hundred dollars more then he left with and thats good for shopping. And he can stay out as long as he knows I will be ready to go at 8 a.m. late night or not to shop. So for those adults justa rolling your eyes at the thought of Jumping on the bed... My rule is you can only jump on hotel room beds. not the one at home. And it's fun. So why not? Whens the last time you jumped on a bed with your kids and heard them giggle?????? and with that....



Man I can ramble...

Oh did I tell you I have an awesome lady who is selling my die cuts on her website. Not the digital files, but the cut files... Oh man I need to go work on dinner... more on that tomorrow. soooo excited... toodles


Jamie said...

Sounds exciting having someone sell your diecuts online. :) Woohoo! Your work is awesome. Loved it before QMC and love it still during it. Thanks for all your work and time you put into the files and sharing those as well as your life with us.

Victoria said...

Well, I for one am very excited that the Poinsettia Card will be in QMC! I wanted that, but it wasn't there last weekend for the sale. Guess I will have to check out some foil for behind it.

Victoria said...

Yay! I get it, I get it! Thanks Chris!