Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Matte Frame

Well Luckily the powdered sugar was from some doughnuts my little one found in the back of his section of the cupboard. Woohoo! That is much better then the other possibilities.

So today has been a creative day for me. Here are some of the things I have been working on... First I want to put together a coffee mug for my Dad (luckily he doesnt have internet so I can post this) So I have been putting together a collage of pictures and we found a lady who said she would send it out to us right away for next weekend. My sister-in-law called her and said she seemed awesome to work with. I will let you know how the order goes and post the link when I get it done.

Then I have been working on some new packaging for the store. and Some new ideas. I thought these frames could be great to putting around a picture. Here is my offer to you. I will take the first 5 requests of one word to replace the word family with and email you the file. I think this would be great for scrapbooking, but also for in an actual picture frame with a picture behind it. So EMAIL ME here. So send me your word and your file type needed and put Matte Frame in the subject. I probably won't have them for you until after the 17th, but thought I would offer it to those who might be interested. I have my five. Thanks guys!

I just thought they looked nice so I thought I would post again for today!

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Bec said...

This is awesome looking!

Anonymous said...

Your collage is really cool. Did you do that in Photoshop?


Robin said...

Chris, that frame is so delicate looking.