Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gabbing Gabbing with not much to say!

So we have had lots and lots of people email me their blessings. Some pretty inspirational stories with most of them. Thank you for sharing them with me. I am running a tad behind in things right now. So not alot to post. I am workng on about ten things at once it seems. One of those things was to learn how to make Blinkies. So I am working on that. I also have some new ideas sketched out for designs and have a few I am working on from my request list. Wow. Busy Busy. But that is good. I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. This week has just flown by. Luckily everyone's well wishes and some serious meds and my son is starting to sound somewhat normal again. Whatever normal can be for a three year old.

We got the movie Ratatouille (however you spell it) and so maybe tonight we will sit together as family and watch it. That would be nice and calm. I have some hamburger meat to whip up into some concoction and some french fries in the freezer. Burgers is what it sounds like. So I have seen so many recipes for Burgers. My grandmother used to make two thin patties and in between them put a dab of bbq sauce and finely sliced onions. And my sister in law made burgers for us once with the tomato and the onion baked inside. She wasn't please with the outcome but I thought it was good. I love to have a burger with lots of fixings. Because of course I don't touch the bun.I love swiss cheese and onions and mushrooms on them. yum. okay my mouth is watering. My brother in law puts bread crumbs in his. I don't partake in those, but they smell good. Anybody else have the twist on their burger.

Well I better run. Just out of it today. Hope you like my gabcast. I just couldn't resist trying it. Hopefully my blinkie will come out alright and I will add it to my blog. I think I will see if I can get my son to say the pledge of allegiance into it. I love it when he says that.



Bec said...

Yum, I love homemade burgers...but have never thought to put fixin's in the middle. I will be trying it the next time though. Glad to hear the little one is better. Enjoy your burgers and fries!

Jen Adkins said...

We like to add a tablespoon or so of lipton onion soup mix and a tablespoon of A-1 sauce to the meat before shaping the burgers. They have to set about 20 minutes before cooking to rehydrate the onions! :)