Friday, November 30, 2007

Powdered Sugar.

Howdy and Hello!!
Well It's Friday. Woohooo.. Made it another day. Just realized I need to head out and feed horses because the hubby didnt this morning when he left, but thought I would post a quick note.

-The poinsettia in a pot is up at the QMC
-I have everyone who has joined the QMC added, if you can't get in let me know. The link is on the left of my blog.
-Lots of great emails about the Scrapping With Cancer/Brody so I am thinking we will make it through the holidays and then come up with a Cut-A-Thon of some type for the scrapbook kits he is putting together. Some of the designers have agreed to join in. Thank goooodness. So I will have to work out some details. Here is the link to Brody's main website.
-Still working on the Blessings Jumble. It just isn't working for me yet.
-Added a few files to the store yesterday .. woohoo!!
So those are some updates.

This weekend I am cutting my son's preschool classmates names on my KNK and also a stocking patten so they can glue them all together next week. My little one will miss school on Wednesday because Grandpa will be here. (I am so excited about this).
We got some lights up last night and if I can get them off the camera quick I am going to upload them here to see. they came out cute with the lights in the background. I have been playing with my camera features and having lots of fun.

Okay well gotta run my son just came up to me with a big powdered sugar smile... So now I need to investigate what was the cause.

So there should be more later.........

Yikes theres a trail... powdered sugar.ahhhhhhhhhhh


Cara said...

Hi Chris
I think your Cut-A-Thon is a great idea, I did not realize that Brody lives in my province just an hr or so from me...he would have been in the hospital at Edmonton...what a small world it is to find out about something like this right in my city. I can cut for sure.
Thanks for the great files. Have a nice week-end, enjoy your Dad's visit. Cara

alisha said...

Hi Chris,
I'm interested in helping with the cut a thon too!! Great idea.
Powdered sugar smile...sounds like a day at my house!! Oh the things the little ones get into : ) Been enjoying the QMC too...great files. Thanks for creating them! Alisha