Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday here comes the weekend

So here we are at Friday again...

Here is my tip of the day... If you feel like you haven't accomplished much for the day, Don't visit Lori's Blog! Wow. I will no longer be allowing my hubby to visit her blog. She listed everything she did yesterday and I feel quite unorganized. So seriously just teasing Lori. I hope she learns to pace herself or the hubby will expect more and more and then on one of those days you just want to play on her cutter and eat bon-bons she'll feel guilty .hahaha. Just teasing.

Okay and another movin and shakin designer at Paperthreads. Shirley. Here is her new blog. She is listing all her activities on her barndominium. Wow. Busy Busy Woman. But so awesome. She has this cute cute picture of her new puppy on her page. Sooooo cute!

Also, It is the weekend. Most know this, but I am out for the weekends usually. If I can post I do, but I like to spend that time with the family. If you order a QMC it may be Sunday night or Monday morning before your added. I really believe in time with my husband and kids and extended family. Most know this and understand it, but some don't so I am throwing it out there. Thank you to everyone who has joined. Already 8 files up and it hasn't officially even started for the December 1st date, but everyone has the availability to access the files already. The link is on the left of my blog. I also put together this little flyer to explain where the membership section at the Paperthreads Forum shows up and what a Forum Name is. Missing Forum Logins are the longest delay for adds. You can download it here. It is called WhereQMC.pdf?

Thanks for all the postive feedback on yesterdays goofy download. I am glad everyone liked it!

I don't have alot to add today because I am headed to a gala this evening with my hubby. It is a more casual one so I have to iron pants, wash some clothes for the kiddo etc. I am trying hard not to chat to to much because otherwise with my sore throat I will be able to take up another job with a 1-900 number. Scratchy and Trashy. hahaha. And on Saturday night we are going to an event for a local place that helps kids by riding horses. Fantastic organization and they are helping vets now to. So I support them whenever I can. Luckily I can wear my jeans and boots to that. So no fancy wear there. My hubby wants to shop shop for an outfit for tonight. So love this man, but he sure does love to shoppppp. See I can shop. I like to shop online at Paperthreads within a few minutes I can wrack up quite a bill. In fact I have my file folder with catalogs that are coming in the mail for xmas gifts I can just buy on the internet. My hubby will hit the mall the week and even the day before xmas to get his final purchases. Yowser. One time I went with him and it was fun because I knew I was done. and I could people watch. There is definitely a different tension in the air when people have to get things. For me it was nice because I could just wander. and not have to have anything. As usual I am rambling. I am off to see about the bambinos medicines. Everyone have a wonderful weeekend!!!!!


PS Don't forget to sign up for BINGO. Rumor is there won't be a December one. CLICK HERE
I have seen some of the prizes they are awesome!
Sorry no pictures today.. what a boring post, but I am off to figure out what the heck I am doing with today and how much else I can get done. Lori has set the bar. toooodleroooosss


Linda a.k.a. Wiggles said...


Thanks for such a great file! I love the QMC membership!

By the way, do you think you could come up with some Jewish theme files, i.e. Jewish New Year, Hannukah,Passover, etc. I really don't see much of those types of files. Thanks.

Hanna said...

I have a file request of a sport that I haven't seen any files of. It is called innebandy in Swedish and I think it might be called floorball in English.
I did a search on google images so you could see pictures:

As you can see the ball is round LOL and has holes and the shape of the blade. It is being played a bit like hockey, but indoors and you are not allowed to tackle. So words like "Goal" or rather Mål (in Swedish) would be great.