Sunday, November 11, 2007

Santa's Bottoms Up.. Needs a few titles..

So It's Sunday. I thought I would post here because I know my Monday will be swamped. Lots to do. I have had a great time this weekend. Mostly things around the house. I, also, had a chance to cut some metal on my cutter and use the punch tool. I wrote an article for the newsletter at Paperthreads and as usual it is in my normal rambling style. So if you like it let me know. The newsletter comes out on the 15th for all those who have signed up. All I can say is Freebies and great tips and tutorials for different programs and machines.
The Bottom's Up Santa needs a few titles to go with him. I am plumb out of creative title thinking. So if you have one, please send it my way. I would love to hear what you think it should be.
Thank you to the new members of the QMC. I know there are a few and I need to get the chance to sit down and add them. I am have just been playing around this weekend and am almost ready to get back to business.
My hubby is on the way to the hardware store right now. He and my son are working full fledged on the "fort". Love to see them working together on all the little things. The wood has a lot of hammer marks because my son has been pounding away on it. But then it looks authentic and my son can show what he "did" for the fort build. I am quietly watching the Packers vs Vikings game. My hubby wasn't interested. I guess he didn't want to see my Cheesehead Green Go Pack dance. That's okay we all have our moments. ha!
I hope everyone else had wonderful weekends and got time to be creative. I am trying hard to figure out all the different holiday gifts I need to get. And figure out how many I can make in a timely manner. The weather is nice here so I can actually sit in my craft room and not be cooking internally.
Oh yeah and I got a perm yesterday.. we'll have to save that curly crazy story for later.



Anonymous said...

Love the Santa file Chris, what about "Sootyfoot Santa" for a title?? The fort sounds great.. ideal as a summer design shack for you!! lol Have a great week.


scrappinmama said...

What about "Special Delivery"

Jan said...

Chris with a perm?!? Now this I gotta see! That Santa file is way cute!


Shirley said...

Oh do I ever have some curly tales to tell!

How about Down the Hatch or Down the Chimney I go (or he goes) for titles? They just popped in my head. I am sure there are many better ones.