Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

So here I am today with a very sore arm. I went to the docs yesterday a.m. to get the a-ok on life and she offered up a flu shot. Wow. I have never had one and got one because my kiddo is in pre-school. My arm is so sore I have alot of cutting of test files and uploading to the store to do. So I am going to work on that today and hang out with the kiddo.
Our burgers were yum last night. I finely diced some red onion, added egg whites, mushed it together and then added Chicago Steak seasoning to the outside. My son helped me crack the eggs. This little boy lovesss to crack eggs and was perplexed when we weren't going to use them to make scrambled eggs. He was going to pull apart the burger and look for the scrambled eggs. Super cute! Then after Hubby grilled the burgers I pulled out the sun dried tomato paste we had and put a little dab on the plates. My hubby liked that to. And I noticed as I sat there and ate. No buns all the way around. I am definitely rubbing off on those in my family! haha. Of course if there had been some french roll fancy bun it would have been eaten, but plain old bread is not worth the calories.
I also bought the Dancing with the Stars Cardio workout yesterday after the docs. I need to find 20 minutes a day to exercise. I love to dance so I thought I will try this one. I was really looking for a country line dance video. I have never line danced and don't even know where to begin accept with the song Boot Scoot Boogie. I thought this might be a good thing to figure out so I can do it in the evenings when the hubby hasn't made it home yet. Otherwise I will ask him to twirl me around the room instead. :)
What are ya reading??? I have a few books here, but am looking for a new light hearted quick read. I am afraid to start a book and have it be heavy and people upset in it. I am just not over that bridge of emotion yet. I love Janet Evanovich books. That Stephanie Plum character has me giggling so much I have to stop reading to breathe. Any recommendations?
One of the blessings sent to me... Thank you to the sender for sharing it with me. What a wonderful reflection on children..
When my first son was born (he's now 4), I looked right at him and knew, he is my heart. When I was pregnant with my second son (now 22 months), I could I love another child like I do my first? He is my heart. Then my youngest was born, and I looked at him and knew he was my soul. My boys, my blessings, are my heart and soul. And that's what I'm sharing with you. Heart and Soul.
I am still accumulating Blessings words. If you have one to send over to me. Please email me.
Well I should get dressed, feed horses, start laundry, play games with my punkin, do some laundry and work on files. So I better get off an running.
Have a wonderful day!
Oh yes the Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas has been added to the Quarterly membership and all the files will be up for it today! Hope you like. ... to get to the QMC click here.


Anonymous said...

Love your gabcast Chris, and all your news too. Did you know you can buy gluten free breadmixes, if gluten is your problem?? I love to line dance (even though I am a Brit I can scoot the hoof!) but I shall look out for the Dancing with the Stars DVD on the Amazon site - my butt is spreading and spreading with sitting at this computer so long!! I love to read anything by Michael Crichton - have just finished Prey and started on Next, but then I love that genre.

See ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!

I'm loving the membership thing, it always waits for me and I don't have to tear around like a maniac.
So--fun books ideas! It sounds like you like mysteries--me too. I buy used paperback books at our church's yearly book sale--and then turn them in after I read them. It's a donation basis and the $$ is used to purchase new material for our church library which is cool. So--some good authors and usually a relaxed read--Elizabeth Peters and her Amelia Peabody series, Sue Grafton has a lady detective Kinsy and they are A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, etc.,the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by A. McCall Smith, Mary Higgins Clark is a fun read as is Phyllis A. Whitney. My kiddos are older--we started reading the Harry Potter series outloud every night when they were in elem. school, one is now in college and of course she still had to order the final book on Amazon! Another "teen" series that I've enjoyed is the series by Stephanie Myers, the first I think is "Twilight"--the first was good, it's about vampires and written by a gal who lives here in PHX! But that can be kinda scary. So--happy reading--I'm off to finish a BD and baptism card!
Sheri from Gilbert

sussann said...

Please let us know how you like the Dancing with the Stars workout video. I need to find something else to do besides the treadmill at the gym, because I'm big time burned out, and I'm putting back on weight instead of losing!

I am reading Deanna Favre's book, Don't Bet Against Me. It's very sweet and inspirational, but it is a little sad too, when she talks about losing her brother and father in law. Might be one you want to save for later.


Bec said...

Yikes, sounds like you have enough TO DO's on your list for the day that you will either work the soreness out of that arm or really be feeling it by the end of the day. You all (whose blogs I read) make me tired just reading about your daily chores. I certainly don't know how you do it. Hope you have a happy day!

Christy said...

Book suggestions for you:

Dream When You're Feeling Blue (Elizabeth Berg)

The Good Enough Mother
(Rene' Syler)

Last Summer of You and Me (Ann Brashares)

Life's a Beach (Claire Cook)

Let me know when you run out of books, I have MANY more suggestions!