Monday, November 19, 2007

Gratitude, Home, Heart and Soul... what awesome Blessings!

Wow what a weekend. We spent Saturday at the house and worked on the fort. It is one serious fort. The gator and other rideon toys fit underneath it as a perfect garage. The stars are on it and the green indoor/outdoor carpet. Now we are working out the walls or rails as they will probably more be. Then we went up to the inlaws for a delicious breakfast and chatted for a few hours on Sunday and then came home by way of the local home improvement store and I picked up a few flowers for the front porch. Supposed to be 90 today and then 65 by Thanksgiving. This is why we all get sick here so much. 90 during the day, but it was 45 at our house when we woke up. Wow. Lots of Layers. All in all a great weekend.

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving, decorating on Friday for my MIL, Saturday my anniversary and Sunday hopefully Sunday will be a day of rest. What will be most important for everyone here is it is the SALE. all my files will be on sale and I am getting as many holiday ones done as I can. Wanda sent me this awesome picture of her card using the Silent Night file. Love it. It is beautiful and simple and clean. Love it! Wanda wrote that she used vellum for the inside of the card which I think gave the snow some of its feel. Thank for you sharing Wanda!

Below are some of the files I am working on . They all can't get posted in the QMC because it is supposed to be 20 files or a little more and I am already at 8 or 9 and the QMC for this quarter goes til March. Wew! But I keep reminding myself that December will be crazy and I won't be able to post many. But I think those members already joined will be way ahead of 20 files for this inagural membership.

Here are some of the files I have been working on...

And I am working on the Blessings Word Jumble which I will post here and in the QMC. Lots of great words and stories behind them. This was one of my favorites. I hope everyone feels as blessed as I do this year. It may have been a rough one, but we are still enjoying our moments in life.
" When my first son was born (he's now 4), I looked right at him and knew, he is my heart. When I was pregnant with my second son (now 22 months), I could I love another child like I do my first? He is my heart. Then my youngest was born, and I looked at him and knew he was my soul. My boys, my blessings, are my heart and soul. And that's what I'm sharing with you. Heart and Soul."
and this was another one sent to me that just warmed my soul...
Good morning from Tennessee, Chris. I'm on your Yahoo group and will be joining your QMC shortly - just haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I have so many blessings it's difficult to share just one or two. But this morning, I'm particularly grateful for gratitude itself. My father, an 85-year-old WWII veteran, suffers from severe PTSD and has never been able to get past the anger and hurt to see his blessings or be grateful for life's small miracles. I've witnessed his bitterness and sadness for years and it has been particularly bad lately as his physical health falters. The lack of gratitude in his soul robs him of the joy and wonder of life; and watching him daily turn this lack of gratitude for small things into rage and bitterness makes me particularly grateful that I am able to thank God each and every day for the small blessings I am privileged to share.

I am also grateful for my home. The safety and warmth of home (not just my house, but all the things that make it a home) is precious to me."
Gratitude and Home
Heart and Soul
What an awesome set of words
Thank you to everyone who sent them. If you still have one to include it might not be to late. I am going to publish these all this week because I find them inspirational and hope they are for others. Email me if you'd like.

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Luv2CraftGinny said...

Oh I love the Three Wise Men, can hardly wait for it to hit the QMC

I would cut away really soon, I am into all the religious cards this season, the reason for the Season.

I have the silent night one, and I love the idea of putting the veluum behind the card.