Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hellllo to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I am planning on little computer time this weekend. So hopefully everyone won't have to many questions, but give me a bit to respond if you do. My goal will to be to try to keep on top of my email so that my box doesnt fill up, but I probably will put them in the queue to be followed up on Monday.

Well I am off to watch the video of my son in his first school performance. They said dress cowboy. So he did. He insisted on his Professional Bull Riders shirt, jeans, boots, hat, chaps and stick horse. So I video taped it for the family to see. Totally made me smile! I will post one of the pics here after the weekend.

So I am thankful for everyone here!!! If I get some energy I will post more later. I am working on the Blessings Jumble still and am not happy yet with the end result. So it will be coming. Don't forget the sale! Lori is jumping in on it and a bunch of the designers at Paperthreads.



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Chris!


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