Saturday, December 1, 2007

Personalized Gifts..... love em.

Well we are taking a break from the cleaning before putting up holiday decorations. Wew! So I thought I would post a few things. I have received my list of 5 for the frames. Thank you to those who sent them over. I will get to working on them. One or two will hit the QMC. I will email those who sent in title ideas to them specifically and the rest will go up in the store. Here are a few files that hit store in the last two days. They were fun to make, but I wasn't to into the holiday files for some reason. Probably because so much is going on.

Everyone liked the Family frame so that is awesome. Wasn't sure how it would go over since it isn't a holiday file. So glad everyone liked it.

Also, many have requested some info... the mugs I am ordering are coming from the website below. The ladies name is Carrie and unfortunately we (being my siblings and I ) are under a time crunch and waited til the last minute and she emailed me quickly last night and said she would get them out right away. And I so appreciate customer help over the holiday season. So that is fantastic. I can't wait to see them and I hope they come out well. Here is her Link. I have no financial interest in her site, just like to pass on customer oriented businesses to others who may need them. And it is called Marvelous Mugs. I LOVEDDD that she had a design your own setting .Usually you have to give them one picture to put on the mug. So hopefully my collage of pictures will be a crowd pleaser... WHY DO I HOPE? Because I ended up ordering one for the hubby and others as well. Can't wait Can't wait. Okay I love to holiday shop. I love to give gifts that I have thought about and worked on. It makes me feel awesome. Personalized.
It is Saturday.. I am rambling.. and I need to go cut 23 stockings out of paper and 23 preschool kids names and the like. Put up a tree, make bread, finish laundry, go to a homeowners assoc meeting, go to church... and more.. Wew! So I better run!
Have a wonderful Saturday and Enjoy!
PS Those who sent me your frame words.... some didn't send the file type they need. I will not be posting these to everyone. I will be sending them to the requestee. Please make sure you sent me your file type. Thanks mucho!!

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