Monday, July 16, 2007

Words of Life

I just call this words of life for lack of something better to call it. I get asked quite often to help people with just a word and merging it. So here is a pack of a few words. Terms of Use are for your personal use only! Please do not share or claim as your own. Downloading this file shows you are in acceptance of these terms! Available at Paperthreads for Sale! Soon!

Now for life... so today was my son's first swim lesson for this year. We have been to busy previously. He loved it and jumped right in the pool. He had the same teacher as last year and she remembered him. He was excited because he remembers her .... We have a yearly scrapbook and in the pictures of swim class she is right there forever mortalized as someone who made it into the Durnan life in 2006. So now she will be in 2007 also. haha.

So... Joni sent me a picture of the file Monkeyin' Around that she won a contest with.. Soon as she says it is okay I will post the link to her lss and her winning moment!! Woohoo!!

So I have been so intermitent over the last few weeks because I was changing all my files at Paperthreads. So now all of them will include the KNK and the WPC version of my files. So that is exciting to me! Alot of hard work, but glad that I only have a few files left to convert. As soon as Michelle, the owner of Paperthreads, gets a chance they will all be reloaded with the new zip files.

Also, a bunch of my more recent files will be uploaded to the store. I had a hard time coming up with verbage for them while we were spending time at the hospital just couldnt get my head clear enough to do it. So there will be lots of files coming to the store at Paperthreads in the next couple weeks.

Word Comparison chart.................Okay now for my terminology project... In Illustrator the term for linking letters together to cut as one piece is Merge and it can be found in the Pathfinder Window. What is the term in the other programs?? Please post the program and the term used for this function under the comments here. thank you to everyone participating.

So everyone have a wonderful evening! Sorry so late in the day, but I made it in just barely.



pw is grandpa


Anonymous said...

In Create & Cut, the term is WELD.


Anonymous said...

Love the words...simplify has become my new mantra so will find lots uses for that particular one. Thanks for all you do.


Sullivan said...

How do I save these? I made an account that the 4share place but the password isn't working. Any tips? Thanks!

Sullivan said...

I am trying to figure out how to save these files. I signed up with the 4share but the password isn't working. Any tips?
Thanks for all your hard work Chris!

Anonymous said...

In WinPC the term is Welding

Lori McDonald said...

WinPC is welding

Faith said...

Was just going to say in WinPC Scrapbooking it's welding....