Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mexico Word Book

PLEASE BE AWARE IT IS 4 pm in TUCSON and I have just uploaded a new front for the .wpc version of the file. The original one wasn't working right. There is a number2 at the end of the new version. My apologies for the file screw up.

So this is what I came up with for an easier book to cut then your typical word book. And I have quite a few more that I have created. I am working on lots of my own holiday gifts and will share them here in case anyone else can use them and this is one of them.

So this is the word Mexico in a rectangular book. The word Mexico cuts on all the first page and I included a blank page for the rest of the box. you can cut as many or as few extra pages as you'd like. Also, their is a journaling block included on the bottom for adding your own personal note. I will take comments for any other places you would like me to make. Preferrably one word and not to many letters and I will try to get them done and posted for those who would like to create them for the holidays gift season. This style of book is a little easier to do and I notice has alot more room for pictures and journaling on them. I hope everyone likes them. This file is for your own individual personal use! Please do not gift it to anyone, save it for anyone or claim it as your own. This download is no longer available, but is available at Paperthreads here. This download is set up a little differently. It will open to a folder and you can download the files you need. There are two for each set. One has the front page of the book and the other has the blank page, Jalapeno and the journaling square. Make sure you get them both.

Blowing Bubbles

This layout was sent to me by Karen. A quick turnaround of one of my download files. I love it!! Thank you for sharing Karen. Seeing my files cut and in layout form just really adds to my day!

Create N Cut... So I have been sent a few emails about offering FS files for the Create N Cut Software. I currently do not own it. If I get to the point where I can purchase it and start offering those files also. I will do so. But for now. This is what I have to offer. But I have been reading into it lots lately and trying to figure if I should set up my Mac Station for Create N Cut


password is summerfun


nina said...

I was away for a week, I teach and went to a workshop, my fellow teachers were laughing when in my pj's I headed off to the lobby of the hotel to get my fix. Yep, I was off to get my cutter file!! I am not looking forward to going back to work as your files have helped my fall in love with my wishblade. I got it last summer but until I found your blog and started shopping for files at Paperthreads, I just did titles and a few others. But Thanks for all the great files. I love them. Nina ( Ps convinced DH that he needs to download for me when he gets up, He works nights, when I am back to work. But if I miss one I will head to the store to buy it.)

Robin said...

Chris, the word book is awesome, never been though. I would love a Hawaii one, I have lots of picture from there. The blowing bubbles LO is great. I will send you the one I'm doing of my dogs and bubbles. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I would love one for Hawaii, going on a cruise in October

Trish said...

yet another vote for Hawaii - my DH is Hawaiian and I love anything from there. And if you're doing it, then its sure to be adorable!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic idea and file. I love the mini albums for things like this...especially with children. They can put some photos and momentoes and carry them around and just love it. Thank you for sharing your work. Would you consider doing one that says HEROES? Shae

Jill M said...

The .WPC format for the front page is not showing up when I open it. Thee .GSD file is great.

Renae said...

What a great idea Chris. However when I downloaded the front page of the WPC version, there were no letters. The GSD version looked fine.

Vicki F said...

Hi Chris - I love this Idea and Concept. I would love to see one for Italy & one for France. My mother is going to both of those and Switzerland, but Switzerland is pretty long. LOL! I haven't been to Mexico since I was about 4 years old and we lived in Baytown, TX. But it sure is cute! I will however, let someone who can use it have the download.

Isabelle said...

Hi Chris,
As always, your files are the best! I would love a mini book with Midwest, Chicago or Florida.

Connie said...

How about one that says Disney? We are going in December and I would love to make one for my daughter to have of her own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

This file is wonderful! My parents went to Mexico last year, so this file will be put to good use making a small album for them. They have also been to Hawaii so that one gets my vote too! How about one for Alaska? Yep they've been there too. I'm working on a big album for them for this trip now so a mini album would be perfect to include the not so perfect pictures that my mom still wants to include in her album. Keep Up The Great Work! I LOVE visiting your blog to see all your work!


Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm having problems downloading the Mexico Word Book. It looks awesome!! I keep getting an error that the domain is down. ??? TIA


Anonymous said...

One that says Garden or My Garden would be terrific. I have been trying to think of a way to display all my flower photos and this would be perfect. Even one that said Flowers would be good. Trees too. Oh, I can think of so many! One day I will have to figure out how to do these wonders myself. Yeh! One Day!

Kathleen said...

I ADORE this book and know you have recieved tons of requests. With your permission I'd like to request one as well - I'd love to have one for China. We are expecting to travel to China soon to pick up our daughter and this would be a great thing for our scrapbook.