Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best Buds, Hippo .. Monkey

Okay so this is a compilation of two requests. One I found on the Paperhtreads forum for a dancing hippo and the other was for this cute little monkey that originally had all been hand cut. I thought they would fit together perfectly. and thank you to both the requestee. This was a fun fun project to working on.

Thinking you could add a piece of lace to the hippo for a tutu.

I have to run to gymnastics with my son and then we will be back to upload all the links for the download. Just wanted to show you what was in store for today. THIS FILE LINK IS HERE. PLEASE READ FURTHER DOWN.

Something awesome... I have 98 files in the store!! Woohoo I have almost hit the 100 mark. So by the end of the month I should be there. Since I started this in the middle of February, I am shocked and amazed that it is going so well and my download numbers and web visits are still going so well.

These are for your personal use only. Please do not share or alter or claim as your own. This file is no longer available for download, but is available at the Paperthreads store HERE. Well more later my son is doing tumbles in the living room waiting to head out.


pw is laketrip


Anonymous said...

Where's the download? :)

ger76 said...

Hello from Bonnie Scotland & wow Chris another fantastic file, great news on nearly hitting you 100 it's great to hear things are going so well for you there:O)

Anonymous said...

Love the hippo, very cute. Chris i was wondering if you would be adding to your files the new wishblade create and cut program? I think its a F I file. I could be wrong on that.. Angie

Anonymous said...

This will be great we actually have a couple of hippo stories. One is my son loves to dance to the song "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" so now I will have something to do a scrapbook page with.


Jen Adkins said...

Absolutely adorable Chris! I can't wait to see the file itself...

Vicki F said...

Okay, so did I miss the link. I can't find it anywhere and the monkey was my request! I'm going to be very sad if I missed it.

Vicki F said...

Geez, nevermind - You haven't posted them yet!

Vicki F said...

Thanks so much Chris - this will be so much easier than hand cutting everything! It is adorable and I did not miss the download. It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

This file is just awesome! I love it. It's going to be perfect for my two little ones...I can hardly wait to use it. I appreciate you sharing your files with everyone. Shae

Anonymous said...

ack chris. Love the monkey it is perfect for my DD hosptial page. She was just given a monkey to keep her company. I however can't seem to get the gsd to open to download. not sure if it the hospital filters or what. any help would be great. Sorry about typos, night 3 in PICU and no sleep

Christy said...

Hi Chris,

I am loving your free downloads, thank you for all of your hard work. I am looking for a GSD of an Ipod. Do you know of any existing files?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work! Your personal style is just wonderful!

Many thanks,