Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blowing Bubbles

So here is the picture that inspired this File. This is one of my Uncles in Wisconsin on our last visit. Bubbles just bring out the kids in all of us. Hope as adults life isn't so fast and so stuffy that you don't have time to blow bubbles.. even if it's just in your soda!

This file is for personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.
(I will upload the links in the morning. I had a chance so I thought I would post and then tomorrow add the links when I have a few more minutes. As for now I am feeling very sleepy.) (It is morning now and I got the links up!! WOohooo!!) This file is no longer available for free download, but may be purchased at Papertreads.. HERE.

To request a file you can post in the comments section of any of my blog. I moderate the posts so they hit my personal email box and then I can read them and add them to the list and add them to the blog. So if your comment doesn't post right away.. it's coming I just get to read it first.

KNK Files now in the Store.
Michelle has assured me that
almost all my files with the exception of Skate Party are
in KNK version. So I have a few files for sale in the store that are
for sale this month. So if you want to purchase some of the files
You now will get the KNK file included
All my files at Paperthreads will have the WPC, KNK, GSD and AI files
My current sale files at Paperthreads.
The verbage in the descriptions is slowing being changed over to include
KNK. But Michelle has assured me that most of my files are now inclusive
of the KNK file with the exception of Skate Party.

These file numbers
are the last to be uploaded. So if you purchase one of these before they
get updated for the KNK let me know.
CD00005, CD00017, CD00026
CD00034, CD00035
I will be gone tomorrow. So slow to respond to email this weekend,
but will get back to anyone
who has questions!
pw is laketrip


Robin M said...

Oh Boy!

This is perfect for my daughter's page. She loves bubbles and we just got her one of those Gazillion bubble machines. It's great.

I, of course, have lots of pictures dying to be scrapped!

Thanks for all your great work!

Vicki F. said...

How do I send a request for a file? I have a really cute Monkey I would love to have, but don't even know how to trace with my Wishblade yet.

Trish said...

I am having trouble with the password.......did you change it and forgot to tell us? Really appreciate all you do and offer!!

Trish said...

Sorry........don't know what my computer's problem was....I was able to get the files after I whined to you......thanks again for such wonderful shares.

Robin said...

Chris I just love this one. I can't wait to use it on a page with my dogs when I used the bubble machine. I was wondering if you will ever be doing a file for "Little Sister", I bought your Big Sister one and would love to get the other to go with it. Have a great weekend.

debenj said...

I too am having problems with the password... Thanks! Deb

debenj said...

I too am having problems with the password... thanks! Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I really enjoy your work, I have bought some of them. As I travel by RV, and sometimes I do not get access when I get home I definitly will get the group with the Church.
Just not while I am out with the RV the next 7 weeks, in Colorado
have seen some beautiful country.
Again thank you.