Monday, July 23, 2007

Pickin' Daisies

Okay the comment below is the inspiration for this file. I just love this story and had to share. Thank you Heather for sharing...

Chris,I love your cutter files. You always seem to have such great ideas. Your little boy looks about the same age as my son, they look similar also. My son Ben is 2 1/2 and always seems to be into something he shouldn't. The other day I went out to my flower bed and I noticed he and his sister were giggling about something and I looked and they had picked the last of my remaining flowers. They were making me a bouquet out of my Gerber Daisys, Hollyhocks and Coreopsis. My husband took pictures of the kids with the last remaining flowers from my garden. The deer had eaten everything else except for the Gerber Daisys. I lost all of my hostas, phlox, roses and just about everything to the deer. My 4 year old daughter Katherine informed me that Ben and her were "saving" the flowers from the deer. She let me know that the "rotten deer" (my words repeated) would not be able to eat the rest of the flowers because Ben "saved" them for me. Would it be possible for you to create a Gerber Daisy file or other flowers? ........ Thank you Chris - your creations are always so beautiful. Heather

Okay so cute cute story. Anyways. Here is the download. Same terms as usual apply. For your personal use only. The flowers all come apart so you can make them any color you'd like and use the background piece or not. No sharing or altering or claiming as your own. This file is no longer available for download, but is available at Paperthreads HERE.


pw is laketrip. AND WE MADE TO THE LAKE> wooohoo! We went with some friends. Had a wonderful time and bounced around on the tube. My son isn't as burnt as the hubby and I thank goodness. I have come to the conclusion that the spray on sunblocks don't work as well for us as the lotions. they seem to just rub off. or maybe your supposed to wait for it to dry before you push someone in the lake. whoo knows.. I do know I look like a lobster. wew!


RobinM said...

Hey Chris!

This is so funny...We just adopted a 2 year old Beagle named Daisy! This will be great on her "welcome home" page! Thanks so much for all you do. I love your work and willness to share!
Take care,

Trish said...

what a lovely design to go with such an adorable story! "Rotten deer" aawwww poor Bambi (every deer is a Bambi to us suburbians ya know!)
Thanks Chris for designing even when you're feeling like a lobster - hope you're not sore for long :)