Saturday, July 14, 2007

... Word comparison chart.

I am off with the family today to hang out and watch some horses run around... Have a wonderful day! Enjoy!.

********** The Word Comparison Project *********

Okay.... so lets start with a simple one for my "word" comparison chart for the different programs. Please post to the comments here and what the word is and maybe the location of it in the program... lets start with an easy one...

I am looking for the word for a dashed line sometimes used for cutting little cuts in a project for a fold. ... so in the following programs it is ..

Adobe Illustrator.... Dashed Line (found in the Stroke Pallette)
KNK Studio ... Pounce (found?)
Create & Cute
Robo Master
Win PC
Any others anyone wants to add? that they use??

Thanks for everyones help in getting this organized.


Anonymous said...

WINPC for Scrapbookers - Kiss Cut

Anonymous said...

Winpc for Scrapbookers
Dashed line for folding, Kiss Cut

kcardmaker said...

Win PC is Kiss Cut
In the Pen/Brush window, select Kiss Cut1 or Kiss Cut2 and then click apply.

Rse said...

Chris in Craft Robo the line is called Dashed line. At lest it is in the robomaster program and I am pretty sure they are both the same.
Thanks for all the great work!

Jen Adkins said...

I've heard it called "a score line" especially by perople used to handmaking cards. I don't think there is a term in inkscape because you don't set your lines to do anything in inkscape...color doesn't even translate to robomaster.

Anonymous said...

perforation cut is what it sounds like...not all the way across but little dash cuts.

Anonymous said...

OT....wondering if you saw this article on Slate about water guns:
When I saw the topic, thought of your party immediately!

Anonymous said...

This is a great project idea. I would like to help but I am just able to do a little of what I want to do and I don't really know the terminology like I should. Thanks for taking this on...Shae