Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life in General...

So I have appointments today and haven't had the chance to test cut some files. So not thinking there will be a download today. I will leave yesterdays up for a little bit longer so downloaders can get the adjusted wpc file.

So on to a few other things...

First off.. I was asked for an MP3 player or if I knew where there is one. Well my friend Lori has a design of one posted on her blog today. Check it out.

I like all the suggestions for the new style of word book and should have all the requests out in the next week or so. If you have a request, post it, and I will see what I can do to fill it. I like that one comment suggested it to be great for a children's scrapbook to have their own. My son has his own table in my craft room. He paints, glues, glitters all the scraps I place on his table. He loves it and smiles from ear to ear when he is working over there. Luckily we have a hose right outside which is great for washing off all the glue, paint and glitter.
I got the suggestion of New Mexico. I would say add the word New to the current Mexico book on the outside and I think it is covered. Hopefully that helps and you are on your way and I don't have to think of a different way to spell Mexico. hahaha. I think you can even use the pepper on it. We drove through NM one time and stopped at McDonald's and they had Roasted Green Chiles on the menu. Man what a delicious burger!! loved it.

The following picture was sent to me from Tippi. Thank you Tippi for sharing. I love that it is a girl's page and it is blue. My sister is having a baby girl and she is already feeling inundated with pink and purple. She and I are both Tom Boys and the pink can be a bit overwhelming. She is getting used to it, but I thought I will hae to show her this one... It is blue and love it. ! Thank you again for sharing Tippi. The file Pitching Princess was a download, but is now at Paperthreads for sale.

I was wondering through the gallery over at Paperthreads looking at everyone's great work and came across this. I know I have seen it before, but I didn't know if I shared it here or not. I like the bright pink and white colors of it. (see I have nothing against pink). But it is a super cute word book created. It is by KMBURK and it is Caitlyn's Name Book. Here is the link to kmburk's gallery. I just wanted to share..

Okay I better run.. The horses need feeding as well as my son as he sits here patiently waiting for me to post so he can have breakfast when I am done.

And yes there was a new password yesterday. I think many must have realized that because there were lots of downloads.




Cindy said...

Hi Chris, Love the style of this word book! I'd love "Hawaii" and "Disney" (that's sort of a place:) Thanks for all the work and sharing you do, you're a gem!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a bother, but we would need the font name to add the word "New" to the Mexico book. Thanks for the files, they're great as always.


Lori McDonald said...

Thanks for the love!!!

Hope all went well today at the Dr's!!!


Christy said...

Thanks for the link to your friend's blog. The MP3 player is cute, but not quite what I was looking for. I am soooooo enjoying your blog- keep up the good work. I am longingly looking at my WB and wondering when I can visit her again. Too much going on right now with the kidlets. Here's to camp!

Heather said...

This is another wonderful file. I went to Mexico last October so I'll put it to use. Thank you.
Have a great day!