Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Words of Faith

Woooohooo! I am making it through my pile of requests. So hopefully others can use them as well. I have an excel file that I work my way through and I have 223 line items on it for requests.Wew! So if you email me a request. I will get it to it. I will try with all my might!
Someone requested the animals for visiting Wild Kingdom. I did those already and they are in the store at Paperthreads. I am fresh out of ideas for more of those.. so check them out HERE. And see if they are what you are looking for. Also, you can buy all the files in one pack or buy them all individually through paperthreads. Here is the image for the bunch of them. I am most impressed with this file because on the list of Bestsellers which includes all the designers at Paperthreads it was first most of last month! And currently it is still running second on the list of all the designers! Woohooo!! Thank you to everyone who purchased the whole set. It was probably one of my most fun collections to work on and everyone was so inspiring with their ideas! Thank you thank you.

This Words of Faith file is for your download use on your personal computer on your own personal projects! Please no sharing or altering and claiming as your own. Or just claiming as your own. Each of these words cut in one piece. I didn't include any mats, but left them simple and clean. I hope they are what was being looked for. This file has expired and will be available at Paperthreads soon.
I have tons and tons to do today this is why this download is early in the day. Well, I couldnt sleep last night either so I got a lot of files to the halfway mark before I offer them as freebies.
And wooooopsss Congrat to all of those who realized I missed taking the download down for Sting of the Bat file. It had a ton a ton of downloads! I forget sometimes. There is another one in my blog that I never took down either. You'd have to search through the posts to find it. But it has to do with my friend Lori. And have you checked out her blog at all. (HERE) She has great reviews on a few of her shopping finds! I consider her my personal scrapbook shopper. I just don't have time to peruse the stores or the internet for scrapbooking finds. I just let her do it for me. hahaaha. I am sure she lovessss that. Well visit and see what she has to say.
Otherwise as always....
pw is laketrip


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Thanks again Chris for sharing your wonderful files. I have both you & Lori in my Google Reader so I can check both your blogs every day. Have a little Wishblade folder there just for you guys.

Rosalie said...


Am I spelling the new pw wrong? It keeps telling me that my pw is incorrect.

Thanks Rosalie

Karen said...

Another great file! Could you please tell me the font used in the word Praise? It's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I just love your work. I am working on a confirmation book for my grandaughter and these are just perfect. Please keep up the great word!